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  1. As far as I know you still need a negative test before returning to the UK, then there are the others when back in the UK
  2. It seems the footprint might have been tweaked. There has been comments on this or the other forum.
  3. We stayed in a Gite in Berlou by the wine co-operative many years ago, nice area but it was a fair way to Beziers, at the time there was nothing there that we could find except the co-operative. Mind that was in the 1980's lovely peaceful area though.
  4. Some folk have different reactions, we had the AZ one, felt a bit poorly for a couple of days bit like flu symptoms other half had the same. Daughter had a sore arm but no other symptoms. we all had the jab in the UK 
  5. The IT department has gone back to school, and the adults have taken over again, expect some more gems in the next few days. Might have that cookie pop up screen reappearing.
  6. Wooly, don't say that you will have some muppets believing you.
  7. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]I reckon...bare with me here (well not literally) lol. The UK creates a European 'union' with other European countries that allows free trade and free movement across Europe. There is no headquarters and everyone can have their own currency. There are no MEP's. No expenses. No idiots running the show and everyone can fish where they like. I reckon it would catch on personally.[/quote] Was that not what the original EU concept was about, if it had stayed like that I don't think the UK would have left.
  8. They rejected mine saying eyes weren't open, replied eyes were open and that's the way I was made.  Photo was then accepted and now have my new passport.I applied for it late spring when the government said there was a great backlog in passport applications and don't apply, as mine expired in December and we were going to France in September I was not going to have any hassle with a passport due to expire in a couple of months. The renewal took two weeks and that included them rejecting an earlier photo.
  9. Mint. Yes he gave me the certificate plus the invoice for the work, its been put with all the spanic paperwork. One thing I have found out, when I purchased the tank I was billed for a 3000 litre one the guy who did this work informed me I had actually got a 4000 litre one, suppose he found this out by the amount of water that was extracted and replaced.
  10. Had the chap call yesterday to empty our fosse septic it was the first time it was emptied since we installed it in 1991 (it is our holiday home) was a bit concerned about how much they would charge us but was pleasantly surprised that it only cost 301 euros, not bad for nearly 30 years. Won't be here when its due again!!
  11. When we used to leave to return to the UK we gave our neighbours our water and electric reading to give when they came to read the meter. On one of our visits a couple of years later our neighbour showed us the reading we gave to them, they were all the same for the water. It seems that a bit of grit or something had got into the meter and jammed it up. We were expecting problems when we reported it to the water company but all they did was replace the meter and said to forget the usage.
  12. I know, a cat can lick its backside, I can't.
  13. Why not ask Penny Smith to tell the cat to give the young girl your contact number then she can get in touch with you. Sorted.
  14. Wasn't the key code stamped on the ign barrel years ago. Maybe if you know someone who is handy with a screwdriver they can take the surround off the ignition switch, read the code if its there then pop into the dealer to get one replacement key, when you have that get a local key place to cut a replacement if they are cheaper. Just an idea.
  15. [quote user="idun"] Let us know if you manage, I would be interested to hear. [/quote]Idun.I was hoping you might have an idea as you are a lot better baker then I. I wonder how those big slabs get made that the pro's use. Onwards and upwards. Thanks anyway.
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