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  1. Ive given it a while to settle but I am finding the new software impossible. I expected to be able to see new posts in context but just see an endless list of posts and who/what just signed up. The spam is ridiculous and from what I can see mods have only just been able to "moderate". A bit of a lost cause sadly. Not for me, sorry.
  2. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Nope....not joining.

    Those who joined in on that 'ex' forum (wooly...it is no longer a forum so we can talk about it) were supporting racisim exhibited mostly by the owners.

    They were racists.

    Anti English this...anti English that.


    My kids are half English.


    But you did join and now you are banned!
  3. So I am a pro-eu fanatic, no, hardly an insult at all. It is in the way you use it. Please note I am not a eu fanatic I merely dislike slurs born out of ignorance like the bendy banana, the non existant eu army, Turkey joining etc etc.

    So, to respond in the order of your post:

    Once again I have to point out that I have commented on animal feed.

    One of the EU stated aims is the protection of minorities, LGBT falls within that remit and is what ALL members sign up to. You complain elsewhere that Catholic countries have voted against the EU proposals. Even the Vatican will tell you that inclination towards LGBT is not a sin and no-one should have an issue. You have mis-quoted that it's about promoting LGBT or any other minority to children in schools, it's about promoting tolerance and the best place to start is with childrens education.

    The India az vaccine manufacturing has not been approved by the EU health authority. What else can it do until it is approved? It has nothing to do with the UK being punished for anything.

    Three times I have stated that there is no such thing as the EU army. How many more times?

    Target2 what on earth are you suggesting now? This is the method of transferring money in and out of the EU via the ecb. Target has been running since 1999, replaced by target 2 in 2007, why the sudden interest? No reply is necessary.

    Point by point that covers your last post.

    Not a fanatic but I admit to support of a system which has kept peace between waring nations while improving the individual expectations.
  4. Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.

    (Jean-Jacques Rousseau).

    I leave you both to your delusions.

    Have a lovely day
  5. Chessie. You obviously haven't read my post and it seems you don't read your own. You say you did not mention sovereignty yet you wrote "Let's go back a bit. Back to the time of Heath - the man who gave away our territorial fishing waters in the last 24 hours before signing the Treaty. The man who LIED to us about 'no loss of sovereignty' - and he KNEW he was lying. " I also addressed the mythical Army, regional councilsm the brain drain and Nissan.

    I see no reason to respond to your latter diatribe since you won't read it or apparently understand it.

    You are quite entitled to your own views, you must accept that when they are wrong others are entitled to critique.
  6. Another strange post, straight out of the UKIP book of tripe.

    Sovereignty - what did the UK loose? What is this odd concept that was lost that brexiters are unable to define. UK had and has full sovereign rights before during and after joining. Have you never heard of opt-outs? How many times exactly did the UK try to join and was turned down before actually joining the club?

    One Margaret Thatcher single handedly destroyed the UK manufacturing base and set mining communities agaist each other, stealing jobs like she stole milk from childrens mouths.

    "Says a lot about the little european countries that they have lost so many of their youngest and brightest who have moved to the UK doesn't it ?"

    Ah yes, immigration, the major reason many Leavers voted. The UK of course has a sovereign right to srop immigration but couldn't be bothered mostly because it needs the workers. So 5 million just over 1 per cent of the EU 27, not really so many especially when one considers between 2008 and 2018 10 percent of the UK left for the EU. The Independant calls that the brain drain.(https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/uk-brain-drain-migration-booming-eu-brexit-study-a9652491.html). I hope the 3 million Hong Kong passport holders will be given a warm welcome when they arrive shortly.

    Oh look, the EU Army - nothing to discuss, it's a fantasy. Nothing to discuss either about the sovereign countries becoming regional councils of the mythical "EU Empire". Strange this contolling super state allows it's citizens to move about freely and goods to cross borders without checks.

    Finally the Nissan plant is mentioned. It took a while so lets just tell everyone that there has been a massive financial propping up of Nissan by the UK and there has been a loos of 1500 jobs since the vote, so 900 new jobs hoorah. I'm sure all those laid off will be very grateful when and if the new factory comes into being. By the way you do know Nissan is part owned by France don't you?

  7. Hi Nick

    Both chlorine washed chicken and hormone treatment in beef for the table is banned in the EU. As someone pointed out vegetables / salad ready packed is treated with chlorine, but your can wash salad, you must never wash meat.

    It is said that there is no harmful effect of chlorine in our diet yet ingesting it remains one of the most common forms of suicide. I seem to remember the same was said about smoking tobacco.

    Vaccines - when touted as only possible as a result of brexit that is complete and utter rubbish. The UK was always fully able to go it's own way as are the other 27 states.

    By the way the UK are again racing ahead with covid infections despite the rhetoric, just behind Brazil, India and Columbia with 10 times as many as France which was help up as particularly slow. I would agree, no reason to be complacent but definetly no reason to gloat.
  8. Norway deal: There is no masking the fact the new terms are a step backwards on those enjoyed when the UK was a member of the EU’s single market says Norway’s trade and industry minister.

    Australia deal: Chlorine and hormones from halfway around the world, needless to say much better deal for Australia.

    Vaccines: hahaha

    Ken won, get over it.
  9. Utterly delusional.

    But one and probably the only benefit of brexit is that the average IQ of the EU has risen significantly.
  10. Ken wrote "My personal view is that feeding dead animals to live animals isn't the sort of thing that should happen".

    I'm sure that every predator will agree with you.
  11. rock

    Hearing aid

    Oh Blodwyn, what a tale of woe. I thought I would relate my purchase. I went to Audition Sante and asked for the "free" pair that are covered by Amelie and my mutual. They still went through the "benefits" of more expensive ones like no batteries (I always carry spare batteries in case the battery runs out), bluetooth so I could directly connect to my tv and phone (no thanks). After several no thank you I ordered those covered by amelie. 950 euros each and came with 12 batteries, a bottle of cleaner and a plug in steriliser. In a large zip up case. Absolutely no money changed hands and I am delighted with the quality of the product! That was 12th April this year. I love being able to hear birds singing again since then.
  12. I lived in Gent 20 odd years ago, delightful place. Great beer and the frites ... They can appear a bit dour but when you get to know them they can be fun. Of course, no language barrier but do the Flemish speakers love it when you have a go. The language has a wonderful way of telling the time as in "tien over elf".

    The young workers seemed to me to be obsessed with their pensions. There is little love lost between the Vlams and Walloons.
  13. In the interest of fairness ALBF did apologise in this thread but that was deleted. In that post he said he would behave like a grown up, but it was removed.

    It does seem odd to me that ALBF is constantly vilified in "another place" and can't respond, yet the current post which caused the fuss remains there with 694 views and still live, with no action taken, unlike here.

    I have no axe to grind, I hardly ever come here, but though ALBF is a "character" this all seems quite unnecessary. I can only think the owner doesn't want any attention, in which case this will probably be deleted as well, but not to worry.
  14. "The European Commission has allowed a group to launch a petition calling for permanent EU citizenship after Brexit."

    The petition has opened today. You can sign up at https://eci.ec.europa.eu/002/public/#/initiative

    Sorry I can't seem to post a clickable link.

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