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  1. Very sunny and warm here South Verndee bikini's sighted on the beach at La Tranche today just to improve the view a bit !
  2. Having recently had a conversation with a the owner of a big bar restaurant who said he was worried about the fall of the pound and the lack of Brits on holiday and his business this year I ckecked out the town car park ... The beach and town main car park at La Tranche here in the Vendee holds ov er a thousand cars i imagine and we always see many GP plated cars .....driving in round the car park today when its prety full being Easter Mondey I spotted 2 UK registered cars ....I normally would see a lot more than that...but when a small beer and a coffee is almost £5 now in most bars ....I think they are going to have a lean year !
  3. I have just checked the new data base for UK speed cameras and yes the ***** got me ....You can now check if they have you on record if you have gone through one of the non flashing ones and are not sure if you are about to get a ticket....its on http://www.i.database.co.uk/index1.php. You can also chech if you have been done in the past and are still on record ...
  4. I watched the channel 4 documentry on the running of the Clermont Club This showed how new decks of cards were rolled then re sealed so that a card new out of a sealed pack coming out of a shoe had slight bend in it if it was a picture card.. Some people still think such a gent could not possibly associate with a gangster and cheat them out of hundreds of thousands of pounds..There must have been others who watched and learned for the first time their homes ..and estates and inheritance was stolen from them by Aspinall and feel sick now ... I still think he got Lord Lucan who it appears worked for him as a house player out to Africa ...And they called themselves gentlemen !
  5. Search here "caravan legalities " lots of stuff about it
  6. Its remarkable with the "Just in time " system of food delivery to supermarkets how fast one can be emptied of food....The recent snow and road blocks resulted in empty shelves from late arrival of lorries from depots ..no fresh veggies of any kind ..It just shows in the event of serious disruption of delivery how quickly people could go hungry and an emergancy power would have to be activated by the state . Perhaps some cold storage is needed and more stock held at supermarkets ?
  7. I also find with SAUR that you must give them access to the counter so they can read it.....I sent the reading to them on the card they put in my mail box but they only accepted me doing that once ......They took no notice of the second time I sent one in and went on to estimated my water use as 40 cubic metres which is the standard number they seem to use if they turn up and your gate is like mine locked to them ....Their estimates are based on constant use of the property .
  8. It seems in the UK the head of civil unrest planning at Scotland Yard is preparing for a summer of demonstrations . This time middle class unemployed are likely to take to the streets and he states that the banks are likely to be the target of their anger....Lots of young people ...lots of energy.lots of unemployment always a bad mix ....
  9. The two watches I am fond of (not rolex } are my fathers pocket watch and a pocket watch with GWR stamped on the back that is almost worn away from years of a guard working with it ....still keeps perfect time ...
  10. Its happened ! God help the next Polish guy who has to produce his licence and finds there is a warrant issued for him !
  11. Seems the police in Ireland thought they had this terrible driver called Prawo Jazdy a Polish worker who had committed over 50 motoring offences....It seems for over 50 poles stopped for offences the Police had shown the term for Drivers Licence printed top right on the document as the drivers name ! The system has created "Drivers Licence " in polish as a person with over 50 identities
  12. It appears that the credit crunch is causing the sale of more race horses to Italy for Salami .. I knew they used donky meat ..but if today you are feeling a bit quick off the mark and have had a salami sandwich for lunch..Then it may be due to to the nag you had a quid on at Ascot last year !
  13. Somewhere in the past I recall Nelson Mandela connected with a bomb that went off in cape Town ? I dont think it was just his political beliefs that sent him to Riobin Island
  14. Have they been staying in Paris together ? All this means the present work going on by senior civil servants is going to be needed They are working on setting up what is required for smooth transition after the next election towards the country being run by a governement with the Liberal party holding the cards ...The antics of both Labour and Conservative MP,s over expenses is making a hung parliament more and more likely
  15. What is wrong with a state owned block of flats that go with the job if you need accomodation in London....You get yourself voted in ... you have to work in London so the keys of a flat are given to you with the House of Commons pass ...If you need the flat fine no expenses involved there you live ...If you dont like the place and want to live elsewhere then fine ...get your own place but no expenses ...your choice.... the flats on offer .... ...When I worked for the civil service if you took a stamp from the stamp book to send a letter to your dying granny they would string you up for it .....MP,s different laws for them ...so they like to think...but people have long memories roll on the election
  16. There is an old chap I know who is going to be pleased..His sister is in a nursing home in Harare and he was worried about her..I recall its some time now since he told me there was no cooking oil to be bought ..He will be delighted to get her into a home near him in the UK
  17. Have you never been on a train waiting to pull off while a couple of teenagers with the train door held open are snogging on the platform taking forever to say goodbye... Station staff shouting blowing whistles and being ignored .......every station should have a platform ban on kissing
  18. Of course she is innocent..we all know a wife never asks her her husband how over 300 grand appears in their bank account dont we ?
  19. I am with you on this Dog.......forget Oxford and Mini production...lets start making cookoo clocks
  20. "Whats it all about....elfie " Good tip ...not a lot of people know that !
  21. Seems if you dont want to discover how cold the water is...... you dont want them to work ! I think I might be hitting a pipe with a spanner if I was on board in future .....Anti collision device !
  22. The French navy issued a statement some time ago saying that their sub hit a submerged object believed to be a container off a ship ..If they dont know the difference between one of them and HMS Vanguard another sub ...then they had better stay in dock ....I hope somebody has told them what a ferry looks like as I have just booked my crossing !
  23. On speaking with my Australian femily members about their terrible fires.I was told about one guy who was fined for clearing trees from around his property. This some time ago...so heavy were the penalties for felling the trees he was financially ruined ....Guess who still has his home standing today and the lives of his family saved....Angry home losers are blaming the councils for their environmental policies and for loss of lives as they would not let people create fire breakes round their houses .....I think these rules have got to be changed and other countries should take note....and let people protect their homes and lives if trees are too close ....
  24. Was Le Pen a communist Wooly? Olivier Besancenot i should imagine has the party card in his pocket...cant see him giving it up even if he does get his new party off the ground
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