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  1. UPDATE: We found a Mairie and completed the application. All appeared to be going well until we received a call yesterday asking for our French birth certificates. We will therefore have to wait for the documents. On the bright side, our local Mairie accepted our JO entry for the electoral register.
  2. Thanks for that. We'll phone around other Mairies tomorrow and hope for better luck.
  3. Hi there. We're in the same position (names on JO and have done two prédemandes) . Did you manage to get your passport and identity card without having to wait 6 months for the pack of documents? (We have just phoned one local Mairie which said that we need the pack of docs.)
  4. Thanks for that. I can't see any way of viewing the signature on la poste's tracking site but I'll make enquiries.
  5. We recently sent a LRAR to our local Préfecture. The tracking indicated that it arrived at its destination. However the return slip arrived back to us unsigned - the previous one to the same destination arrive back with an official stamp.

    Moreover we received a response from the first one in a matter of days whereas it has been 3 weeks and still no reply for the second - we're a little concerned as the envelope contained birth, mariage certificates etc.

    Does anyone know if it is essential for the recipient to stamp or sign a LRAR or is there another way to validate the transaction?

    Thanks in advance
  6. That's really helpful, Norman.

    Unfortunately we didn't bother with a CdS until 8 years ago (the Préfecture was very reluctant to give us one). But we do have our tax bills going back to 2008 so we'll have to risk one of those! However (clutching at straws) in order to get our CdS we had to submit 3 years of tax bills so that takes us to 11 years.

    Have you come across a ref that specifically refers to 10 year + residents?
  7. Thanks for warning, Norman (pity the rubric isn't comprehensive)! I think we'll be lucky to get away without further 'requests'.

    PS: I know that you have to provide an official declaration that you have lived in France for x number of years if x is less than 10 years. But I can't find any need for proof for those who have lived in France for more than 10 years. Do they simply check our tax records etc?

    PPS: When do you get your identity card?
  8. "However, if there is one thing of which you can be certain it is that you can never have too much documentation!"

    Don't we know it! Thanks for the additional info.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Décédé(e) it is then. We're going to send our parent's birth and wedding certificates but don't have their death certificates to hand. Two of our siblings have also predeceased us but as far as I can see no certificates are required for them.
  10. If parents or siblings are dead do we: 1) provide their last address; 2) put décédé next to their name; 3) leave them out entirely; 4) provide a death certificate with any of the above? Thanks in advance (just phoned our local an regional préfectures and no joy from either!)
  11. UPDATE:

    I decided to take a punt on mea culpa. Popped into the local tax office this morning and explained what I'd done. Good result: no penalty and half the expected amout of tax to pay!
  12. So the 0% rate on up to €9,964 French personal allowance is not deducted from any capital gains (even if, for example, the profit was your only source of income)?
  13. Thanks to you both. I did think about declaring it on this year's form. I suppose the penalty would still be similar to the one in Sue's reply plus 4% interest, perhaps.

    Can capital gains be offset against my personal allowance?
  14. While sorting out this year's tax details I found a one off taxable item on my January 2018 e-statement that belonged to 29 December 2017. I intend to explain my mistake at our local tax office early next week. Does anyone know what penalty I am likely to incur?

    Thanks in advance.
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