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  1. Thanks everyone, what they told to do was a take pic before and a pic after door done and contact the plan cadastre to tell them. So will see what happens! Chhers
  2. Hi, looking for some advice regarding some work we are wanting to do on our house. We are wanting to put a door in an outside wall that faces onto the garden and doesn't overlook neighbours. I thought I would need to get permission, but the mairie say I don't. (I had already had a look on the internet and can only find where it say permission is needed.) Confused is an understatement, any advice much appreciated cheers
  3. Hi DraytonBoy, have sent you a pm, cheers
  4. Many thanks, I have been to the Syndicate des Eaux and now getting things sorted!
  5. HI, well it looks like we now need to have an 'Etude' for the fosse (and we haven't even signed the final acte for the house yet, long and complicated story!). I have tried to search the forum for info, but not getting anywhere. Has anyone any recommendations for a company in the Saintes/Royan area in the Charente Maritime please. Many thanks in advance Frank
  6. Hi Theiere Sorry to take so long to reply, I had to find the leaflet! The systems are called Allfea hybrid Duo which is a pompe chaleur for the central heating system, that also has a chaudiere fioul integrated. We are looking at that one and also the straight forward air/water system, Alfea S inverter. It all depends of cost and savings, so we will have to wait for the devis.
  7. Many thanks sweet 17, on closer inspection of the papers/plan (done for house sale) the test hole wasn't dug, so our chap (French) who we have known for years, dug said hole to find clay and the previous 'ok' has been refused! Hence my query regarding the costs, as it looks like it is going to be quite a bit more! Thanks again
  8. Hi I have tried a search of the forum to try and find info, but no luck. Has anyone any experience of a fosse installation ' assainissement en terte' and roughly how did the costs span out please. I have been quoted for a standard installation, but sadly this isn't going to work. Any advice much appreciated, many thanks Frank
  9. Hi, Many thank for the replies received. We decided to look at a hybrid pompe chaleur system to do central heating and hot water. Just waiting for the devis eeek! Thanks again for all replies
  10. Many thanks everyone for the replies. We thought maybe the neighbour was trying it on, but apparently, the previous owner was in the process of getting it fixed (devis etc) but sadly passed away. I think we will just bite the bullet and replace it, then there are no neighbour disputes and have a quiet life!!!! Thanks again for all input.
  11. Hi I am currently in the process of buying a property in France and a fence on the boundary is in need of repair. The neighbour has said it is for me to repair it and it has to be done when the purchase is completed. Is there anyone who knows of any websites where I can find out who is responsible (joint responsibility etc) before I replace the fence. Many thanks for any links/advice
  12. Hi everyone Following on from my post regarding gas tank installations, does anyone know what the prices are for gas please? Have found some info on installations, but no prices! looking to compare with electric heating/air conditioning. Any links/advice much appreciated, many thanks
  13. Hi everyone We are currently in the process of buying a house in the Charente Maritime and we are taking advantage of the time to research different options for heating etc. Currently, the house has a chaudiere which runs on fuel for the central heating. I have looked at Geo Thermal, but this seems very expensive to install, so now looking to condenser boilers. I have tried to find info on the net, without success, for an individual gas tank (not possible to connect to mains gas) to work out some costings etc. Does anyone have any experience of this type of gas installation and any recommendations or links for suppliers please. Many thanks in advance for any links, advice etc Frank
  14. Many thanks everyone, lots to go on!   Still in research mode, but I was thinking of keeping it very simple and along the lines of the very british 'cream tea' and nothing to complicated.  So it''s head down and research, research, research.  Thanks again
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