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  1. I think we'll need to get someone out as the stain seems unchanged. Many thanks for the advice.
  2. Oh dear! Neither of them had any effect. What do you suggest?
  3. We've got a polyester (?) coque pool which has developed a brown waterline about 8 inches wide. We bought a gel which said it would clean it and that we didn't need to lower the water. Although it's maybe a bit cleaner it hasn't gone. Can you advise how to clean it please?
  4. This made me laugh https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDemocrats/videos/2053452764747767/
  5. [quote user="You can call me Betty"] However, that flat rate now entitles everyone to just 19 collections a year. [/quote] Lucky you! We just get 17 collections a year without paying extra. Ours is included in the TdH, but I don't expect that to reduce.
  6. I've found that Next is often cheaper in France so I randomly compared prices for the same item £15 in UK, €12 in France! http://www.nextdirect.com/fr/fr/g7698s11#120901 http://www.next.co.uk/g7698s11#120901
  7. Yes, that's as he said. So anyone exchanging their UK licence will get a plastic French one which will expire at age 70, the same as UK licences.
  8. Brian Bilston is a really good poet, not only creating comic verse. “REFUGEES They have no need of our help So do not tell me These haggard faces could belong to you or me Should life have dealt a different hand We need to see them for who they really are Chancers and scroungers Layabouts and loungers With bombs up their sleeves Cut-throats and thieves They are not Welcome here We should make them Go back to where they came from They cannot Share our food Share our homes Share our countries Instead let us Build a wall to keep them out It is not okay to say These are people just like us A place should only belong to those who are born there Do not be so stupid to think that The world can be looked at another way (now read from bottom to top)”
  9. To continue the flowery poetry theme: THE FLOWERS OF THE GARAGE FORECOURT Budding lovers beware of the Flowers of the Garage Forecourt; they are not for courting. Love will not blossom with the Flowers of the Garage Forecourt, these blundering bouquets of cellophaned sadness: the slip-road roses and tarmacked tulips, petrol pump peonies and crushed-dream chrysanthemums. All those dahlias of desperation. The I-forgot-you forget-me-nots. Please know this, would-be customers of the Flowers of the Garage Forecourt: romance wilts with a lack of forethought. Beian Bilston
  10. My French teacher, who is a retired gendarme, said that the new licences are only valid to age 70 and then have to be renewed (presumably after a medical). Is that correct?
  11. I have to admit that I managed to pile on lots of weight (after keeping at my correct BMI) purely because I just thought 'What the hell' whilst I was having treatment, and now I rather regret it.
  12. I think that's probably the answer - just so long as she stops sending them!
  13. They aren't even films I especially want to see! Very American TV series etc. I just feel guilty because she's bought them and paid all that money to post them.
  14. Thank you. I've tried the previous two suggestions and although the last one got me to some screens I've never seen before, it still didn't work.
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