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  1. acide chlorydique available in the supermarkets near white spirit cheaqp as chips.....wear goggles and gloves (hydrochloric acid) brush on maybe wire brush soak rinse off .....if not sand blast
  2. yes i would like copies of both the english and french versions of your report please
  3. well to be honest i find these quotes all reasonable (I was expecting to see at least 10 grand) for french prices materials are going up every month and this can be a very time consuming project running cables through stone walls etc  ........ and most artisans will charge at least 35 an hour if not 50 + materials + vat .........thats why i did it myself and ive spent many hours and a few grand in materials already ..............
  4. as its all new you will probably need to pass a consuel inspection and you may need a higher spec prepare to be shocked .......intrigued to see what your quoted tho...
  5. got one used it used pro ones too.....light easy to move around bit wobbly with a board on it but allows you to jiggle board in place without too much hassle 200 squids done me proud
  6. if i remember rightly i went to the impots direct and spoke to a nice lady and explained the situation with having a partially renovated property my tax habitatation was then recalculated on the number of functioning rooms and i wasd asked to inform them when another part of the property was habitable for a reassessment as that part is taxed as a grenier. all very civilised and simple i doubt this has anything to do with a notaire unless you want to pay his bill.
  7. www.torchio.fr sell large section compressed glass worksurfaces that is i think 3-5mm thick this is a granite effect surface that is bedded onto a simple wooden surface top it comes in various colours is a little expensive but maybe worth looking into as you wont have the weight problems i believe it comes in lengths of multiples of 60cms so only a small joint needed between sections it can be ordered with tap and sink holes pre cut. it is marketed for kitchen worksurfaces so may be interesting..........
  8. ide be interested to pick your brains i have also looked into these and when i discusssed it with the local syndicat D'eau i was informed that regardless of the quality of the outlet water i would still be expected to provide a secondary filter system and therefore the microstation would be un unnecessary expense as opposed to a normal fosse septique so i am wondering how this is regarded in your area. i was prepared to pay the extra but the feeling i got from the inspectator that does the foss inspection was that as this system is not officially recognised it would complicate getting a positive result when the fosse is installed so if youve got any thoughts i would be interested to hear them many thanks.... i suppose this also goes to the problem of the installation, as an installer will have to guarentee the work for ten years it may be difficult to find an installer that is conversant with the system and be willing to guarentee the work if you follow the link above and contact these people by phone they may well be able to advise you i contacted them myself and found them very helpfull
  9. a new build can go up in between three and six months a renovation will take longer in my opinion a renovation will often take years and will generally have more issues raised as the renovation progresses and problems are discovered. you may find it easier to find artisans for a new build also as the time scales make it a more viable project..... as to whats best is for you to decide an old house with character that will probably go over budget to renovate or a new build in parpaing terre cuite wood or any of the options that new building materials and technologies have to offer........ land on a new build can be from 15 to 50 euros per square meter within a thirty mile radius depending on location you may find 10 or more buildings going up around you within a couple of years of buying your secluded land so many things to consider..........
  10. seen it at brico depot out the back with the building materials
  11. thats what weve done stained and then used the vitrificator ...... picture of some stairs on the pot vitrificator "anti glissant"..... in the wood varnishes section in brico marche bout 25 euros for a demi litre  ........
  12. you can buy non slip vitrificator specialy for stairs in brico marche clear or stained bit expensive but.... you will need two or three coats and light sanding in between you may be able to match it up with a clear vitrificator to do everything but the treads but you might get a difference in tint
  13. i tend to agree with clair the weber seaaling kits are indispensible and would be what a professional would seal the plasterboard with before tiling if they knew what they were doing. personally i would spend the extra money and use wedi boards instead of placo and a wedi shower base before sealing and tiling chacun son facon a travail and quality costs
  14. its called "ragreage" maybe 2 g's
  15. personally speaking.... i have used the multi layer tinfoil on both interior walls and roofing space.....in the roofing space i have found that it is effective however i have spent time making sure that all the edges are well sealed using the aluminium tape and that i have sufficient overhang in the areas that could be susceptible to draft. the foil has illiminated all the draft into the roof space and in winter did indeed keep the heat reflected into the room below this is without plasterboard and the foil was fitted from the inside. on the exterior walls where it has been used i noticed an immediate diffference after fitting changing from what was a cold damp wall surface to a warm dry surface. overall i am happy with the results and find that well installed this gives a good barrier between the outside elements and the inside. but.... i have then used laine de verre to give further insulation (although my previos comments are based on just foil insulation) r values and u values mean nothing to me but cold and damp do and the areas that havebeen insulated have drastically changed i dont think the foil is useless but i dont think either it should be considered as the sole form of insulation..... the installation is however important the better it is sealed the more effective it will be.....it is a bit more involved than a quick staple it on and a bit of tape and the air space betwwen wall and foil and foil and inner surfaces should be respected ........ also note that as this is a metal based insulation it can conduct electricity and it should be earthed to your consumer board i wonder how often this is ignored .......anyway im no expert just putting my deux centimes worth in and regardless of reports advices and opinions i shall continue to insulate my house in this method even if it takes time and care to do properly and maybe a bit expensive ....
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