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  1. Araucaria, thank you. It is not where I am going (USA), I have that covered. It is for health cover when I return to France. I would no longer be a French resident, just a visitor. I would be classed as a non-resident EU citizen. It has now become clear that I will need travel insurance for my return visits but thanks again for your help.
  2. QUOTE “Look, this is quite simple. If you become no longer resident in France, how on earth could you expect to be covered by your 'competent state', which is the Uk? You cannot just move from one state to another and expect the previous place to continue to honour your occasional health needs. As for paying TdH & TF and feeling that they might give you some entitlement ................ well dream on. Its a bit like saying that "I pay my Council Tax, so that gives me the right to all sorts of benefits.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gardian You have misquoted me in your somewhat abrasive condescending post. I did not EXPECT to be covered by the UK; I was asking if there was any hope of cover as in my twilight years there may have been something beneficial to me that I had missed as I do not keep up to date with all the rules and regulations. My thanks to the other poster’s for their more polite and helpful comments.
  3. Thank you NormanH. We originally came here with E121 (S1) and CPAM granted a carte vitale. I too don’t think the NHS can offer anything as my residence will be mainly non EU despite being born in the UK. I spoke at length about my proposed situation rather than being handed a huge fine later. I will make a declaration to them when my plans are firm. I was hoping that by still paying tax habitation and foncier there may be some sort of health cover available. I will ask. If there is an option for me not yet discussed I thought I would ask the question. EHIC, I don’t think so but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Thank you idun but I have been caught before with my insurance companies 'advice'. I have a feeling there are extra clauses/conditions with second homes but to date I cannot find them. I was hoping for some advice from other members with second homes and on the health coverage as well.
  5. My somewhat complicated outlook. Family need us overseas. We will have to become residents of their country, not EU. One of us will return for a few months to try and sell our house which will I expect revert from being our primary maison to our maison secondaire. We will no longer be income tax residents of France (visits of less than 180 days) but still liable for habitation and tax fonciers. I briefly spoke to the NHS as they foot the bill for medical treatment in France, it looks like we lose our healthcare whilst visiting France and will have to surrender our carte vitals, a great pity. Will our car and house insurance remain unaffected until sold? I will have to talk to my notaire eventually but can anyone please offer advice beforehand?
  6. Val, Thank you, I will look for it at my local Carrefour.
  7. betty

    Windy Collie

    quote: "The Windy Collie is wormed every six weeks, so that's not the problem. Thanks for all your suggestions. Suey " But did you try a change of diet for your collie?
  8. When I was in the US a couple of years ago, I had a torn retina. All repaired by several sessions of laser surgery at a pretty large eye hospital. Oddly, there were many ophthalmologists who wore glasses. They presumably steered away from laser treatment despite there being a laser sight corrective department there.
  9. It is worrying for me as I want to make reservations for USA soon and there is not much choice from Paris especially if you are travelling with animals. I normally make the journey every year and every year there is a problem (strike) connected to travel somewhere. If it wasn’t for my pets, I would fly from the UK and bypass all this nonsense.
  10. and now Air France pilot's have extended their strike until the 26th September. Must be a lot of inconvenience for some.
  11. I finally used feuilles de brick as Idun suggested. All the brands in the big supermarkets were only made in round or oval sheets. So I used them as sold without cutting. All worked out well.
  12. Yes will do, it is for this: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5607/salmon-and-leek-parcels I recommend it, nice and easy but getting that square filo would make life easier.
  13. Quote “I don not think that you will find square or rectangular sheets anywhere in France, they sell them as round to con you, it looks like you are getting 27% more than you really are. its quite easy to trim it and piece and roll together the bits to make a square or does that cause a problem with filo pastry?” Thanks Chancer, I suppose it’s my only way. If it will cause a problem with filo? One way to find out.
  14. Can anyone please recommend a filo pastry that is sold in square or rectangular sheets? My local Carrefour only sells their own brand which is round cut sheet and not that great. A search showed a similar question in 2004 without any outcome; hopefully this pastry is more available now. Thanks.
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