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  1. So that will be the cost of a second half sub appearance by Wayne Rooney
  2. [quote user="Rose"]..... Onwards and upwards as they say! [/quote] Perhaps a tad insensitive in the circumstances [Www] [:$]
  3. I too had a delay of about 3 months and during one call was told if I needed the S1 urgently they would fast track it. That leads me to wonder what would happen if everyone with a form sitting in their in-tray rang and said they had an urgent need. As it was I missed an appointment for a test (routine) waiting for mine and when it came it was dated for the original renewal date, hence I had lost 2 months of cover and paid 2 months useless mutuelle contributions since I was unable to access the health system during the hiatus.
  4. Not historically http://www.ecb.int/stats/exchange/eurofxref/html/eurofxref-graph-gbp.en.html. Look at the 10y EUR vs GBP graph. No guide to the future of course.
  5. [quote user="NormanH"][quote user="cooperlola"]What are savings?[Www][/quote] Money in excess of your needs, usually inherited, which you pretend  to have gained by thrift, thus giving you the moral high ground over people who have struggled all their lives to make ends meet. [/quote] or.. Money in excess of your current needs, often earned through toil and risk taking, which you have gained by thrift, thus giving you the moral high ground over people who spent your youth playing the pratt at the back of the class and down at the pub every evening, while you studied and worked.
  6. Sorry I've been away from this thread for a couple of days but I think ANO and coops have covered all I could add. I would just say don't volunteer any more information than you are asked for to any tax authorities, UK or French. Just apply for your S1, complete the form very simply with Yes/No answers where possible and you should receive your S1 based on ongoing NI contributions. Then take the form with the supporting documents required to CPAM and only answer questions directly asked. Don't try to start with any explanations as there are clearly some complications to your situation that could have the average HMRC/Impots official diving for a manual. I think you will be entitled to the S1 and of course you shouldn't lie if asked. Regards declaring in France that is very straightforward. There is a box on the French tax return for declaring your UK salary and tax deducted. Good luck.
  7. Despite my loathing of their actions I think they should have been dealt with under the law applying to any UK citizen. It would be interesting to see the BNP hold a similar demonstration e.g. Afghans burn in hell, burning the Koran on the streets etc. Would the authorities stand by and just manage it ? Would I be allowed to light a bonfire in the street ? My inclination is that these actions would provoke charges for enticement to racial hatred and civil order offences. They are entitled to their offensive views, as is Braco, but they should be dealt with on the same basis as anyone else. I do believe they weren't.
  8. Just to add my experiences, I have recently received my renewed workers form, it is an S1 (after a 3 month wait ANO). I actually spend only very few days working in UK and I too have never been asked to justify any amount or minimum.
  9. http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/international-bbc-iplayer-to-launch-next-year-906470 hopefully the international version of iPlayer will remove the need for all this ! [:)]
  10. Chancer, I was told 2323 reached multi-lingual customer services. I topped up online after setting up an account on the website. They also dealt with my query promptly by emailing serviceclients@ lebara-mobile.fr Hope that helps
  11. I've now managed to resolve my issues. After an exchange of emails in English with Lebara customer service I can now topup online using my French debit card and they have confirmed that they meant to say I only have to make a chargeable event every 90 days to retain my credit. Happy so far and I've got a UK SIM for when I'm back in Blighty. One point to note is that they charge in minutes not seconds so maybe this is how they make up some call revenue but frankly for the small number of calls I expect to make it's not an issue. I can also confirm that texting is barred in UK. No idea why !
  12. Thank you JohnFB and pachapapa for your posts. However I do not read 2.7 or any other clauses as saying my credit is only valid for 90 days. I agree that it appears to say I have to make a call at least every 90 days but this isn't the same. Based on their statement, if I buy 10€ credit today and make 5€ of calls on 30 November but no more after that I will lose 5€ credit 90 days from today. Based on what I believe 2.7 to say that credit will expire 90 days after 30 November and if I make a call every month or so the remaining credit will last until I use it all. There is a big difference. Am I still misunderstanding 2.7 or some other clause ?
  13. I got one of these lebara SIM cards as it seemed a good deal. However I have been unable to get it to accept my French debit card on the site for topups. I emailed them to ask why and the response gave me cause for concern, namely the following lines: Your top up credit is valid for 90 days, if the credit has not been used within that time it will be lost ... top up your credit online by any amount at any time, please make sure it is a French credit card Their bold not mine. I had not seen the 90 limit anywhere and I don't have a French credit card. I just wondered what others feel about the service now it's been around a while. Did you know about the limit (and we're not talking the free credit here) and how do you top up ?
  14. [quote user="NormanH"]"we are planning a move to a more civilised part of the world ASAP" . Had you heard of the French revolution before you came here? Or the Constitution of 1793? Or May 1968? France is a country where the balance between the forces of oppression and the power of the people has a different balance to that of Britain. [/quote] I thought both were modern democracies. The left were defeated last time around so resort to bully boy tactics now, the same as Britain in the 1970s. France is no different just behind the times, it's people too used to doing what they're told by either fonctionnaires or union leaders to stomach real change. It'll be interesting to see how the left deal with the 'demands of the people' when they get in power. Will they reverse the pensions changes ? What do you reckon Norman ? My money is on them accepting it as a fait accompli and blaming Sarkozy but knowing that really this is the only option (in fact even more trimming of the bloated state machine and costs will become necessary). Britain isn't different, just ahead of the game.
  15. None of the above. They were informative and weren't selling shoddy second hand goods. A certainty for deletion by AI. Let's hope simmy reappears and tells us what's really going on at the airport and perhaps gives us a clue about next week.
  16. Well that's a relief ! My flight to UK was cancelled today due to a strike and that is the day I was due to come home. I would have been stuck in sunny England ! Every cloud has a silver lining. [:P]
  17. [quote user="ruster55"]Automatic Cat / Dog Food Is Available In The Shop And Market. You Go And Buy This. Simple. [/quote] Welcome to the forum ruster55. As first posts go and for clear and to the point advice it's one of the best I've seen. Why didn't you think of that nectarine - just go to shop and buy, simples. [:)]
  18. I knew this morning that this was a very likely outcome, being booked on the return leg of this flight. Surely RA's knowledge was greater than mine ? I was watching the Bristol airport site and actually saw it say Boarding and then Cancelled. I was sure it must have been a mistake ! Apparently Bergerac airport has been at a standstill this week due to the actions of just 5 air traffic controllers and the intransigence of the management. Who knows who is right but both sides seem to not give a toss about the passengers. [6]
  19. Well I couldn't let it go unmentioned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b7qaSxuZUg
  20. Thank you everyone, especially my English Rose She's had a tough few months so I'm only doing what she deserves. Your song was very appropriate Twinks, poor old John, 70 today too. We had a lovely day today and she took me to see the opera tonight, a very rare treat in rural France ! It was the New York Met shown live on a big screen, we're not especially opera goers but it was very good. Back down to earth tomorrow with the pumpkin fair ! Here's another for my special lady http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IccNC0XKy5Q
  21. [quote user="TWINKLE"] You over did it in the 80's sweetheart! [/quote] I think you mean she'll still be overdoing it in her 80's !! x [:-))]
  22. Get a couple more bottles in Twinks, Rose and I are heading down your way soon !![B]
  23. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] The other devil's advocate joined this forum a week before you did [/quote] Oh SD, well spotted. I haven't laughed so much for ages. Is that what they mean by hoist by your own petard ? [:-))] Post edited by the moderators.
  24. I've just had a call from a friend asking why I haven't replied to her email - hotmail of course. But I did 2 days ago and nothing has bounced. We too are with Orange. Considering I pay them 30€ a month I think it shouldn't be beyond their wit to allow us to send emails to the largest group of email accounts in the world ! Do I really have to get another account and then search the addresses of all my contacts just so I can send to them from the second account !! I think not. In many cases my contacts are just listed by names - I'd have to open their contact record to know if they are with hotmail. I'd be interested to know if this is going to be resolved and I will be preparing my best 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' response to Orange. [6]
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