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  1. Hi NormanH It is all very strange we both remember doing a Mandat for Fonciere but now I look at the back statements there is absolutely no sign of the money coming out and yet we have had no communication regarding this,we have never given them our bank details for Habitation however of that I am absolutely certain. I give up, our tax advisor is no help, perhaps we should change to another.
  2. In November last year I started a thread regarding our tax Habitation which the Impot were claiming after telling us the year before that we need not pay!   We paid up, as you do, and just before Christmas they returned our cheque. Oh joy we thought. Then when I checked our bank account I discovered that had taken the money out!  We have not provided them with a Mandat but lo and behold when I checked our account today they have started taking monthly installments from us.  What the B***** H*** is going on?   It is enough to drive you mad.
  3. So dear reader, I started this thread recently and was interested in all your comments and replies. In the end, through our disgraceful lack of knowledge and expertise in the French language coupled with health problems leading to other things on our mind, we paid the bill for the Habitation. Today, would you believe it, the authorities have returned our cheque and told us we have nothing to pay. No explanation just here is your cheque back!!!!!. Je ne comprend pas as they say!    Also in the same post another revelation. My husband has been trying for a disablement badge for the car for over a year. Last week they told him he was not eligible but lo in the post today he received a badge for the car, C'est le France, what is going on here! At least it brings a smile to the oncoming winter! Words fail me
  4. For the last two years we have been paying monthly for our TH. Last year we had a letter telling us that we no longer needed to pay the tax and a cheque for the years payment. We were naturally delighted. The authority cancelled our bank standing order and no monies have been taken out since. The other day surprise surprise we received a bill for TH ! Also in all the time we have been paying this tax (around 6 years now) we were never charged for the tv but now we are. My husband is 72 and I am 69. If anyone has a good explanation for this I would be grateful to hear it. We are annoyed to say the least because we now have a hefty pre-Christmas bill which was totally unexpected and it was not ourselves who cancelled the standing order but the Impot.    
  5. The name on the tub  is KOLIOS.  It is made in Greece and take my word for it it is authentic Greek Yoghurt.
  6. For those who really love and miss real Greek Yoghurt they now sell it in Intermarche.  I just happened to find it today in a 1kg tub and it is DELICIOUS.  Dont know how much it was because I have lost my receipt but I really dont care, I just hope they keep on selling it.
  7. I am lucky enough to have tickets for the opera at the open air theatre in Carcassonne.  Has anyone been there and if so are you allowed to take cushions and is there room to have a picnic during the interval?
  8. Thanks for all the info. Is the parade through the town or is everything within the grounds of the barracks? How early do we need to get there to have a good view?
  9. Does anyone know dates, times etc of the Open Day in Castelnaudry. Also are we allowed cameras and what is the dress code?
  10. Our chickens have reached the ripe old age of 2yrs and have stopped laying eggs.  We would like to replace them with egg layers but I cannot bring myself to getting someone to "dispose" of them.  If anybody can take 2 friendly black chickens please get in touch.  We live in Bize Minervois and if you send me a pm I will give more details.  
  11. I was only trying to help, hope you find what you are looking for
  12. Staysure had no problem with my OH who is 72 if you contact them by email with your phone number they will contact you.
  13. I can recommend Stay Sure, I used them last year and for this coming year they are insuring my husband fully for all his existing illnesses e.g. heart, diabetes and the cost for us both for over two weeks is around £100
  14. Thanks for that, well let us hope our accountant got the tax return correct !!!!
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