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  1. Thanks for all the replies. The renewal date was 1st February and the renewal notification was received in mid January dated the 8th January. I'd already sent them an email in early January telling them that they were too expensive and I was looking elsewhere for a cheaper deal. Does this not count as cancellation?
  2. Hello all. I've had AXA France holiday home insurance for 20 years and every year it's got more expensive. The renewal date is 1st February and this year I asked my local AXA agency if they could offer a cheaper policy. They agreed and sent me a new, cheaper, contract to look at, sign and return, if I wanted it. After correcting anomalies I said I was interested and as it was overdue I tried to pay online using the AXA website which still had the previous more expensive price showing. I asked the agency to correct this and asked if I could email the forms to them. They didn't reply so I asked again. On the 6th Feb. they replied saying there was no rush, I had until the 15th. The 15th came and I still couldn't pay so on the 16th, thinking I was no longer insured I took out a policy with an English insurer, Intasure. On the 17th I received an email from the AXA agency, telling me to send them a cheque as I was not allowed pay this on line. I replied saying they hadn't replied for a week, it was passed the 15th and I'd decided to insure the house with somebody else. I've given them the name of my new insurer and my policy number, but they still say the money for the policy with them is due and my new insurer must send them documents before they'll even consider cancellation. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks. Tony.
  3. Thanks for the info Pip24, I'll keep looking now you've found that.
  4. Does anyone on the forum know if there'll be any flights to La Rochelle from East Midlands Airport this year? Thanks. Tony
  5. Thanks Pomme, I've been informed that you can buy an intermediate switch that goes in the sequence as number two and that's called a permutateur too. It's a light switch but has more connections for joining switches 1 & 3 so any switch will turn the lamp on and off.
  6. I'm going to do it all the french way if possible. A French electrician has told me if I want to have 3 light switches for 1 lamp the sequence is: The first switch is a 1 gang 2 way (interrupteur simple), the second switch is an intermediate (permutateur) and the third is a 1 gang 2 way (interrupteur simple). I just need to find a brico that sells them now.
  7. Thanks Jonzjob. I'd have put the lid back on quick too.
  8. Thank you Angela. I have 3 English ones fitted at the moment and they don't buzz, click or make any noise. Perhaps I should keep them. Tony
  9. I'm fitting 3 light switches to 1 light in one room. Can somebody let me know which type of light switch to use or is there only va et vient? I also need the French names for 1 gang 2 way, and intermediate light switches please? Thanks
  10. I'd like to know the answers to these questions too Paul, but the email recommending the tradesman has a reference number on it and a French 0811 phone number for questions. The email is a no reply one. They give no criteria for recommendation.
  11. This contractor has definitely been recommended as an insulator by PointP(http://www.pointp.fr/pages/devis-travaux/devis-travaux-all.html), I've found the email. I'd like to ask them why they recommended him but you can't reply apart from by ringing France. I've asked him for hisTVA numbers and insurance details.
  12. Thanks Val. The devis is printed out with details of the work to be done. A Siret number is on the devis but no TVA (he's charging 5.5%) or insurance numbers. He said that the work would take 3 weeks and he would start on the 10th of this month. If this is the case and taking into account your warnings the best I would offer him would be, no cash upfront and payment when I see the work at the beginning of July. How does that sound? I'm embarrassed to say that I've given him a key to the house.
  13. Hello Val and Quillan He's a french man and has a siret number on his quote. The work to be carried out is insulating and plaster boarding the walls and ceiling in one room and has asked for €2000 in advance. As far as him having insurance and proper registration papers I wouldn't know where to look or what I was looking at. I've been looking on the internet in the 'find a tradesman in France' sites and received a reply from 'PointP' that recommended this person. Strangely, the emails from 'PointP' have gone missing and I can't find any reference on the internet at all from them. He has several internet entries for his menuiserie insulation and plasterboarding company. I can't really pay him in stages as I'm not there and won't know what he's done. I told him I'd be at the house at the beginning of July and he said the work would be finished by then. Very difficult to know what to do. Thanks
  14. I've found a plasterer and accepted his quote. He now wants 50% deposit. What's the best way to send him the money from the UK that will give some security if the works not done. He has no credit card machine. Thanks
  15. I didn't understand the first line John, but thanks anyway
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