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  1. Context - and the BNP were very active in dprived areas that eventually voted leave.
  2. Shame on you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_Party
  3. nomoss: Its to do with a brook, not me. Aren't your recent comments totally against any norms for ANY internet forum. NB Iduns recent obvious racism has not been addresses - indeed its been reinforced by others. Perhaps Archant need to sort this out.
  4. Afraid no comment on here from the 16.14 million who voted remain. Lots of the 17.4 million were BNP types, in my home city anyway.
  5. My favourite poem: With many a curve my banks I fret By many a field and fallow, And many a fairy foreland set With willow-weed and mallow. I chatter, chatter, as I flow To join the brimming river, For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever. I wind about, and in and out, With here a blossom sailing, And here and there a lusty trout, And here and there a grayling, And here and there a foamy flake Upon me, as I travel With many a silvery waterbreak Above the golden gravel, And draw them all along, and flow To join the brimming river For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever. I steal by lawns and grassy plots, I slide by hazel covers; I move the sweet forget-me-nots That grow for happy lovers. I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance, Among my skimming swallows; I make the netted sunbeam dance Against my sandy shallows. I murmur under moon and stars In brambly wildernesses; I linger by my shingly bars; I loiter round my cresses; And out again I curve and flow To join the brimming river, For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever.
  6. Its interesting what peoples comments were 2 years ago. NB Catalonia is still in Europe.
  7. Well, WB, no wonder you talk nonsense most of the time.
  8. richard51


    So - he was named after Eddy but cant be called Eddy (or Eddie) Got it now.
  9. richard51


    Edward VIII was named after his deceased uncle, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, who had always been known as Eddy. Goodness knows what he was called at his parties.
  10. And the complexities of the British pension system! Pension holidays mean buyyer all for lots of private company employees. That's before talking about Mr Green and his ilk.
  11. richard51


    He should do what Eddie the Eighth did. Being a royal should not be a job. Indeed should be taxed as per others or get out to do a decent job. Nb - quote your age in response.
  12. Only for response by people less than 70 yrs of age or with open minds. Ok not child abuse per se, but was it not a bad thing to drag his 12yr old kid into a photo opportunité and a subsequent opportunity in the house to play the victim. Not many MPs asked for escort and absolutely no problems occurred. What father would take a child into that environment - unless for political reasons. Nb - I have not partaken this evening as per usual.
  13. Why did Rees-Mogg leave the HOC today with only his son when he probably knew there would be issues. Was Nanny not available?
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