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  1. [quote user="chessfou2"]Frexit - the wet dream of Brexiters, but more likely than the idea of Irexit! Astonishingly, Irexit is often mentioned by Brexiters (English) and about 3 people in Ireland.[/quote] Where did you get that one from? Not an everyday phrase I have heard.
  2. If you are happy with the tablet, changing to a bluetooth keyboard would be a good solution, I can recommend this one. Available from various outlets including Amazon. Bluetooth keyboard, Jelly Comb B046 Multi-device Wireless Keyboard.
  3. Maybe now like the UK, signatures are no longer required for parcels, recorded letters, prescription deliveries etc. due to Coronavirus.
  4. I have never used an epoxy grout, just a good quality waterproof grout. Powder or ready mixed.
  5. You may find some info on the site below, you will need to copy & paste the link. https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/international-particulier/methods-payment
  6. You can check out the website below. Plenty of English speaking agents on there, but I would still recommend using someone local, even if you have limited french. https://www.englishspoken.info/English_Info_Results6.php?Dept=Dordogne:24&Trade=Insurance
  7. I had a house that was renovated more than 30 years ago, that had push switches for the 3 way lights. The relay was behind a electrical cover plate on the wall. Les
  8. [quote user="NormanH"]The UK government has no compunction in disallowing those citizens who have been living in Europe for over 15 years from voting. Surely the right to vote is a "a basic expression of freedom", especially in something such as the referendum which concerned them so directly. [/quote] And can you vote in your chosen country that you now live in despite paying taxes and being resident in that country? Perhaps you should vent your anger towards the French govermment. Why would you have an interest, in having voting rights in a country you have left? Unless you want the best of both worlds.
  9. Try Duolingo, you can use the free course. Les
  10. Some info HERE regarding what happens to a written off vehicle or considered to be in a dangerous condition. Les
  11. DIY chains win Sunday case The Connexion Tuesday 29th October, 2013 TWO DIY chains have been allowed to open their Ile-de-France stores on Sunday by a court of appeal.Castorama and Leroy Merlin were initially ordered to shut after a case brought by rival Bricorama. Bricorama was forced to close on Sundays at the beginning of 2012 after the FO union took it to court.It argued that if it was forced to shut on Sunday, so should its rivals.[:)]
  12. Well, no, actually. Every season, every single petrol powered garden tool I own - three chainsaws, 2 strimmers, a hedge trimmer, a rotovator, a leaf blower and various mowers will either not start at all or run terribly if left on the old petrol from the previous summer. I am also currently rebuilding the engine of a motoculteur belonging to a friend who ran it flat out on old petrol despite it missfiring and ruined the engine internals. Drain the old stuff and put in fresh petrol and they all run perfectly. I agree, the modern unleaded fuels seem to go off very quickly, my Honda 4 stroke mower which normaly starts first pull, will not run with fuel that has been left longer than a couple of months. Les
  13. Your French insurer probably won't allow you to cancel, without proof of new insurance[:D] and providing you give them a contact address in France, you should be OK to drive in the UK until you get new insurance and registration. Les
  14. "My phone is running Android 4.0, you will probably be running the same or you might be running 4.1 if your lucky." Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7[:D]
  15. Could it be, Moondrop to Gascony? By Anne-Marie Walters. Les
  16. [quote user="sweet 17"]into a French one? Can this be really true?  I have printed out all the instructions and the form but nowhere can I find the cost. Please somebody confirm it for me![:)] [/quote] I am pretty sure that the Dordogne do not charge, for the exchange of an EU licence, just supply the stamped envelope, for the return, if applying by post.
  17. [quote user="cooperlola2"]One of the real advantages of French taxation is that we have access to someone local to discuss the matter. When I lived in Kent, my tax was dealt with in Bootle! So I drove the few miles to Mamers, and within 20 minutes of turning up was given a polite hearing, which resulted in a bit of staging of the 3k euros. Hard to fault their attitude, frankly. [/quote] I don't know if this is relevant or not, to your problem, but check out the following post. http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/119025/0/prelevements-sociaux
  18. [quote user="stan"]So is the DPE "for information only" as per DERF`s post.....or is it a necessary part of Compromis as per POMMMIER`s post? [/quote] http://www.notaires.fr/notaires/en/property-surveys
  19. According to the Notaires website the DPE is for, information proposes only. Also it's valid for 10 years.
  20. Something like THIS ? Or the dogs doodas
  21. derf

    Advise on E104

    [quote user="Jay"]Took us almost 3 weeks to get an E106, 2 weeks to get an E121 (S1) and 10 days for a CEAM (valid for 5 years), although we had an attestation within 3 days. Some people's information is so out of date it's not worth them posting . How long has it been? I would think if you have not had a response within 10 days it is time to get in touch and find out what is going on.[/quote] This is from the current Amelia website. La carte européenne d'assurance maladieAu moins 15 jours avant votre départ, demandez votre carte européenne d'assurance maladie (CEAM) à votre caisse d'Assurance Maladie. La CEAM est valable un an. Elle est individuelle et nominative. Chaque membre de votre famille doit avoir la sienne, y compris les enfants de moins de 16 ans. Aucun document n'est à fournir lors de votre demande.
  22. "Hi everyone, can anybody tell me what the rules in France are relating to outside pipework ie (sink/waste) being connected to the outside of your house are please." I did exactly what you are proposing 10 years ago, never had a problem. If the pipes are run correctly, nothing should stay in the waste pipe.
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