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  1. Thanks for the info, I checked out the letter of demure and will give it a try. No, I did not cancel the DD as I was assured by the new insurance agent they would deal with everything.( on hindsight, I should of cancelled the DD ) Payment of premiums were paid to both insurance agents, not the insurers.
  2. Hi, I need some advice relating to car insurance. When I switched to a different insurance agent, they advised me my previous insurance would be cancelled. Unfortunately, my previous insurer has direct debited my bank account with another years premium, so my car is now insured TWICE !! Numerous emails to my current insurance agent have not produced a refund, although they assured me cancellation notices were sent in time. ANY THOUGHTS??
  3. James2


    Hi Mint, Well we had our bonfire yesterday and it was a great success, we started at 10am and finished at 4pm and must have burnt a barn full of cuttings, prunings and tree trimmings. We delivered the relevant forms in at the Marie, three days before and were told to complete the fire within 15days. Also, no neighbours were affected by the smoke! So alls well that ends well.
  4. James2


    I don`t think so, we have a gendarme as a neighbour and he is on the local council at the Marie. Talking to him it appears all of France is expected to fill in these forms and apply to the marie for permission to have a bonfire. I just think October to February is a bit tight and I would think there would be no problem in March.
  5. James2


    Hi Sue, The amount of cuttings and loppings we have accumulated since the beginning of September is enough to fill a 10 ton truck, as this amount is impossible to get to the dechetterie, we can only resort to a bonfire. ( an acre of land has its drawbacks ! )
  6. James2


    Thanks Gardian for your input, "heures creuses" comes in at 11.30pm with a ` Clunk ` from the contactor.
  7. James2


    Woops!! Typo error CHARENTE Still got a lot to burn though, will be returning to Bristol at the end of this month and not back until April. Hmmmmm
  8. James2


    Hi, Here in the Charonte we have been asked to fill in application forms if we need to light a bonfire, give three days notice, complete the fire within 15 days, give size and description of the material we are burning and only have a fire between October and February!! Is this environment gone mad?? James 2
  9. Hi, We wish to transfer our " Mason Secondaire " to our son by a gift. To transfer the title deeds we need a solicitor, the notaire we approached quoted quite a high estimate for the procedure. Is this a standard cost based on the value of the property? or can I shop around for a better price? James 2
  10. Hi, Recently we have been experiencing a BLEEPING noise coming from the EDF switch gear.It lasts for about 30 seconds and always happens at midnight. Anyone have any ideas as to what this is? ( The bleeping is loud enough to wake us up !! ) James 2
  11. Hello, Can anyone advise me on the watering of a newly planted Silver Birch tree? I planted it in the garden in September 2016 and as a holiday home, will not return to it until April this year. Soil is mainly clay and dries like concrete. I am located in the southwest of France, so summers can be very hot and dry. If watering is necessary in April, how often and how much? Your thoughts please.
  12. Thanks for that, I have a trailer so armed with your advice I hope to pick up a tonne of " Riviere 0/4 " or " a batir " from my nearest " Brico " All being well I should be laying my screed in April.
  13. Coarse or sharp sand is what I need, how about " SABLE AIGU "
  14. Hi, My shed is in need of a floor screed, so on my next visit in April I hope to buy a tonne of ` sharp sand ` Can anyone give me the correct French name to ask for at Leroy Merlin or Point P for ` SHARP SAND `?
  15. Hello, Can anyone define the French law regarding smoke alarms in second homes in France? I believe this year it is compulsary to have these alarms fitted, question is,    CAN THE ALARM BE BATTERY OPERATED OR MUST IT BE THE HARD WIRED TYPE?                     Thanks    James2
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