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  1. I think Guy Martin will be good on Top Gear; he's up for any challenge and is also a really nice person (well, that's how he comes across on TV). There had been a rumour that Sue Perkins (from Bake-Off) was going to be offered a presenting role - and she apparantly got death threats for that!
  2. Some immobiliers are charging less; I've got a feeling that Inter Immobilier charge 4% - still a lot but cheaper than some. There's nothing cheaper than selling privately though!
  3. At the end of the day, price is the deciding factor.
  4. We've found that the best method is to firstly de-clutter, tidy the garden, do any decorating etc etc, then look and see which agents are the most popular in the area and have them do a valuation. Then decide the selling price depending on what they say, but make it clear that you want to sell, not just be up for sale! Take your own photos as you can take your time and make sure it's sunny. Tell the agents that you won't sell exclusively through them. Go with no more than 3 agents and only one board at a time. Advertise on Leboncoin, PAP, all the British free selling sites at the 'net vendeur' price. Keep the house sparkling clean all the time and wait for the rush!
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to buy the ticket in the UK now she's living there?
  6. Grecian, when my husband was in hospital, the taxi company would take me to the hospital to visit free of charge any time that they had a 'paying' customer - and they picked me up from home! Might be worth asking.
  7. Thank you Angela! I don't mind not winning - but that mogette entry..............!!
  8. No Angela, mine is the aigre doux. It's the mogette one that annoys me : not even a recipe, but you don't need one for mogettes on a plate with ham! The voting is still going on and it's the number of 'likes' that determines the winner.
  9. I entered an on line competition for an original recipe including ham, devised it, made it, photographed it, only to find that although there were only 4 entries, I'm trailing in 3rd place behind someone who didn't even submit a recipe, just a photo of bacon and beans! I never expected to win, but that's a bit much. I'll know in future not to bother entering competitions where it's a public vote to find a winner! https://www.facebook.com/ELeclercSaintGillesCroixDeVie
  10. eybaynut, Val 2 didn't say that everyone in Bretagne is ignorant, but that the FN is popular amongst the ignorant and the older generations in her area.
  11. [quote user="Chancer"] Even though I do now Watch UK TV I never Watch series, in fact never have done, it seems a sort of addiction really, I dont want to have to be in front of the box at a certain time to see the next episode, [/quote] We're the same. Last night there was a new series starting, but we both said that there was no way we'd commit to the next 6 weeks at that time.
  12. Pommier


    We (and almost everyone we know) have had a wretched cold which has hung on for several weeks, but I don't know anyone who's had flu this year (other than man flu!)
  13. I don't know the answer to this, but it's something to bear in mind. Would the conversion of the barn need to comply to RT2012 (BBC) standard? If it would, could this be achieved?
  14. We seem to have collected various printers, but if something comes free with the computer, the reason appears to be that the ink is expensive and they aren't very good. Our latest simple print-only printer (from Leboncoin - where else) is an Epson Stylus S22. The replacement cartridges are cheap and it doesn't dry out if nothing's printed for a few days.
  15. We've been burning these as they can be stored in the garage, they're clean and we've found them to be cheap. We've used ones from Brazeco which are said the be made from hardwood, cheaper ones from Woodstock (bought from SuperU) and really, really cheap ones in sacks from someone on Leboncoin. I agree that you need to chuck more on during the evening, but for us it's secondary heating as we've got underfloor central heating as well.
  16. [quote user="NormanH"]And good news for those of us with the CEAM (the French version) in that it is now valid for 2 years instead of the previous 1. [/quote] I hadn't noticed that Norman, and I've just renewed our cards. I looked and sure enough, they're valid until 2017.
  17. Mint, we've fitted Ikea kitchens in 4 houses in France and have always been happy with them. This time we've had wood worktops (only the cheap ones) and we're very pleased that they're still looking good. We fitted a double oven which we bought in the UK as double ovens aren't very common in France and much more expensive. That was totally compatible with the oven housing we bought from Ikea France. Remember that Ikea kitchens don't have a gap at the back for servic pipes, which gives more room in cupboards and drawers. Make sure you plan for where you'll have towels/teatowels - near the sink if possible.
  18. I can't offer any suggestions on the medical side, but why don't you ask your top-up insurer if you can upgade your cover. They don't seem to mind people doing that and at least you'd save some money!
  19. Hope all's gone well with the op londoneye.
  20. We are VERY pleased with the quality and energy efficiency of our BBC (Batiment Basse Consommation) house - it retains any heat for ages, and it's not that it's a hot climate as the garage is absolutely perishing!
  21. It apparantly takes about 40 minutes to cook chips! I think we'll stick with the deep fat fryer.
  22. We've got a modern, detached bungalow of about 100 square metres and our gas bill for the last 12 months (that's heating and hot water with a condensing boiler) was €265. We have also had a wood burner fitted in March of last year, but that's for the niceness of having a fire in the evening. It will have reduced our gas consumption, but not by a great deal.
  23. Pickles, that's my husband's attitude. For me, I worry about not obeying all and every law!
  24. Well, we've got a carbon monoxide detector (as has everyone using gas or wood burners I hope) so that's not an issue. More a question that, since the boiler doesn't get huge usage, does it still HAVE to be serviced every year?
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