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  1. I blame Brexit, Putin and Johnson together with many others I can't be bothered to mention.....
  2. Am I right in thinking the server here is frequently running very slow?
  3. I use the exchange rate for the day the monies are received. Easy enough to do.
  4. The french government website on fuel prices indicates the date their quote price is taken. Foe instance my local station's price was quoted two days ago but today the actual price is already 0,20€ higher. My medium sized car now costs over 120€ for a full tank. I'm putting a brick under the accelerator pedal!
  5. This looks like a successful project to help underprivileged children. I'm impressed! What do you think? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-59290896
  6. I thought in this context it simply meant a pond?
  7. I despair at the recent developments in the UK, Abandoning safeguards for fear of unpopularity and declaring getting back to normal when infection rates rocket. It's madness.
  8. Thank you Norman. Does anyone know whether you should seek the same vaccine as one had for the first two jabs?
  9. Brought a tear to my eye. I liked the way he had to cope with his sword when kneeling - not something you do every day!
  10. "rabbits" for me. And still saying it after more than 70 years.
  11. If you use Wise (Transferwise) soley for currency exchange you don't need to declare it on 3916, If you use it as bank then probably do need to..
  12. Having been forced to load all the banks etc afresh with fields required that weren't required in the past it's worth noting that required fields are marked with an Asterix. The only new field required is the start date for an account which cannot be verified easily anyway - so just invent a date!
  13. I guess it's a post code lottery. I'd had both jabs by mid February. OH was anxious to get a second jab soon because she might have to travel. She phoned a few pharmacies and one said can you come in an hour! Job done. We're in Aveyron.
  14. The last few posts, I think, vindicate our original thoughts. Having a credit on the credit card does not make it a bank. The bank behind it it is declared anyway.
  15. I always thought that, BUT I returned an item I bought from amazon on a credit card which I then paid off. Subsequently they reimbursed me on that card and I finished up with a credit on the card! Where does that leave us?
  16. France has joined other european countries and has now suspended the AZ vaccine pending a decision later this week by the government.
  17. Kong

    Co-Vid Vaccination

    Amazing how it varies in different centres. Where I went for both jabs there was a marshalled dedicated car park for vaccs. We were asked to remain in our cars until 10 minutes before our RDV and then go to reception. At exactly RDV time my name was called and a nurse checked id etc and I was moved to a waiting area. After just a couple of minutes I was called by a doc for the interview and then moved to vaccination area consisting of about twelve chairs and shown where to sit after chair had been disinfected. One nurse rotated through the chairs in order and gave the jab - 80 seconds per jab. I then moved to the recovery area where I sat for the 15 required minutes during which time vac certificate was prepared. Then out the door. About 30 minutes in all.
  18. There was no need to write anything like that as it was La Poste's standard label with two windows marked expediteur etc with bar codes and tracking number supplid by the post office!
  19. A new normal? Two new rooky facteurs arrived a couple of days ago to deliver a parcel which they wanted me to sign for. It was one that I had posted in the local post office a couple of days before. They were unable to distinguish the 'to' and 'from' address boxes. Now they have failed to deliver a package because they couldn't find my post box on the side of the road which has only been there for 14 years. I do hope our regular factrice returns soon!
  20. Going for my second in four days time. Considering i'm in France I feel very lucky!
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