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  1. Hi Will,     it worked for us, we are in the Lot and the 'English speaking branch' (their own words, not mine) is in Rodez which I believe is in the Aveyron so in that case yes, cross border communication worked, they helped us out with a problem that we had at the time with Tiscali. good luck & best regards Dave
  2. Hi Beryl,     if your bank is (or will be) Credit Agricole then you can Email the 'English Speaking Branch' using this address it is in Rodez, which I think is the Aveyron and they are very helpful and will contact your local branch for you, it is very useful in the beginning when perhaps your language skills may leave you struggling to fully undertsand.  Good luck. [email protected] sorry but you will need to copy/cut & paste best regards Dave
  3. Hi all,    interesting about your Dad Twinkle, I went to hear Man at the Roundhouse sometime in the 70's, they were very good and had John(?) Cippolina playing with them with these amazing chrome horn speakers (only way I can describe them! I have 'Man - Be Good To Yourself' on my HD if anyone is interested PM me, OK. I read of this site,have searched to see if this has come up before but found no reference so here it is: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/ it has a 'concert vault (you have to coplete a very simple registration process then you can stream live concert audio from 100's of old concerts by bands as diverse as 'Flock of Sea Gulls' to 'Mother's of Invention' unfortunately Twinkle there is nothing from Man but they are adding to the list. I have posted here because the list includes Muddy Waters and BB King. It is possible to record the audio but you will need some other software that is available here as a trial version (fully working) http://www.polderbits.com/download-sound-recorder-uk.htm You can read up on Wolfgang but basically he bought a load of archive tapes and has had them remastered for the internet and he maintains that he is broadcasting them as a radio stream and is paying the royalties due for that but some of the Bands are saying that he really needs their permissions others are quite happy that this music has come to light, so there is a row brewing and maybe in the future it may not be free. Go have a listen while you can. You will need to be on a high speed connection I think to stream the audio successfully.[:D] best regards Dave
  4. Thanks Hoddy,       yes I remember the smell of all those different varieties.MMmmmm! Would be nice alongside the roasting pig of Verviale's, looks really nice.[:D] best regards Dave
  5. Nice to have all those old photo's, in the original is it possible to make out the 'insert' or is it perfect? Looks great from here, nice one.[:)] best regards Dave
  6. No problem,   Nothing ventured, Nothing gained, I will keep looking around to see if there is a solution, it is always such a shame to lose photographs in that way. Don't discard the disc just yet. best regards Dave
  7. [IMG]http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g130/dago49/27-04-200316-13-42.jpg[/IMG] St Aubin de Nabirat strawberry fete April 2006, all the ladies of the area make a portion(s) of the pastry base and then on the morning of the fete it is assembled and the strawberries are added. best regards Dave
  8. Hopefully in the right section, not a pet or wildlife so have settled for Frenchlife  Shot in the Auvergne May 2005. [IMG]http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g130/dago49/24-05-200410-10-32Medium.jpg[/IMG] "He went that way mate"[:D] best regards Dave
  9. HI again Jon,       I was just on the Garmin site and there are several models, have you got a reccomendation, like which models is yours and would you want to change it? best regards Dave By the way I think Big Brother is already here in France, if you have ever noticed as you have driven along the autoroute the big roadside signs that advertise the travel radio station using LED cells or something, well one day as we were plodding along at around 120kph (van) a car flashed by us and on the roadside sign that we were just passing the message changed to 140kph and then a car registration number that was the actual car that had flashed by, since then I have seen the same thing only this time the message was that Reg Number so and so travelling too close, keep your distance. Now how is that done? I am not talking about the signs as you approach the tolls that warn of your speed. Has anyone else ever seen that, or am I going crazy?[:'(]
  10. Jon,   from what you said about taking your garmin for walks, does that mean it can give location even in the boonies, I ask because when our son came last year in a car equipped with a GPS thing it showed us as in the middle of.....nothing and could only ever suggest driving to the nearest mainroad to relocate the sattelite, or something like that! Sounds like a useful tool. best regards Dave
  11. Hi WJT,       sorry to hear that, nothing worse. I had a look around and found this, it is free and who knows may even work. If you decide to try it then I suggest setting a restore point before installing it, this way you can roll back to before the installation if the software causes problems, as I think Fluffy said once, "we are talking Microsoft here" apologies in advance if I have mis-qoted you Fluffy (can't used to that yet) Good luck WJT, if I can find anything else that is of use the I will re-post here.[:)] best regards Dave http://www.topshareware.com/CD-Reader-download-36680.htm
  12. Gary did I make the pic too big, I have seen your post re sizing and have tried...[geek] best regards Dave
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