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  1. You cannot offer meals with a gite business. But Quillan is correct I would check the rules to see the differences, although these do constantly change and normally become more demanding. What changes less is the income and I would say its difficult to survive from this kind of business - France is not cheap.In many areas property prices have fallen dramatically. The internet has many established Gites and Chambre d'hote owners who are trying to sell - particularly ex pats.Sorry to sound so negative.
  2. I believe If you’re a non-resident you’ll pay tax at the basic rate of 20% on the net income generated in France. If you are resident in France, then any rental income is added to the rest of your income and is taxed on a progressive scale, Also If you are resident in the UK, you will be liable to pay UK income tax on any income generated in France but the double taxation treaty between the UK and France, which deducts any French tax paid against the UK tax liability. I think social charges are now added to this regardless of resident status?
  3. We obtained insurance via AXA that covers all our guests (extended liabilty cover). I also understand that new requirements may be in the pipeline if you want protection Incendie in the future ie producing proof of smoke detecors and regular tests - not sure how that will work yet or if its just a plan?
  4. http://www.francebleu.fr/faits-divers/urssaf-travail-au-noir-cafe-concert-mamm-kounifl-morbihan/ramener-son-verre-au-pub-du-travail-dissimule-1112772 seems true? Not just McD what abt Ikea
  5. Interesting article on gift tax http://www.sykesanderson.com/Service_France/articles/french_gift_tax.asp
  6. Read this article just crazy! What next ..... http://www.connexionfrance.com/Bar-boss-Urssaf-illegal-staff-Floch-Mamm-Kounifl-Morbihan-15308-view-article.html
  7. Yes it does seem you can be non resident and part of the mirco- bic scheme. We are still in GDF so as former residents we got the 71% but we have had conflicting views as to whether this continues as non residents at the same level. Our accountant seems to think it does not? My understanding is that the higher rate is for rural gites or CDhotes that provide certain services ie linen, greeting etc or those who are members of GDF.
  8. I think you can be part of the scheme and non resident but not 100% sure?
  9. I have read some conflicting views. But as a Non Resident does the Micro bic abatement remain at 71% as for French residents or does it change to 50%.? thanks
  10. France will have to pay more to borrow and to service its growing debt. Its out of sync with most of Europe especailly Germany. The French govt has made none of structural reforms to its economy demanded by bodies such as the IMF. Hollande has no answers other then more tax hikes. Sarko seems a distant memory of happier times? As for the future more hardship.
  11. Aly

    Problem cat

    If your cat is calm and happy at the cattery and the owner loves him then it sounds like the problem is the cat is not happy in your home and by the way you desrcibe him you seem to have had enough. What a shame but may be the solution is try and get him rehomed ask the cattery owner she may know someone.
  12. Aly

    Problem cat

    I have moved several times from city to rural and then back to city. Last move our cat howled lots especially at night and was stressed in the day as well. My advise try Feliwayspray it may help to calm him. If you have ruled out medical issues then your cat is obviously stressed and not feeling safe in his new home. Cats are very territorial. It takes weeks for some cats to settle and in your case he had another move to the cattery as well. I would not let him out, he seems to want return to his old home and territory rather then just being outside.. Letting him out will probably not help and you may risk losing him. I would try and create a space in the home for him separate to the other cats with his own litter and food, give him treats and time and he will settle. Just be patient!
  13. [quote user="NickP"] I love France and really enjoy my time spent here, but when I read things like this and most financial and ministerial problems people on this forum have to endure, I'm so glad I spread my time between France and the UK and stay resident in the UK. That way I enjoy the best of both and miss most of the downsides. I find it mind boggling that any government could come up with such a suggestion let alone implement it, having said that maybe they are going to lower the rates and give everybody a rebate. You never know, is there is an election coming up sometime? [:)] [/quote] They have calculated a 600 million return on this new tax. I doubt anyone will be getting anything back
  14. A new retrospective tax is to be debated by French assembly. 'Savings products underwritten between 1997 and 2012 will undergo a retroactive adjustment of their rates of social security contributions.' Does anyone have more info or an understanding as to what types of investments and savings this would affect and if this applies to overseas accounts http://www.boursier.com/actualites/economie/fiscalite-un-nouveau-coup-bas-pour-les-epargnants-21392.html
  15. You may be right. But many people such as UK homeowners recieved incorrectly assessed social charges on rental income, However for many they still recieved their Avis early. Here is the response I recieved to my query: Vous n’avez pas reçu votre avis d’imposition. Rien d'anormal à priori car l’intégralité des avis n’est pas envoyée à ce jour. Les prochains avis seront adressés selon le calendrier suivant : - Courant septembre pour un paiement au 15/10/2013 - Courant octobre pour un paiement au 15/11/2013 - Courant janvier pour un paiement au 15/03/2014.
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