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  1. Angouleme has an excellent pool, give them a try   Paul
  2. Hi, We are in the Charente and this is our first full year. We have bookings for Aug and sept and one in June but so far July is quiet. Having spoken to a lot of people in the Travel Industry (My ex profession) all are saying people are definately booking later. But as we all know there is so much choice in the Gite market.   Regards   Paul
  3. Hi, I know that this will have been coverd but cant find it anywhere. Just going to complete our first tax forms, (where do we get them, have lived here since April 2006) After declaring a small income this year do we then have to go to the Health Office to be accessed for our contribution, although we both have the UK cover until 2008.   Thanks   Paul
  4. Hi all have read a lot of the Threads but........................ I have an English TV and Have a receiver/dish picking up freeview. They are selling an indoor antenna/receiver in Auchan and the assistant tells me i can use it with my english TV and receive French channels. Now bearing in mind what everyone has said on here  IS SHE RIGHT ?   Thanks   Paul
  5. Hi, we have been living here since April, we have our Carte Vital so are registered with the health system. We are running Gites and will fill in out tax forms when they arrive. Do we need to do anything else, ie notify the authorities that we are now Resident in France.   Any advise please   Thanks   Paul
  6. Hi Thanks to pool man who has recomended a product to keep sun oil of the water. Unfortunately  our first guest seem t be using something unusual. We have a yellow stain on the liner which cleaning products dont seem to total;y remove.I am somewhat confused as why it should be so bad.   ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS please, or am i stuck with a nasty mark.   Paul
  7. Hi we have 3 gites, we ordered our pillows, towels and sheets on line from England, good price and quality.   Paul
  8. Hi , hope someone out there can help. Im in the Charente, and i have had a notice from Dept sanitare about testing my pool so as it can be used by my guests, is this a normal yearly practice ?   Pau;l
  9. Hi, some advice please, this is our first year, pool installed in October. Have just received a letter from Dept Sanitaires Charente about them testing my pool so as they will alow it to be opened for the season Is this correct, if so do they visit, or is it done by the Mairie. Trying to calculate volume of water in our pool and have lost the formulae. Last question have just tested the pool. ph levels are fine but chlorine level isnt registering, do i just add some chlorine chemical. Also is the Multi functional stuff a better option.   Thanks   Paul
  10. Hi just completeing renovation work, Can any one recomend a good insurer for our 3 gites which will be let, and an indication of what we could expect to pay.   Thanks   Paul
  11. Hi, Just having our Barn renovated, need to get EDf to supply triple phase wiring, is it possible to have one meter for all 3 Gites, thus saving on Standing Charge.   Thanks for your help   Paul
  12. Hi Going to run a few Gites,  what are the plus and minus points of a micro bic/biz or just do tax as a married couple.   Thanks   Paul
  13. Hi all thanks for those of you who have helped on this subject. Perhaps i am being THICK, I understand the AFNOR regs, but can i erect a fence of my own choosing as long as i adhere to the regs, or do i have to buy a fence that has an official stamp.   Thanks Paul
  14. Hi Sorry if this has been answered before but here goes. Going to fence our pool within regulations, can we purchase fencing and gate locking mechanism from DIY outlets. like standard garden fencing as long as its the right height and the spacing is small enough not to allow a child a foot hold. Or do we have to purchase from Pool supplyer who seem to be expensive. Comments welcomed.   Thanks   Paul
  15. Sorry last post seems to have got lost. We are dealing with this company, very helpful and professional. Of course will ask for references but has any one had dealings with them.   Thanks
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