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  1. Is it not so that the postal votes don't even get opened unless it's a close run race?
  2. Well I never thought I'd get so many replies to my question. I'm still not sure why the crossings are so expensive at the moment. I normally get single tickets because I'm often not sure of my return dates. As for eating on the boat, well forget it. I find a seat looking out of the shape end and take a bottle of water. If I can snooze then that's a bonus. I must be the most seasick person on the planet.
  3. Thanks all for your thoughts. Yes I remember speedferries and I have been violently ill on their vessels. The tunnel would be my crossing of choice but I would never do enough trips to make a carnet worthwhile and the normal price is a bit much for me. I'm starting on the French side so I think I'll get a single to UK and a 'day trip' on the way back
  4. Hello All Ive been away for a while (no not behind bars or anything dodgy) but now I'm back and have a small question for the bright and attractive members of the forum. I'm looking at ferry crossings Calais/Dover for me and my car, going out last week in November and back about 10 days later. Normally I pay about €60 return but this time it's closer to €65 each way. It isn't school holidays and a bit early for Christmas markets so any ideas why it should be more expensive than usual?
  5. Yes I was wondering that.  Unfortunately the glasses are in the UK at the moment and I'm not. I should get my hands on them in a week or so, I'll report back...
  6. I've just bought myself some magnifying glasses from Amazon I haven't had the chance to use them in earnest yet but I though for 4 quid they were worth a punt. Seem to be made OK and the lenses are acceptable for the short times I will be using them. Is it just me or does anyone else have difficulty reading the colour bands on 1/8 th watt resistors?
  7. A quick search shows Norauto in Carcasonne have them for about €40 No idea if this is good or not
  8. Wise words indeed J-J Planning is one thing but life is too short to waste any of it. I've known many people who's only goal in life was to retire.  And then what? If you don't do something you like when your young and active, it only gets harder as you get older.  Those that only looked forward to retirement never seemed to live very long in the main.
  9. There was an interesting article on Dinain on BBC 'From Our Own Correspondent'.  I always knew it was a grindingly poor place even at the height of the coal mining when the miners were treated worse than slaves as revealed by Emile Zola The only difference now seems to be that there is no longer coal mining.
  10. Recently my good day is Thursday. I can plan my getaway for the weekend (or stay put if I have some event planned) Thursday evenings I go and teach people to shoot. Until fairly recently this has been horrible as my club seemed to be a dumping ground for loads of kids who were a nightmare - we insist on parents being present but they seemed to drift off... Anyway, as expected, many stopped coming and we are left with an enthusiastic bunch of adults and kids all willing to listen and learn. Some of them have the potential to be very good too, although there is one lovely Italian lady who should consider taking up say, chess instead. Later, pack up the car so I can slide away unnoticed on Friday [:)]
  11. I thought it was only me that did stuff like that (only 1 packet though) I tried using it to thicken a sauce which it did, but the texture was Yuk! Mint has the best idea, use it as a coating. Try it around slices of brie or Camembert and fried. I hate to think how many calories but it is so good [:P]
  12. Just to note that in UK you don't need anything from your GP for a Blue Card. Just an interview and a UK address
  13. I have to 'fess up and say that as I started reading this, my mind was thinking if I could get a flight ...[:-))]
  14. It might be easier to get one in the UK.  My wife got one a year ago (big problems walking).  Being a blue badge it's valid all over Europe
  15. It must be the season for knee Ops, my FiL had one 2 weeks ago. Was kept in hospital for 3 days as there was problems with bleeding, normally he would be out in 2 days. He was in quite some pain when he went home but it's better now and he's getting around on crutches, physio starts soon. The big issue is my MiL.  She tends to panic at the slightest thing and can't cope with this,  to be fair, she has some serious health issues too.  My wife went and stayed for 10 days to organise things. It all went OK and she returned home.  Then gets a call from her mother insisting she returns  so she can go to the hairdressers. I mean, What??? A 200 mile round trip to babysit her Dad who is doing just fine.  More to it than that I think.
  16. That's quite a German thing.  All nouns are capitalised. I have to select Swiss French to get my keyboard to agree with what appears on the screen. As an aside, here at work we had an 'Upgrade' Huh, Upgrade my backside, and some applications failed. It seemed that they were very sensitive to regional settings.  The email that came around to explain this said 'You must change your Religion settings' I work with a guy who is strict Muslim and he found this very funny.  Sometime later I asked if he had sorted out his PC and he said 'Yeah, I just converted to Christianity and it was fine' [:D]
  17. My father joined the Home Guard. One rifle in the platoon assigned to the best shot which was my Dad. This caused open hostility from WW1 veterans so he enrolled in the RAF. Sent to Canada to lean to fly (Tiger Moth - best aircraft he flew). Got frostbite and sent back to UK to be Navigator/Bomb Aimer). Flew in Stirlings from airfields north of London. Went to Germany many times (never stayed). Shot down over Arnham, was rescued by Dutch Resistance and gave them all his equipment (revolver - never issued any bullets!, silk parachute - much prized by the ladies apparently, cigs, rations etc) He was smuggled back to England and promptly court marshalled for not having his revolver! When that was sorted out, he was offered a medal, which he refused saying that the brave ones had died - not all from his plane made it.  That still touches me. He had stories about some of his missions like dropping Mars Bars and gold to the French Resistance as well as millions in counterfeit German money.  The missions he hated was towing gliders, he always said they killed more troops than the Germans ever did.
  18. You just need something like this [:)] http://www.icebusiness.de/skating-aids/
  19. I used to a lot of cycling as a lad and had the luck to do some speed skating as the same muscle groups are used. I could never do fancy twirls but I could go fast.  After I broke my ankle (not a related injury) I could not face the thought of turning my ankle over on ice so I gave up, even though I believe that ice skating boots are much better than the leather things I used to wear. Many years later I took up skiing and took to it instantly.  I found many of the skills are transferable.   I know that is going the opposite way to you but yes, your skiing experience will help no end.
  20. I think that every generation deplores what the next generation listens to. Probably all the way back to cavemen banging rocks together. My father was a great Tom Jones and Shirley Bassy fan and I admit that it's only recently that I have come to appreciate them My mother detested well, everything from the 60's onward, calling it 'Boogy Woogy' which is ironic as that was her era of Big Band sound from the States in WW2
  21. Really an Internet radio is just a computer with its arms and legs cut off so it will fit in a neat box. Being a cheapskate, I just use an old wi-fi enabled notebook and plug in an external amplifier
  22. Slight thread drift but I just discovered you can go Tilbury/Zeebruge (P&O) or Purfleet/Zeebruge (Cobelfreight),  The only problems are that it takes a long time (10 to 14 hours) and costs over £300 each way [:-))]
  23. Has Hollande been issued with that special umbrella that Sarko had? It would have been good to see him putting that up and potentially getting in a mess. I do feel sorry for the people that go shot. I think my reaction would have been ARRRRGGGGHHHH followed rapidly by WTF?
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