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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your ideas. Yes, it would be in our garage - but we do have a rodent problem in there, sadly. We have preferred diesels in the past, but I wasn't sure which would be best to store over the winter. Thank you again. Now to find 'that' car without spending too much!!! Margaret
  2. HI, We are hoping to leave a car in France for 7 months of each year, as we don't have space in England for one, and neither do we need one here. However, I am looking for 'voitures d'occasion' and don't know whether it's easier to store a petrol or a diesel powered car. If you have any ideas please let me know. M.
  3. We have had a mixed response.  Some naturally seem to recycle as if it is what they expect - and one family even asked where the compost was on arrival ! (almost fell over).  However, to encourage everyone I have invested in the small yellow and green bags from the supermarket and leave one of each with the washing up liquid etc.  Since this has been introduced we've very little rubbish and almost everything has been recycled. I was made to do something when one family tried to through away a whole bag of plastic water bottles, it had been hot, but...
  4. Wen, It's interesting reading all the comments.  Having taught CAP to 14 to 24 year olds I would assume that your son's teacher is assuming that he will make little more progress in written French, and is therefore making suitable provision for him to access the CAP earlier than most.  I had one 14 year old on the programme who was bright, but had a physical disability.  The CAP can lead to BEP and then BAC PRO and onto higher education, however histoire/geo is still required and a 10 is necessary, or else the whole year is failed. As your son's French speaking is coming on, I would encourage himto think about what he really wants to do and then go back to the school and find out what the possible options are.  During the CAP he may have to do English - and so use these times to have 1:1 provision for enhancing his written French, but he may only be in the learning centre for 1 week out of four!  The other weeks are often in the work environment. I hope it all works out for you all. Margaret  
  5. I thought UK cards would work in our local intermarche and champion 24/24 pumps, so was suprised when an English person approached me to find out how I had got the petrol pump to work.  I obligingly asked for his cash then put in my card.  I must have seemed daft as I couldn't work out what the person was saying - speaking in English with an English accent really put me to the test! M
  6. I would suggest, though, you don't do anything in haste.  We arrived in France definately in 2005, registered with CPAM, then husband was advised to train in the UK rather than France and come back to work in three years.  CPAM sent us a bill for more than I earnt last year, basing it on what we had both earnt in 2004.  As my husband had to move to the UK in Feb 2006, they suggested we pay 1/3 of the annual bill, and suggested that next time he moves here permanently we use the EHIC(from the UK) for a year, or at least six months.  We have it in writing from CPAM!  We are based in France, but with my husband studying in the UK we spend more time there. I would suggest talking with your husbands firm to see what health insurance they offer when he does move to France.  It may make your next move easier.  By the way, we call the lady from the CPAM a "dragon", but she is now a nice dragon, as she was the one who has helped us not pay all the bill! M
  7. I travel regularly with Eurotunnel, once or twice a month, and find that they are beginning to start the "loading" process earlier.  With all the door wiping, steering wheel swobbing and passport checking I was sometimes too late for the train I had been booked onto and for which I had waited the call.  Now, they seem to allow more time, and last Friday evening there were 5 trains leaving Folkestone between 4pm and 5pm (Or at least that was what we were told)! By the way, what happens if you work in a quarry with explosives?  Surely the car would be covered with whatever they are looking for.  I also travel with P and O, when I know I have a few spare minutes to plan in an evening meal.  M
  8. Nick and Paul, Sorry to take so long in replying.  Yes, I've cut over a metre off the coax wire.  We now have good signals to all TV channels. After having installed it myself last year, I couldn't work out where I was going wrong. thank you for your help. Margaret
  9. No trees, but yes, the box has been switched off for 6 weeks, but then we weren't getting ITV or BBC2.  We get the channels for the North West, but the BBC1 is OK.  We're also missing BBC3 and BBC4. I've tried realigning everything, but having misplaced my compass it's a little more difficult - just line it up to the back of the post box (that's 149.5 degrees from north!) and the tilt is at 29.5 degrees.  These settings are ideal for our village - I suppose I was wondering if something funny had happened - like ITV gone on strike etc... Thanks for the help, M
  10. In a gale this last winter the sat dish moved, children then attacked it and took some useful connecting bits. But since this episode we have had BBC1 and Channel 4, but no BBC2 or ITV.  The signal strength is about 60% and the signal quality about 70%.  We have been to our local TV shop and they say they can't help us as we use different astra satellites. Has anyone any ideas? M
  11. As an answer about kids - yes, there are two adorable boys (!) who have thrown fireworks, wrecked the post box and caused other damage.  Their fathers are always on the case and usually I only hear of damage when the dads show how they have repaired said letter box, etc.  French dads are great!
  12. Well, I had to get a step ladder, to see, but hubby reaches up, though finds it easier on the step ladder It did go through my mind - perhaps it's back to a very heavy bird...........
  13. Could I also suggest that YOU don't try to speak to your kids in French!  I've learnt the hard way, and though I speak French fluently, everyone I teach knows I am English.  I picked up the accents from my parents (and I suppose my French teachers at school).  Now the young people who I have taught speak with a lovely English accent, as they have leant it from me...  I am convinced they will be OK, they may end up repeating a year, but very soon will be probably also better at the English language as well. M
  14. I'm just letting off steam!!!  We arrived back at our home in France after 6 weeks away, to find that the Sky lead is no longer attached to the dish.  My assumption is that someone has cut it with a knife.  The twist fastening is also gone, and the dish was at a funny angle.  Now, I originally blamed a bird, but it took an awful lot of yanking to get the dish back to normal degrees of (whatever) to make contact.  I'm going  to have to 'make do' with electrical tape to keep everything neat, tidy and dry.  Has anyone else ever had this problem, as we have never had any problems up until now. M
  15. I am really pleased with the prices that we pay for wood.  Just checking the details, but we pay 3euros for a stere of hard wood, and 1.25 per stere of soft wood.  There are advantages to living with a forest nearby!
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