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  1. The Lycamobile France  free sim I got two years ago I put 20 euros on. They added another  10 Euros as a start up offer  I still have 12 Euros on it. It switches over to Vodaphone  when I enter the UK and lives in the car as an extra and only gets used if go out leaving my other mobile on charge .  Lycamobile use whatever signal is best  for your area  it seems .It keeps switching between providers in the Vendee and I have never been without a signal . I have found them a good and  cheap option for use in France and with the  account use record easy to access on line to check calls and top up in English or French it all works well
  2. How come Orange France can continue with this ridiculous and unfair system without being forced to stop it? Because Orange France  who also own  Orange UK  are in France .......and France unlike the UK  lets them get away with ripping you off !  I dropped Orange  and now use these people ...http://www.lycamobile.fr/home/fr
  3. According to the Daily Express in the next few weeks .    I would think the arrival of migrating birds early would be a more reliable indication.  Anybody getting earlier than usual  winter arrivals in their area ? http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/358717/Coldest-winter-in-100-years-on-way Migration link : http://btomigrationblog.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. [quote user="Pommier"]They must have been doing something wrong (bad meat or bad cooking) to make people ill. They were given the chance to mend their ways, but didn't. I don't see what else could be done.[/quote] How many times do they have to be warned  ? Has somebody got to die before they accept their cooking methods are a danger to health  ?  They got what they deserved and now the publicity to go with it ... They should have taken the hint when it was quietly given ..not a good business decision to defy them was it .
  5. If like me Orange have contacted you stating they are no longer providing the free with  mobile phone broadband and want to switch you to the home package  If you have a long time still  to run on your mobile phone contract... You may find the following of interest .  http://conversation.which.co.uk/technology/orange-free-broadband-lifetime-mobile-deal-landline/
  6. [quote user="Rabbie"]We don't actually know that the photo in the article is actually of her kids and  the names could have been changed before publication. This is pretty common practice nowadays. At least one picture in the article says it is using models. The kids only appear in a picture from the newspaper so we can't see if it used models or not.[/quote]  A regular contributor of articles to the paper... Just click on her name under the article heading for her other stuff .......and photos !
  7. What was this mother thinking of to line up her kids for in school teasing  by including them in  an article like this ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2229461/Were-middle-class-successful--poor-church-mice.html
  8. As Obama has said he  has learned a lot from the election and wants to work with Mitt Romney . I think he is playing a good hand . If he gets Romney to work with him on putting together matters that end up on the floor of the house . Are the Republicans going to continue playing  the blocking games you mention if the guy they chose to stand for President has his name on them ?  Interesting times ahead .
  9. There is an opening for many here ..... If they get there before the Poles .  and speaking French should be an advantage there over Polish . http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/canada-targets-uk-poles-to-fill-labour-shortage-8280597.html
  10. If my situation was different and did not have lots of family I wanted to stay close to then I might just head for India . A bungalow with cook housekeeper near a beach and a hospital with  consultants trained in the UK near at hand  would fit the bill nicely .
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227112/Hurricane-Sandy-Bar-blown-away-superstorm-washes-SEVEN-MILE-voyage-intact.html
  12.  I recall the France Telecom suicides which were the subject of a government investigation came about at a time of major change within the company.   That in my opinion could be the main cause .. The inability to accept and adapt to change in the workplace. The insecurity that may be felt by those who have been subjected to  workplace changes when they believed they were settled in the same job for life was something they could not face up to . The UK workforce is more mobile and people now accept they  may not be in the same workplace all their working lives.    Something France has yet to come to grips with
  13. Be prepared for  hassle .... I have been down the same road you are on with Orange France .  Cancel with FT switch off line .. return Live Box, get receipt and  write to Orange recorded delivery stating I did not wish to continue with a new contract  after the present one ended. I discovered after the end of the contract period even though I did not have a phone line and they had the live box this  all shown on the computer in the Orange shop Their computer automatically  reinstated the broadband contract for another year .... The zombies they appear to employ were unable to do anything about it . The reason .... they had put the matter into the hands of debt collection people as no monies were coming into the account  and after three months that's what they do. They were telling me it was no longer their problem I had to deal with the debt collecting agency !  What a problem that turned out to be . Orange France ! I hate them .
  14. C de L  wrote :I probably won't be able to continue this debate for a few days, I'm getting prepared to be hit by a big hurricane that's coming my way! It has been reported that the Obama camp are worried about this storm. It seems that if Obama is seen inspecting damage and disruption.Then damage and disruption may be seen by many as a way to view his term in office and he will lose votes    Unbelievable !  ..... but then again that's America . Take care out there C de L and stay safe .
  15. It's already out there .....  Do a search on the first line or two of the email ...    Suspect a scam Arrival date: 20 Oct 2012 Departure date: 27 Oct 2012 Total no in party: 3 (including children) No of children: 1 Further info: Hello, I am intrested in renting your property for a week, my entire family like your property very much. We prefer the week in October starting from 20th to 27th for 7nights. What is the rent price for 1 week? My family is flexible with our vacation holiday dates incase if you are already booked for this week and let me know if the week is available or not so i can confirm my Family booking in your property immediately. I wait your urgent reply back to my email today. Sterly Leighton
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