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  1. It appears that this terrible act was committed by a lone nutter. Why he really did it we will never know. There is nothing to be gained by giving the act the oxygen of publicity.
  2. I am a bit confused here. Last time I was near Oxford the nearest  motorway was the M40 not the M1. Perhaps there has been an unadvertised change of motorway numbers that we  in the  southern UK have not been told about.
  3. There is certainly more overt recognition of foreigners in southern England than there was. Mrs Rabbie who has lived here for nearly 30 years and speaks good English has been asked aggressively several times since Brexit as to where she comes from by strangers. This never happened before and although not hate crime does not make for a pleasant experience. I would call it naive to deny the increase in hate crimes
  4. [quote user="NickP"]WB wrote: "you can stop trying to paper over the lies now, the UK lost the vote. " You are wrong my wooly friend the UK won the vote.[/quote]It remains to be seen whether the UK won or lost the vote. It seems possible from the utterances of several government ministers that Northern Ireland may be outside the controlled borders of Great Britain so the UK may become a sort of semi-detached country. It also remains to be seen what happens with Scotland. So much depends on the final terms of the deal before we can say who if anyone has won. The only concrete results I have seen so far is an increase in hate crime - not a win there IMO.
  5. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Why move to France ?[/quote] [quote user="mint"]Why not? Surely my question is just as valid (or not) as yours?[I] [/quote] IMO both of these questions are equally valid and ones I have given a lot of thought to over the last few months. We have finally made the decision not to retire to France for a variety of reasons but mainly because we couldn't find the right place at the the right price and because we felt the language was going to be an issue especially as we got older and more forgetful.
  6. For me there are several factors that determine how much I would pay for a particular property. 1) Location - both general and particular. 2) Condition of the property 3) Size of the property 4) How much a particular property was the "right one" for me 5) How easy it would be to sell if circumstances changed and I needed to move Taken all in all this means for me that it is nonsensical to quote a standard cost per sq meter for a certain location. Just too many factors involved
  7. Trump becomes President on 20th January so we know by the end of April whether the wall is going to happen. I do notice that Trump has made very little mention of the wall since winning the election. It may be that all the talk of the wall was to win the election. Job done in that case.
  8. Gluestick, I listened to the full interview with Ken Clarke on Radio 4 yesterday lunchtime where he did indeed say he would vote against the application. He also said that he thought the majority of MPs would support the government in this vote. A majority of his constituents voted to Remain so I think he is respecting their wishes if he votes against the application. Also being at the end of his career he can ignore the whips and vote according to his conscience.
  9. I find it worrying that so many Brexiteers have so little faith in our parliamentary democracy.
  10. Gluestock, Ken Clarke tonight stated he thought it extremely unlikely that Parliament would block the invocation of Article 50. I suspect that he knows more about the mood at Westminster than you do
  11. The court decision was not about whether we implement Brexit or not. It was about how we implement Brexit. In the unlikely event that Parliament decides not to invoke Article 50 then there would be a General Election and the new Parliament would consider the matter again. That way we would know the irrevocable decision was indeed the will of the British People.
  12. Gluestick In the final analysis the Brexit vote was a narrow but decisive win for Brexit. We must all accept that and work towards getting the best possible result for the UK. It is not helpful when Brexiteers go on about Remoaners and other similar phrases. That attitude does not help to mend the rifts that exist. Since no clear post-Brexit strategy was mentioned during the campaign it would not be sensible to assume that all those who voted for Brexit wanted the same things. What I feel is reasonable is to assume that a Brexit vote was a vote for the UK to leave the political parts of the EU (Commission, Council of Ministers, European parliament, European Court) and to have more control of immigration. What is less clear given BoJo's claims that we could still have access to the single market is how much of a mandate there is for losing that access. Much has been made of the fact there is a democratic vote in favour of Brexit but no-one would expect Conservative MPs to support every proposal of a Labour government on those grounds or vice versa. I think it is now time for both sides to grow up and deal with this in an adult and sensible way
  13. [quote user="lindal1000"]Ireland has the fastest growing economy in Europe at the moment and is happily eyeing up the spoils it can grab from the City. Would the EU allow Ireland to negotiate a special arrangement with a non EU country? Would Ireland want to?[/quote] I do not think that Ireland would want to risk the Good Friday Peace settlement so I am sure Ireland would want to negotiate a way of keeping that going.
  14. Brexit is not only bad for the UK but also for the rest of the EU. The really bad effect is the drop in Sterling  against the dollar with its effect on oil prices.
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