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  1. Try http://stuartcollins.com/ for insurance and www.adac.de for European recovery. 
  2. Hi Out of interest, how does a standard Carte Gris enhance the value or saleability of a classic car?
  3. Hi Try ADAC.de they offer a excellent service. They cover you not the car so you are covered for driving different cars throughout the EU.
  4. Good for them. I bet you wish you could do it.
  5. Do you have to do a crash test?
  6. I think that in France the correct procedure for the disposal of tyres is to place them in front of the Prefecture, Hotel des Impots ect and then burn them.
  7. And by the way with ADAC you are covered, so you are covered in any car that you are driving.
  8. Yes but you should see my Oselli stage 2 engine. If I could figure out how to put pics on here I would show you.
  9. And they speak very good english. I have only used them once when my MGB engine cooked. They took me and the car home very quickly.
  10. Hi ADAC. They are excellent and cost around €79per year. www.ADAC.de
  11. JMB


    [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]I agree but maybe the ones from franchise chains like the ones from a small shed are loaded with fat/salt/preservatives? Of course some places charge a small fortune for what starts life as cheese and tomato on toast [6] [/quote] Gosh I have had pizzas with anchovies ect but never with "preservatives". Are they tasty?
  12. He's away training for the diplomatic service.
  13. OMG it's getting even smaller. It's trading at 1.0992 so goodbye the 1.10 line. The next one is 1.05 and then................1 to 1. And after that who knows will we see a 0.75.
  14. Ee bah gum. I've just noticed that the pound in your pocket has got smaller. It's trading at 1.1039 against the euro this morning.
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