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  1. [quote user="Chezstevens"]

    My wife manages to sort the 2 boys out in the morning then walk them to the bus stop.  Our boys enjoy the walk (most of the time).  I work in the UK and see the family for 10 days every 5 weeks.  My wife will laugh her head off with the idea of changing a bus route. 

    You need to understand and relax into the french system - you are not special and will not receive preferential treatment.

    Yes I am unsympathetic  .... look at the gentler posts telling you the same.


    [/quote] Well your wife can laugh all she likes . its not a change of route as such, he parks at the top of the lane , i just want him to collect the children from home, like he collects all the other three children.And least of all Im not asking for any sympathy, thankyou .
  2. Part of my argument is that there is only 5 children who get the bus to school the  next pick up is on the main route which two of childrens homes are , and the last child lives down a lane which is just a 5min walk to the main route , but he picks the boy up outside his house, if the last boy had to walk the half hour he would be at the school.I just can't understand the logic in their thinking.The other thing is should anything happen , like with small children  for example they need toilet last minute, that one minute late leaving could mean the risk of missing the bus.In the evening i don't mind them walking as they can do it at their own pace, i just don't want them to miss the bus in the morning which could happen for any reason.
  3. Could people who have been in my situation only reply please , who can understand  what a mother is feeling .As for a cheap car , maybe i can't afford to run another car , or maybe i can't drive,or  maybe...... you dont know all the facts , but as usual want to have a go. And yes we moved to rural france its where we wanted to be, so why should we be somewhere we dont want to be.

    As for my husband going to work in the U.K , well thats where he works, he has no choice on that one.The fact is I  am going to battle this one out, as the bus driver starts his route from me first , he can come to the house instead of twiggling his thumbs for 5 mins at the top of the lane.If my children were aged 10 + i know they could cope with getting up alot earlier to travel for a hour , but im not going to do it to them at the age they are at.

  4. Hello Teamedup,

    My children have to walk just over a km , which takes them 30mins and then sit on a bus for another 30mins to get to school. If they had to walk 30 mins and then be at the school gates , i would mind that at all.I know that my 7 year old has to go to school , but i would still have to walk the 4 year old as well cause there is no one here to look after him.I know there are good waterproofs nowadays , but in the bitter cold weather we do get , i dont think its fair at the age they are at . As for the maire i was told it was down to the bus company, but i will ask the parents association about it as well.

  5. Hello all,

    My husband has returned to the U.K to work, so i have no transport to get the children to school. So i am

    having a major problem with the school bus , they will not come and collect my children from my home .The Consiel General  expect my children aged 4 and 7 yrs to walk in all weathers and in  the dark in the winter for 30 mins and then sit on the bus for another 30 mins, morning and night. I dont know what to do , they dont want to change their decision because of insurances and every other excuse they can make.I have  the help of Julia Salvat at the moment , but its coming to the point were she can no longer help me any further. I refuse to have to get my children up at a stupid time to  make them walk, so does this mean that they dont go to school , when they are doing so well. I just dont know what to do for the best, has anyone also had this problem .


  6. Hello all,

    Can someone tell me what the types of flours are used for what ? please.

    I have been looking on the internet, but no joy to even find out what the farine ble is used for?


  7. cant remember the name of the company, but they were based in Old Basford, nottingham, they are a warehouse company that supply to the public as well .  I will give my Dad a ring at the weekend to see if he knows the name or can find out for you.

  8. hello steve. , yes i do need a 4m length , as the kitchen is 5.2.

    In Nottingham i could get 4 and 6m lengths , but not planning a visit.

  9. nope, the wife wants  glossy black worktops,

    i would love granit, but a bit out my price range.

  10. Does anyone know where i can buy 4m length worktops please??
  11. just to let you know , that its me MRS  micky p  who put the ad in , so stop having a go , all i want to do is earn some extra cash for xmas , what is wrong with you people , always wanting to have a dig at others,and

    I AM SORRY , i didnt realise that you cant advertise on here, so if you want to report me and get me off this sarcastic form , please do.


  12. hello.

    For all you out there wanting english xmas and greeting cards please email

    [email protected] for list and prices.

  13. well i never,what a carry on , all i want is a job.


  14. hello , have emailed you twice , would be nice to have a reply to know if you have received them please.
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