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  1. CT wrote, Secondly I don't know who EN thinks I am but it's not who he thinks I am. Born in Buckinghamshire of a long line of British citizens, educated there then on to Uni for several years and when I got my degree bummed around a bit before going to work in Germany for Ford R&D. I currently hold a British passport but am applying for a German one although I am currently officially resident here. My mother and father moved to France and my mother died there but my father still lives there. So yes I am British. Yes or No would have done, but as we are on a roll, please supply your DOB and PIN number. :-) A person who could answer the questions I asked you can be found on YouTube. He is from LBC radio and his name James O'Brien add to that Brexit when you search for him and your discover why UK Law is not imposed by the EU, why the UK has never lost its sovereignty and why the alleged problem with immigration is nothing to do the EU. It will also explain why, by leaving the EU, the UK will lose out on just over 40 trade deals it currently holds with countries outside the EU and more. Clearly you watch the wrong presenter on LBC, Nigel will explain sovereignty to you as you don't seem to grasp it. But I guess you would just dismiss him, so just to help you out, try this from the left leaning BBC, if you cant be bothered, here are the final two sentences from the page. 'However, those who want to leave the EU say the only sovereignty that matters is the ability to make all our laws in the UK. And if that's what sovereignty means, it's difficult to see how it can be achieved while the UK remains part of the EU.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-35630757 With regard to lies that you accuse the leave side of using, I would point out, that as we have not left yet, we cannot know how much will be available for the NHS when we have, so this cant be proven as a lie yet. However if May chooses to give the EU 50 Billion in a settlement, it all seems to pale into insignificance somewhat. We do know however that the claims from the remain side that said we would have to have an emergency budget was a lie, we know that there were not the huge amount of job losses, and this was a lie, in fact the reverse happened. We were told there would be no EU army, and within days of the referendum, it was announced there was to be. If remain had won ( heaven forbid) would there have been calls for a rerun as were were lied to ??
  2. Seeing as I used your name and what you quoted, I would have assumed it was pretty clear I was asking you. You cannot state 'US', as you are not British, you may call yourself British, you may long to be British, but you are not British. You know it, and I know it. Its like if I was to move to France, I would not be French.
  3. C T wrote, EbayNut - So you can't answer my questions, never mind I didn't expect that you would be able to O so many questions you have CT. It is said that there are more questions than answers. Why is that ???? :-) But you refuse to answer my question, you have avoided it now several times and after I asked so nicely. So in case you missed it, here it is again. #CT wrote, and then people wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us. And I wonder who you consider are 'us' ???????
  4. Which only illustrates my point, who would buy any of the MSM, especially left leaning liberal progressive supporting 'news' outlets such as the two you quote. I've split the UK's national newspapers into 4 categories on the basis of their intellectuality and that of their readerships, starting from the top. Next to the newspaper names I have included where they sit on the political spectrum, as well as the traditional party affiliations of the papers and their readers in brackets. A (Heavily intellectual, highly serious) The Guardian - Centre Left (Labour, some Lib Dem) The Independent - Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem) The Observer - Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem) The Financial Times - Centrist (Mixed) The Times - Centrist (Mixed) The Telegraph - Centre Right (Conservative) B (Intellectual and serious, but cut down for the convenience of the reader without much time on his or her hands) The i - Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem) The Morning Star - Left (Socialist parties, some Labour) C (Non-intellectual, sensationalist, often derided by readers of A and B papers) Mirror - Centre Left (Labour) Express - Right (Conservative, UKIP) Mail - Right (Conservative, UKIP)
  5. "What it did was open the doors for all of Europe to have a right to enter the UK without being vetted." Apparently it did, but that's the fault of the UK government, not the EU. Indeed it was, it was Blair's government which did this, I never voted for them, or approved of them, so when you quote the UK governments policy, that is not the fault of the people, we were promised a referendum if there was change, it was not given at that time, and when it was, we the people of the UK voted leave. Every EU state is subject to the same regulations on freedom of movement. Mechanisms are inbuilt into the regulations specifically so that states can protect themself from potential problems that would be caused by mass EU immigration. And out of all the EU states, the UK is the only government that never bothered to use those mechanisms and the only culture that developed a bizarre love-hate relationship with migrants - happy to give them jobs and use their services but don't like them being there.. As above, it was Blair's government, but the conservatives are no different, they allowed it to continue. I get great pleasure in seeing Mrs Mays problems, and the pain she endures. :-) Try moving to France with no work and no money to live on, and claiming benefits, try coming to France and taking jobs away from the locals. And France is less strict than most on EU migrants, other states such as Spain require them to register within 30 days and prove they have sufficient income. The UK is the only one that looks the other way and then complains it's lost control. Again, it is the government which looked the other way, and it is the people of the UK who complain. After all it is the peoples tax money which pays for it all. When both main party's have the same stance on the EU, there is little chance of things changing, and little point in voting for either of them.
  6. Please answer my first question, if you would be so kind. Who do you mean by 'us' ??
  7. CT wrote, and then people wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us. And I wonder who you consider are 'us' Thank you for repeating what you have been told about the various treaties in class, but I am fully aware of what happened. What it did was open the doors for all of Europe to have a right to enter the UK without being vetted. As for the lies that you claim the leave campaign used to win the referendum. The one that remainers love to go on (and on and on) about is the figure of £340K on the side of the bus. I would like to point out that this was brought up on every news channel for weeks prior to the vote, so if you had not heard that the figure was the gross amount we send and not the net amount after they kindly handed us back some of our own money, then I would be amazed. This vote was not about trade, I hope there is no deal, it was about sovereignty, the right to make our own laws, and stopping any Tom Dick or Abdul from being able to enter the UK and blow us and our kids up. The media campaign was full on for remain, and leading figures would spout their spin every second. This is why so few people trust the MSM, who would, I wonder subscribe to news channel, or waste their money on a newspaper these days??
  8. W/B wrote, The British people were lied to again and again by the Brexit camp. This is why there should be a final say vote. There was a final say, on the 23rd June 2016. The pro remain government of the UK, prior to this date spent £9,000,000 of tax payers money on sending every house in the UK a leaflet telling us why we should stay in the EU. Thought they were meant to be neutral?? Then they paid for a 'once and for all referendum' on the the EU. ( best money any government has ever spent in peace time), now when it goes the way you did not want, you expect the British tax payer to fund another 'final' vote. Jog on my old son. ;-)
  9. W/B wrote, 500,000 on the streets of. London today demanding a final say. But will the government take any notice? I think you will find 17,400,000 'trumps' your 500,000. I agree we should re run the referendum, the one held in 1975. We were lied to, and told it was a trading deal only, and that any further integration would be put to the people to vote on. Blair should have done this, but knew the result would be NO. He gambled that by letting in people to the UK who are not British, that if it ever came to a vote at some point there would be enough people who were non British here able to vote, who would win it for remain. Luckily it was held just before there were enough of these non British voters, to make us stay. So, I want a re-run of the first referendum. my vote having been not to join, I accepted the result, why cant remainers accept this one. lets face it, many of those that voted to stay in the EU were not even in the UK back in 75. Blame Blair for the mess that the UK is in with this, we should never have let it go so long before a referendum, and those of you are now facing problems because of Brexit, blame Blair for your pain.
  10. Your reply is a perfect example again, they are NOT Asian gangs, they are PAKISTANI, no Chinese or other groups from Asia are involved to the scale that PAKISTANI men are represented. Even Savid Javid, the home secretary stated this fact. I agree that jail is insufficient, but as you say, there you go. The thing is you may condemn those in authority privately, then say so loudly, do not leave it to others to speak out. And yes indeed, perverts have ever nationality, and regardless of this and their religion, they should be exposed for their crimes, its just when for some reason they are PAKISTANI, the UK government wants to look away. They know it is their open Britain policy which has caused this. Thankfully things are changing, and the mood in Europe for staying quite is coming to an end.
  11. C/T wrote, Two points from somebody else's post I would like to mention "Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs" mainly abuse people from their own ethnic background. Indeed the figure is put at 84%. Because however they are British subjects and it is right to say British it does however lead those that are racist (not that I am calling anyone here racist) thinking it is only white British girls (and women). A common trick used by right wing tabloid newspapers in the UK and elsewhere. So I assume from your comments and lack of condemnation of these Muslim Pakistani child rape gangs, that you think its OK because its 'their culture'. I could not care less what their 'culture' allows in their home country, but if they live in the UK, then it is NOT OK here. I appreciate you are only speaking up for your own people, but it really is not acceptable for grooming gangs which include fathers, sons and uncles sharing the same children around for sex to get away unpunished. I am always amazed by the silence of the '#me too' movement on this matter. because someone says something they object too, they turn out in large numbers to protest, but actual raping of children by mainly Pakistani Muslim men, somehow, they look the other way. As W/B says, people are afraid to be called racist if they speak out about it, well call away. But the worst of this whole scenario must surely be the cover up by the government, aided by the police. They knew for years this was going on, and did nothing. ( think BBC and Savile here) Now when the trials are going on of these gangs, they put a gagging orders on the press, so the full story of what happened to these girls does not come out. I suspect Cliff Richard, Bill Roach, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr and many others who were falsely accused of sex crimes wish they could have enjoyed the same protection. Then when the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs are found guilty, as they always are, the story runs for one day, and then its gone.
  12. If you had seen his statement before, then clearly you have not done your research before crating this thread. And the FBI investigation you want??
  13. If you think that, you may wish to view this speech by Joe Biden, about FBI investigations. I appreciate you will most likely not want to, and indeed wont, but others may wish to see what this leading Democrat has to say. So you don't have to watch it all, as you wont like all the other points that are made on this, as they do not back your view. (but anyone with an open mind may care to watch it all) , just skip to 14.22 minutes to see Joe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tcj_F6rH78
  14. No Times today I am afraid, once a week is all. But there you go again, they are not Asian men, they are MUSLIM PAKISTANI'S. Please don't count all the other races from that area with them by saying Asian. And yes, many of you have been 'brainwashed' and stay silent, then when one brave man in the UK tells the truth and speaks up on this, they are indeed called racist and put in jail for speaking the truth. I don't blame the MUSLIM PAKISTANI men who have done this to these girls. I blame our government and police for covering it up and allowing it to continue. And as for an FBI investigation, they do not intend to investigate, the reasons have been given as to why, if you care to only look.
  15. This post is to the O/P only, and not the other members who have displayed that they can accept that a person is still innocent until proved guilty. Your ability to show your total outage at the claims by this lady and accept them as fact, and your quick reaction to draw a guilty verdict on the judge, shows fully, your one sided liberal bias. The lady accuser cant remember where or when this 'event' happened, no-one can back her claim up, she is a democratic voting liberal from California, so does have some reason to try to bring this man down. But the biggest scandal of all this must be that the Democrats on the committee, knowing of her claims weeks ago, but never brought them up, until it looked like the judge may be confirmed to the supreme court, and then the details got 'leaked' to the press, against Ms Fords wishes. This is politics at its finest and you cant see it. But where is your outrage, may I ask when thousands of young English children are gang raped by Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs in numerous city's in England, and the government cover it up for years. Your silence is deafening. Had it not been for Times reporter Andrew Norfolk pressing the issue until his editor finally run the story, after the government and police knowing of the crimes for over TEN years and hiding them up, we may not know about any of it today. Hence the Times is the only paper I will read, and has been for several years now, at least there is some truth in the paper. I am afraid if you rely on the Guardian or CNN to help you form your opinions you will never be able to escape your clear signs of TDS that display in every post you make. Enjoy your day.
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