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  1. My pennies worth? Whatever happens on the 31st it will not be 'over with'. If the UK drives itself into the brick wall they will still have to pick up the mess afterwards and go back to the EU to negotiate a whole raft of things for which there is not, at the moment, any hope of an agreement on. If some changes are agreed to the WA they still have to get through parliament and they will never be enough to satisfy the Nigel Farage ERG group, who actually want the UK to crash out. There is no solution to the British border in Ireland.. there has to be one if the UK is trading on WTO terms under WTO rules, and however light it is , a return to the days of the troubles is inevitable. However the most likely conclusion from this an Ireland wide referendum and a united Ireland. So whatever you think of Johnson and Cummings, he will solve nothing because the only thing he has that TM didn't have is a set of testicles, and they will get him nowhere.. So sorry UK, or what will be left of it.. this is set to run and run for several more years until it finally runs out of steam. Even a general election won't solve it at the moment. To add. the port of Calais is going to trial it's new immigration controls for a month as a pilot to see if they work.. so importers should at least be able to see what paper work they will need to follow in order to bring things into the UK after 31st October, and we should get an idea of potential delays.
  2. The vaseline that you get from the pharmacy is sterile and sold to use as a wound dressing for places where ordinary plasters or dressings can't be used. In case you are wondering, OH was prescribed a tube to use on his head, when he cut it open and needed stitches. I found a very good bottle of spray on basic antiseptic. non sting, no colour, 2.99 for 150 ml and it works very well for wounds, cuts, scratches etc. I do buy paracetamol from the UK.. last time I bought some I noticed it had gone up a lot but still cheaper than France
  3. Sugar pills have the same effect as homeopathy. That is they work well for the percentage that were going to get better anyway. I'm surprised they still reimburse it at all.. that and the two weeks at a thermal cure.. The manufacturers won't go out of business because there will be plenty of people still prepared to pay for their snake oil.
  4. [quote user="woolybanana"]It is quite legitimate to question someone about their age as it maybe a factor in their fitness for office.[/quote] I don't know about age per se, but health yes.. people were concerned about Theresa May and her type 1 diabetes and also about Donald Trump's mental health. It was the 'leaking' by civil servants that was dodgy. Personally I think all potential prime ministers or presidents should have to undergo comprehensive medical and psychological assessments to ensure they are fit for the job. I would include drug screening in that. Occupational health screening is mandatory for many jobs.
  5. [quote user="woolybanana"]Are there any other politicians capable of doing the job of getting Brexit done with, whichever way?[/quote] They aren't capable of getting brexit 'done'. The maths in parliament are still the same..no majority for anything. The only one who I think did have a chance was Rory Stewart, as he seemed to talk compromise..but that was not enough for the extremists.
  6. Stunning property Evianers.. and I think the price seems fair
  7. You can opt into PUMA (what was CMU). You would pay 8% of any income over 9000 euros. So with an income of 839 per month you would pay 8% of 1000 euros. Even Americans and Australians can opt into PUMA now..anyone can..it was one of Macron's changes..
  8. If you don't have a mortgage or kids then it's perfectly possible to live on 839 per month as a couple. Private top up health insurance isn't compulsory.
  9. Lindal wrote: "HMRC communicate with French impots now on things such as this so you need to be careful. (I know from personal experience!) " Not for much longer. LOL If you are hoping brexit will change this then you are mistaken. Communications with HMRC and other countries are on a country by country basis and are not connected to EU law..and neither is the double taxation treaty.
  10. HMRC communicate with French impots now on things such as this so you need to be careful. (I know from personal experience!)
  11. It's even more complicated because from 2012 (I think) you are liable for UK capital gains on a percentage. I have just sold my UK house.. I know I had to inform HMRC and I did a calculation that said I owed them £750 on the increase in value from the day this law came into force.. I now have to submit something on this years tax form for the French impots but I have no idea how that is worked out. I am getting some tax advice so will let you know what I find out.
  12. "David Lammy and Rory Stewart? I never thought you had a sense of humour Lindall, respect. " Lammy is my personal opinion.. I know he is not everyone's cup of tea but I like him and I think he can debate well...intelligent.. However I don't think he is really that interested in being leader of either the labour party or the country, mores the pity. Stewart on the other hand is something different. If you don't know much about him it's worth reading up..he has a very impressive CV.. it intelligent , persuasive, a very good communicator and on top of that I have never heard anyone say anything bad about him.. even those who disagree with his politics. I'm not a Tory and I don't agree with his stance on many things but I do think he is one of the few people who could succeed at reuniting the country after brexit, in whatever form it does or doesn't take..and for that reason he would have my support.
  13. People like Farage get support because the other politicians are weak and he creates the illusion of a 'strong, clear leader ' who importantly offers simple solutions to very complex problems. Usually if they get into power and then inevitably can't deliver then it all goes horribly messy and wrong and so a scapegoat or scapegoats are needed.. Anyway..I think there are a few politicians with the appropriate talents coming forward now.. whatever happens in the European elections it won't help with the brexit dilemma ….and won't make Farage prime minister.. My predictions: Stalemate regarding brexit..Theresa May eventually resigns..Rory Stewart becomes Tory leader.. General election called.. Tories win and Corbyn resigns. Don't forget he is not young so he won't be Labour leader for ever. I would like to see David Lammy as Labour party leader.. Now that would be a good battle.. Tories with Stewart and Laboour with Lammy.. At least we might get some sensible discussions then.
  14. I suppose it depends whether you live here or are on holiday. Maybe British holiday makers do expect authentic French food.. Trouble is in the summer we are overrun with food markets virtually 7 nights a week and that's where most tourists go..and the restaurants are quiet. The most popular restaurant here in the summer is the Italian..packed every night..so I don't know.. people like it because their kids like pizza but they won't eat duck. We ate out in a new restaurant in a local campsite on Saturday. We had local cheese to start and duck as a main course, but they also did fish and chips and pasta and on Sundays they do a special Sunday roast.. I haven't been but I understand you usually have to book well in advance. English owned and a young French chef..
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