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OK, this is from a meal out we had with the 'rural elders' club we are in.

I know all the people in this picture, but the person looking at the camera is a special friend to us, especially to me[:D]



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A photo supplied by a neighbour, liberation of the village in 1944, its pretty amazing that photos of that era still exist. Sadly the neighbour is now reaching the end of her life. She is the young lady in the group at the house drive, with her parents who were evicted from their house by the Wehrmact.


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I recognise the market DT. Lovely site.

We get a lot of loads like this,  but normally they are huge boats on the way to the Med.


This too was was the Telethon in Trebes today. Really good trad band, lovely casolet, van rouge and all for 10€ for both of us!! The mayor donated the shirt and bought it back!!


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