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  1. Hi, Visit the keyword area of AOL put i , aol europe, or similar, or visit Help the procedure for transfering your AOL to Europe is explained.
  2. no problem signing in. I cannot get to do a post unless i reply to an existing message.
  3. Many thanks for the Website , a great help.
  4. local knowledge, resident near Millau, can anyone inform me of golf courses within an hours drive of Millau thankyou.
  5. I have always had a good  commercial exchange rate when using a ATM abroad.
  6. Have you tried the 104 East of Paris ? I have never had any problems with this route.
  7. Policing is a great profession. the only drawback is having to deal with the public.
  8. If that had been the UK  you would have had to wait most of the day. As  police operational procedures would have had to been put into place before a decision t was made, risk assesment, health and saftey etc. 
  9. To a small village near MILLAU [ 12] in July just my half and me
  10. Take it back, the owner owes you one.
  11. Good Day, may i have some suggestions/advice on the best way[ cheapest] to transfer money on a regular basis to france.
  12. Hi,   I  can anybody point me in the right direction for van  hire from UK to France. thankyou.
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