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  1. [quote user="jonboy"]As a roofer with 20 years experience, I've never heard of flexotweal, so unless it is something French I'd give it a miss. Personally I'd replace the broken tile and see what happens, if it doesn't leak you've got a winner. Jonboy[/quote]   See this http://www.n-schilling.com/scriptsasp/fiche_comm.asp?id=1290
  2. Why do people think immediatly that  you are being ripped off.The installer is perfectly correct that Sky digiboxes should be left on all the time to receive upgrades such as new channels being added etc However if you do have to switch it off for a considerable period you may have either to wait ,sometimes up to a day for all the channels to reapear or as someone else has said do a forced download
  3. Maybe the French artisans have got it wrong but our neighbours barn convertion has been repointed using Parex Monodecor GTP and also english neighbours have had the same done with a different company .Generally speaking  artisans put in on with a special mixer and compressor (not a cement mixer) however I have repointed the interior using the same stuff mixing it in a bucket with a whisk ( like you would mix plaster) Very easy to use no need to worry about  different sands cements and mixes you chose the colour buy as much as you need mix a batch put in on mix another batch etc etc it always comes out the same colour You can stop and come back weeks later etc.So what it is a bit more expensive than faffing about with sand cement getting right proportions  it is far easier ,and the big advantage you buy the colour you want not just boring or not quite right white I do not recomend mixing in a cement mixer unless there happens to be several of you doing the job you cannot use a cement mixer load on your own without it going off
  4. [quote user="beryl"] Apologies if I am being very dim. But would rather be safe than sorry with my first tax return. Understood the above which affects us.Can I ask for some clarification on these points please.  Page 3 - Do we need to fill in the section "Pensions, retraites" etc also? Page 2 Situations Particulieres at P and F , there is mention of pensions ( military or accident at work) for invalidity less than 40 percent , if we meet that criteria or is that for French pensions rather than foriegn ones? Finally, though I requested the form for foriegn income (sorry forgotten it) they forgot to send us one, is it possible to download one?   [/quote]   No you complete form 2047K and then transfer the result to TI on the main form If you have no other income that is the only part you complete and yes the form is available to download
  5. Our French neighbours have a gite Last year 2004 was their first year.Apart from one set of guests who washed the white towels with something pink/red no problems That was 12 seperate clients This year so far 6 clients/ 1st set Brand new washing machine broken beyond repair and pouffe split in two Stuffed the pouffe into a bin bag and didnt say a thing 2nd set No problems 3rd set Kept leaving books bits of paper etc round the swimming pool paper ended up in pool clogging up skimmers,variety of peas bits of bread biscuits found floating in pool Left gite filthy took 4 of us 5 hours to clean it. 4th set Dogs dug holes in garden which they did not bother to fill in and a couple of glasses broken which they did not mention,children aged 5 and 7 found in swimming pool with no supervision despite parents being told that this was not allowed ,happened on at least 2 occassions.   5th set no problems 6th are still here  
  6. British embassy gives a list but appears that for your region all based in Paris however one in Niort and some in Poitiers
  7. [quote]: ; , 'Meet the rest of the family[/quote] You missed me out ?
  8. There is a place where lots of people speak french but also lots speak english and there is a large scottish presence CANADA
  9. Bars in Angouleme stay open later,not sure about Cognac because I dont stay near there however with the strict drink driving laws now being enforced it is difficult and taxis are expensive Anywhere north Ie Mansle,Ruffec,Champagne Mouton bars are mostly shut however restaurants are open.Suggest you drive about in the evening to see if anything apart from Restaurants are open as the rural french are not ones for sitting in a bar drinking in the evening
  10. Very rural,very cold in winter,hot in summer,not much going on after September,Cognac full of tourists during the summer  bars close about 7pm better to try another area if you want skiing as fairly flat and no snow
  11. Same problem in Inverness cant get an Architect who speaks French
  12. [quote]Thank you so much for the clarification. It is amazing these days that we must live our own lives based on the fact that whom ever we are dealing with are criminals and will draw us up into their lit...[/quote] This is the legislation about cash payments CODE MONETAIRE ET FINANCIER (Partie Législative) Section 3 : Interdiction du paiement en espèces de certaines créances Article L112-6 (Ordonnance nº 2000-916 du 19 septembre 2000 art. 1 I Journal Officiel du 22 septembre 2000 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2002) (Loi nº 2001-1276 du 28 décembre 2001 art. 51 III finances rectificative pour 2001 Journal Officiel du 29 décembre 2001 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2002) (Loi nº 2005-882 du 2 août 2005 art. 39 Journal Officiel du 3 août 2005)    I. - Les règlements qui excèdent la somme de 1 100 euros ou qui ont pour objet le paiement par fraction d'une dette supérieure à ce montant, portant sur les loyers, les transports, les services, fournitures et travaux ou afférents à des acquisitions d'immeubles ou d'objets mobiliers ainsi que le paiement des produits de titres nominatifs et des primes ou cotisations d'assurance doivent être effectués par chèque barré, virement ou carte de paiement ; il en est de même pour les transactions sur des animaux vivants ou sur les produits de l'abattage.    Le paiement des traitements et salaires est soumis aux mêmes conditions au-delà d'un montant fixé par décret.    II. - Les dispositions du I ne sont pas applicables :    a) Aux règlements à la charge de personnes qui sont incapables de s'obliger par chèques ou de celles qui, ne disposant plus de compte, en ont demandé l'ouverture en application des dispositions de l'article L. 312-1 ;    b) Aux règlements faits directement par des particuliers non commerçants à d'autres particuliers, à des commerçants ou à des artisans ;    c) Aux règlements des transactions portant sur des animaux vivants ou sur les produits de l'abattage effectués par un particulier pour les besoins de sa consommation familiale ou par un agriculteur avec un autre agriculteur, à condition qu'aucun des deux intéressés n'exerce par ailleurs une profession non agricole impliquant de telles transactions ;    d) Au règlement des dépenses de l'Etat et des collectivités et établissements publics.    Par dérogation aux dispositions du I ci-dessus, les dépenses des services concédés qui excèdent la somme de 450 euros doivent être payées par virement. Article L112-7    Les infractions aux dispositions de l'article L. 112-6 sont constatées par des agents désignés par arrêté du ministre chargé du budget. Les contrevenants sont passibles d'une amende fiscale dont le montant ne peut excéder 5 % des sommes indûment réglées en numéraire. Cette amende, qui est recouvrée comme en matière de timbre, incombe pour moitié au débiteur et au créancier ; mais chacun d'eux est solidairement tenu d'en assurer le règlement total. Article L112-8 (Loi nº 2001-1276 du 28 décembre 2001 art. 51 III finances rectificative pour 2001 Journal Officiel du 29 décemb
  13. A certificate of health is no longer required .This has been the case since last year when new rules were introduced You now need a european pet passport for movement of pets within the EU a valid rabies jab and the pet identified by microchip or tattoe http://europa.eu.int/comm/food/animal/liveanimals/pets/nocomm_intra_en.htm  
  14. [quote]We will be moving to Portugal in December (found out yesterday, nothing like big suprises) and need to get a Health certificate issued by a 'Competent Authority' from the animals country of origin for...[/quote] What you need is a european pet passport issued by your Vet along with a rabies jab and either animal tatooed or microchipped I presume you are going overland and not via UK
  15. http://europa.eu.int/comm/food/animal/liveanimals/pets/index_en.htm Gives you the info you require It appears that you will need a rabies vacinne plus a blood test taken at least 3 months prior to your arrival
  16. And there are going to be bread shortages to I remember the late 60,s when there was no bread to be had and we had people travelling to Carlisle to get bread Also no electricity   HOWEVER the prefecture in charente maritime makes no mention of these types of water restrictions so far for the year 2005.
  17. We have a friend with a sat nav system Very proud of it The other week we went to a restaurant near the RN10 near Mansle and he decided to show me how good it was.We set off back to my house and within 1km it told him to turn right at the next junction.Knowing my way home I knew this was not right but was interested to see where the sat nav would take us.Well half an hour later having gone round in an anti clockwise direction we rejoined the original road about 3 km further on from turning off It then took up to about half a k from our house where it got itself lost as the system did not recognise the road we were on and it thought we were in the middle of a field, Much cheaper buying maps
  18. With a permis B licence you can tow a caravan providing the PTAC (which is Poids total autorise en charge) which is the weight of the caravan plus authorised load set by the manufacturer does not exceed the Points a vide of the car and also if the sum of the PTAC of the caravan and the PTAC of the car does not exceed 3500kgs YOU DO NOT NEED A MEDICAL EVERY 2 YEARS FOR A PERMIS B licence If  you tow say with a Land Rover Discovery (very heavy car) you will need a Permis E to tow anything over 750 kgs and as such you need to have a medical every 2 years if over 60. You can find the Poids a vide and PTAC of your car on your carte grise So if your caravan has a PTAC of 1150 kgs as long as your cars weight is over 1150kgs but the combined weight of car and caravan does not exceed 3500 kgs  then you do not need a permis E
  19. To get BBC 1 and 2 but not ITV Ch 4 and 5 Your local Castorama,Brico,or TV shop will sell you a NUMERIC sattelite decoder and dish prices vary from 99 euros to 200 euros The simplest thing to do after that is to get your local tv man to put up the dish and tune it in. Alternative is to have someone in the UK buy a sky digibox for you from Dixons,Comet or such like cost approx £150.Bring it over and again have your local TV man set it up Probably will cost in region of 200 euros to set it up   
  20. Doubt if there are any in the Charente not much call for an english solicitor here Try Law society who have several listed in Paris http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/choosingandusing/findasolicitor/action=lawfirmsearch.law?startrow=51&COUNTRY=FRANCE&PANELMEM=&LAWFIRM=
  21. Try http://www.evr.me.uk/index.htm They appear to be based in Ayrshire but thats not too far for you and they do allow vans to be driven on the continent If you look at the FAQ's on the website it gives a telephone number to phone if you wish a quote for taking a van abroad I think you are still stuck with the problem of returning it to Ayrshire
  22. You could try the reverse rent a van in France and drive to Glasgow pick up and return We have done this no problem with the French hire companies as we also found it impossible to get a van to rent in Glasgow and drop off in Dover  
  23. You will possibly be entitled to an E106 which will give up to two years cover under the French system Enquire from the DWP at Newcastle re this For full cover you will need top up insurance After the E106 runs out you pay into the French system ,as Will says approx 8% of your net income minus an allowance of approx 7000 euros If you reside in France you pay tax in France All income from worldwide sources are taxed in France. Unless you have a Govt pension all pensions and interest etc are taxed in France but even if you have a Govt pension and pay tax in the UK you still have to declare it to the French tax authorities
  24. Hello, I am Engr. Frank Smith from the United Kingdom. i came across your cottage while searching for a very suitable place where me and my family could spend a very quite time together away from the very tidious enviroments of my occupation that keeps me away from my from my wife and my lovely kid. So, i found a very special interest in your cottage and i believe it is most suitable for my vacation with my family, also at this point in time i would be most grateful if you could provide me with the necssary procedures involve to making reservations for the months of October through November. (Oct. 1st - 1st Nov.) i.e for the period of 4Weeks. Also, i would like to know your mode of payment as to booking/making a reservation, so as well as your last price if negoiatable and your terms/conditions as well. Thank you as i await your response to this email and do ensure to send your response to my private email (franksmith007us@yahoo.com), i can be reached at my private line +447040104449. Regards, Engr. Frank Smith Anyone want this booking I am full
  25. Sorry but altho I stay near Mansle am slightly older than you
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