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  1. Free movies to watch.Some as recent as 2007 http://www.movieforumz.com/index.php
  2. As it stands at the moment my incoming mail shows the American date of 7/5/2007 month,day,year. How do I change it to read day,month,year instead.?
  3. Try Teleconnect.Their site is in english....http://www.teleconnectfrance.com/Pages/Home/Home.aspx
  4. When you want to disconnect from French Telecom do you need to send them an official letter or just phone them with the date you want the phone disconnected ?.
  5. If anyone is interested I have a Navman N60i Satellite navigation system for sale.It comes with all the UK/European maps installed.
  6. Ok.At least it has give me something to work on...
  7. Would a Sky digibox work in any country for viewing free to air programs...?
  8. Thanks cooperlola but my french is not that good as we are still learning..[:D]
  9. If you give a house to a notaire to sell,how do they do it.Do they take people to see it or do they get an agent to do it .? How do they set up the fee's and who pays them,buyer or seller.?
  10. I was informed by Teleconect that if I cancel my France Telecom line I will not be able to have my Voip or adsl.Is this correct ?I seem to have read that with Alice and Nurf boxes etc you can save the FT rental charge by dropping them.Is this not the same with Teleconect?.
  11. ErnieY.... It seems that they have just changed their minds and want to return to the UK.I think that they will have to go ahead with buying it and then put it back on the market......
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