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Hard Brexit - You WILL need a CDS

Cathar Tours

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The answers, for the current situation, while the UK is part of the EU, can be found here


"f you've worked in several EU countries, you may have accumulated pension rights in each of them.

You'll have to apply to the pension authority in the country where you're living or you last worked. If you've never worked in the country where you're living, your host country will forward your claim to the one you last worked in.

That country is then responsible for processing your claim and bringing together records of your contributions from all the countries you worked in."

Working in this context means being economically active, and that includes being self employed, as long as you have registered as such.

" In some EU countries, you must have worked for a minimum period of time to be entitled to a pension.

In such cases, the pension authority has to take into account all the periods you've worked in other EU countries, as if you'd been working in that country all along, to assess whether you're entitled to a pension ( principle of aggregation of periods)."

"Each pension authority will calculate the part of the pension it should pay taking into account periods completed in all EU countries.

To do so, it will add together the periods you completed in all EU countries and work out how much pension you would get had you contributed into its own scheme over the entire time (called the theoretical amount).

This amount will then be adjusted to reflect the actual time you were covered in that country (called the pro-rata benefit).

The national rate

If you meet the conditions for entitlement to a national pension irrespective of any periods completed in other countries, the pension authority will also calculate the national pension (known as an independent benefit).


The national authority will then compare the pro-rata benefit and the independent benefit; you will receive whichever is higher from that EU country.

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So, could be a double whammy for those of us living in the EU who expected to reach UK retirement age before Brexit but have had our retirement date put off to after Brexit - not only do we have to work for longer but when we do eventually get to retire, we won't stand to benefit from these arrangements.
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"So, could be a double whammy for those of us living in the EU who expected to reach UK retirement age before Brexit but have had our retirement date put off to after Brexit - not only do we have to work for longer but when we do eventually get to retire, we won't stand to benefit from these arrangements."

Unless they are ringfenced as part of the withdrawal agreement or any other agreements made in the event of the UK crashing out without a deal. I do however, think the latter is still highly unlikely..more likely to have another vote than a no deal I think..the consequences would just be too severe for the UK..
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I do just wonder how much patience the EU has left.

Yes a deal will be less damaging to the EU than no deal, but dragging out the uncertainty seemingly ad infinitum is damaging in itself. Barnier or someone said months back that it's not more time the UK needs it's more decisions, but it fell on deaf ears.

29th March is getting closer day by day and I fear the UK is in danger of crashing out by default rather than by design.
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[quote user="Cathar Tours"]He was "self employed". Also he got his pension under the new system, I don't know when Nomoss got his and things may well have changed.[/quote]

2003, and they haven't


Look at the paragraph headed:

Your UK State Pension if you’ve lived or worked abroad

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YCCMBOQIYP wrote: "Andy: I'd say, given the rabid fervour with which the media jumps on every Brexit hiccup, cockup and faux pas, that if the app wasn't working we would, most definitely, have heard about it. Frequently. In every news bulletin. But maybe they're just saving it for a slow news day?"

Must be a slow news day.


"Ms Nokes told the committee the government was still trying to get problems with its online application system - first identified in June - fixed."

It doesn't work on Apple devices.
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Just to get down to earth again, can anyone who applied for their CDS remember whether they had to supply a whole 5 years’ bank statements or was it a three month sample per year. Seems a hell of a lot of bumf even for the French.

Same with utilities bills.

What do they do if one moves house within France during the five year period?
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Wools, you really need to ask at your own préfecture....I have emphasised this on several occasions.

For our préfecture, for example, the requirement is a bank statement par semestre (ie every 6 months) for 5 years.  If your documents aren't complete or exactly as requested, you are refused on the spot and you lose your créneau and have to get to the back of the queue.

It really is worth making sure beforehand the EXACT requirements. 

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Wools, I think you've had your answer, but yes, it varies by prefec and what you are, inactif, worker etc.  Didn't want our bank accounts .. but we did the 2 per yr roughly 6 months apart for EDF and such.  I had taken the same for the bank accounts, but they did not want that in Beziers.  But yours could want something else, so best check there.

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CT wrote,

Secondly I don't know who EN thinks I am but it's not who he thinks I am. Born in Buckinghamshire of a long line of British citizens, educated there then on to Uni for several years and when I got my degree bummed around a bit before going to work in Germany for Ford R&D. I currently hold a British passport but am applying for a German one although I am currently officially resident here. My mother and father moved to France and my mother died there but my father still lives there. So yes I am British.

Yes or No would have done, but as we are on a roll, please supply your DOB and PIN number. :-)

A person who could answer the questions I asked you can be found on YouTube. He is from LBC radio and his name James O'Brien add to that Brexit when you search for him and your discover why UK Law is not imposed by the EU, why the UK has never lost its sovereignty and why the alleged problem with immigration is nothing to do the EU. It will also explain why, by leaving the EU, the UK will lose out on just over 40 trade deals it currently holds with countries outside the EU and more.

Clearly you watch the wrong presenter on LBC, Nigel will explain sovereignty to you as you don't seem to grasp it. But I guess you would just dismiss him, so just to help you out, try this from the left leaning BBC, if you cant be bothered, here are the final two sentences from the page.

'However, those who want to leave the EU say the only sovereignty that matters is the ability to make all our laws in the UK.

And if that's what sovereignty means, it's difficult to see how it can be achieved while the UK remains part of the EU.'


With regard to lies that you accuse the leave side of using, I would point out, that as we have not left yet, we cannot know how much will be available for the NHS when we have, so this cant be proven as a lie yet. However if May chooses to give the EU 50 Billion in a settlement, it all seems to pale into insignificance somewhat.

We do know however that the claims from the remain side that said we would have to have an emergency budget was a lie, we know that there were not the huge amount of job losses, and this was a lie, in fact the reverse happened.

We were told there would be no EU army, and within days of the referendum, it was announced there was to be. If remain had won ( heaven forbid) would there have been calls for a rerun as were were lied to ??
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Sovereignty - The right of the state to make its own laws.

So your saying that every law passed in the UK has been created by the EU. Give me proof please, you can't because your talking absolute rubbish.

Nobody said there would have to be an emergency budget because there will be one the month after the UK leaves in April. Hammond has said that if the UK leaves with no deal he will have to change his budget (Andrew Marr show, he said that not the BBC).

PESCO is not an EU army it's a treaty to share military abilities (just like NATO) amongst the members and will eventually replace NATO because Europe does not want to be under the control of the US. It will also eventually mean that the US will have to remove its occupational force from Germany. Being in NATO is pointless because it does not work, The Falklands is a typical example of how worthless NATO is.

Being told that Turkey was joining the EU and that the UK would be overrun by Turkish immigrants was lie spread by Leave.

But hey your the guy who follows Trump and believes all he says is true so there you go.

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