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  1. Do you know what? Forget it. If I am wrong for trying to understand what it is that I will probably be asking a French electrician to do then shoot me. If not, sod off and pick holes in someone else.
  2. Having looked at my EDF bill, I have a 6KVA supply. Once the two houses are made into 1, I will only be adding 2 bedrooms and a utility room(washer/drier) to what I have now which is 2 bedrooms, bathroom, lounge and kitchen. will the existing supply I have now be sufficient to run of the one feed. cheers Matt
  3. I was thinking it would be a quick fix to get next door up and running without having to rewire immediately,guess I'll have to rethink. There won't be a cooker next door, so the biggest draw will be the Chauffe eau. Thanks for the replies Matt
  4. I'm not actually doing the work but a mate from the UK who is an electrician is. I wanted to get the materials bought and the cable in place before he arrives to save time. He has told me I need a 64a feed to avoid overloading, but as I can't find one, I thought I would ask on here for a bit of advice. Cheers Matt
  5. Hi, I have recently bought the property next to mine with a view to making it one house. I only want to have one electrical feed so would like to run a feed from my fuse board to the one next door. my question is what size disjoncteur would I need as I can only find a 32a which is the same as the one for a cooker. will this be man enough or will it keep tripping. thanks Matt
  6. hi, Thank you for that, guess I'll try the same.
  7. Hi Thank you for the responses. I don't think it is browser related as I have tried Edge,Chrome and Firefox on my PC and also my Ipad, all with the same response "Ce service est momentanément indisponible".
  8. Hi Is anybody else having problems accessing the "Mon Espace" section of the EDF website. It keeps telling me there is a problem with the page and has been like this for a couple of weeks now? Thanks in advance Matt
  9. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go next time I'm out.
  10. I've repointed a wall in my house using what was recommended at Bricomarche. Its a lime product of some sort which I then knocked up with sand. It all worked fine but is very grey. What's the best stuff to use to get a more yellow/sandy colour. Many thanks
  11. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions, however, having spoken to the mairie's office to ask for their assistance they've informed us that it was a fault with the whole village and was fixed on the 4th September. I guess the lesson learned there is talk to the mairie's office first. Again, thanks for your help Matt
  12. So, having finally got round to ringing ERDF, then being given another number for EDF, I've now been told they can't do anything to help me until I can give them a French contact number. This is a problem as I don't have a phone at the house and just use my UK mobile. I don't know any of my neighbours phone numbers so we seem to have reached an impasse. I'll try emailing the mairie to see if they can help but other than that, any Suggestions?
  13. Thank you all for that. I've got an email for ERDF so I'll probably start there. Unfortunately we are back home now so hopefully we can arrange for a technician when we are next out.
  14. Hi After the high winds last week my electric meter doesn't appear to be switching to the heures creuses setting and thus activating the automatic heating of my chauffe eau. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Matt
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