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  1. [quote user="J.Rs gone native"]


    Ron, I am as ever confused and bemused by your references to Crawley [8-)]


    Its where you live........ remember?  Where you take your toxic waste??  Try and keep up JR[blink]  

  2. To answer the OP's question, you should ask at the Mairie, they are responsible for providing the place names that you see in the countryside. 

    Someone on this thread needs to read his own posts before making out he was right all along, rural France is really not like Crawlry!!

  3. Presuamably, as well as another doctor, you could go and see another pharmacist in another town?

    Or suggest the pharmacist phones the Doctor to query the prescription as he/she has the problem with it?[I]

  4. Have you watered them in?  With leeks you should make a big hole with a dibber about 3-4 inches deep and 2"wide, place the leek in it and then dribble some water into the hole, and then repeat over successive days until the hole is full up with earth washed in, rain can also do this for you.  Its more likely birds or baby rabbits pulling the leeks out than a mole pushing them up, you would see if there was a mole run under the plants.

  5. [quote user="Fi"]I was very restrained.  I only bought the leek plantlets (50 for 3 euros).  I'm quite proud of my rectitude [Www]

    Remember both blood  and bone are very good fertilizers if you want to choose a site for the retribution[:D]

  6.  I do hope your family is well and the standup career is going well.      Best wishes Dog[:D][:D].

    You mean you missed me whem Michael McIntyre did his show from Manchester, my adopted home???  Quillan was there with a lot of his Lodge we all had a great time and really let our trousers down[:D]

  7. Andrew it does sound expensive but if you have delivery pumps and more than one lorry involved the delivery costs do shoot up.  If I was the OP I would check the original quote and get another estimate, there cannot be too many areas of even rural France that don't have more than one concrete supplier.

    Dear Dog, next time you are in France and go to Leroy Merlin, look at what cement mixers are called, it might give clue as to what beton is[I]

  8. Sounds like common sense prevailed in this case.  Did you get a ruling on whether the CMU payments could be entered as a legitimate expense against revenue on the tax form for inactifs?  Did the man from the Charente ever get a ruling, or the Connexion explain why it was wrong in their opinion?
  9. Not the same case Clair, this is the fraud alluded to in the intro.  This fraud took place on 2008 and involved the CMU.  It may well be as JR said they paid nothing by lying about their income and then claimed loads off the CMU.  Be funny if it was one of those down there moaning about not getting their UK winter fuel allowance!!

    I am not surprised by the low % of British immigrants paying into the CMU, a large number are surely on E forms of one kind or another.

  10. You are a right Sue, I really should know that by now!!
  11. "As my pension will be taxed in England untill such time as I have submitted my 1st french tax return"

    This is not strictly true, you stop having a tax liability in the UK the day after you arrive in France and from that date your pension is taxable in France although not by PAYE and as described above by Araucaria the tax is not payable until the September in the year following your move to France.  What you need to do is make sure that HMRC know you have left the UK by way of Form P85 from your local tax office or download one from www.hmrc.gov.uk. ...........
      and follow the procedures to the letter, a lot who have problems don't do this and then try and circumvent the system by directly posting forms to the UK and then moan about the delays (not you Araucaria... others), but getting tax back and most important your pension paid gross can take a bit of time these days it seems.  The best time to leave the UK depends on your income, you get the free pay from the UK on any UK tax liability and also in France, you might be able to work it so you get the maximum benefit of both allowances.

    By the way, you have acquainted yourself with the current health care requirements in France haven't you??

  12. [quote user="Cerise"]Are you surprised?  I'm not.[/quote]

    I am, how can you get 15000€ from the CPAM? 

    The article does not explain for security reasons how the money was obtained.  Is this people claiming to not have any income and getting medical treatment free?  On another point, I thought those not on E forms paid 11% of their income to URSSAF?.

  13. Norman, Najac is not exactly en route from Cordes to Figeac, and Le Belle Rive is further still off route being right down by the station, although its a nice setting and good place to eat, if you want to go to Najac there is also Oustal del barry http://www.oustaldelbarry.com/ in the main village by the parking area.

    If you want to stay on the main road and not do a 3 km detour there is the place Cerise mentioned in another post its well worth a look and right on the D922, its at St Andre de Najac on the right , you cannot miss it its on the corner of the triangle of fake grass.  There are lots of places in Villefrance, some good, some not so, but Dalis off the main square by the cathedral where you can also park, is good as is Le Relais de Farrou, which is 2kms past Villefranche on the D922 Figeac road, don't be fooled its not a transport cafe, its a good place to eat and highly recommended, but you might have to book.


  14. At some point, when the accounts are inactive for a long period of time, the government takes the money. [:-))][8-)] Do they give it back if you can prove that it was your account?

    Well as they wrote to the OP and told them it was frozen I suspect they might know whose account it is[blink].  You are getting totally confused with accounts for which no account holder can be traced by a bank,  for example if a person moves away and then dies or has no family or a family who are unaware of the account's existence.

  15. There is a brand new car park, the long stay is up by the aero school, to the right as you go in,  the short stay is outside the terminal. 
  16. Speak to your local Mairie because that who is SPANC work for/from.  Of course not every commune is the same but here if you ask for an inspection you do not pay but have to comply with the recommendations of the inspection, if they turn up to inspect to see that the fosse complies with the standard you pay a fixed inspection fee.
  17. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    If the sums stack up, you may be able to get the installer to buy the equipment for you and you pay him for the stove and the work and get the two on the same invoice.

    Worth investigating?


    Yes because unless you do that you  don't get a tax credit.[blink]  See Clair's post above.

  18. Sorry don't read or believe anything in the Daily Mail, surprised that you read it though RH, being so european minded[Www] 
  19. I would have thought driving in France was the appropriate place, nevertheless, perhaps Tony there is also another message here and that is don't overload your car and never  carry more people than it was designed for. This may have been a drink induced idea but nevertheless stupid even if sober. Cramming people into the back and even the boot as this bloke did, affects the control of the car particularly the steering and can easily lead to loss of control.
  20. No Cerise, our nearest village shop is in La Fouillade, as you probably know we have a Utile Supermarket, a village shop and two bars!!  I have not used the shop at St André I thought it was only an epicerie that also sold gas bottles, but isn't the restaurant (which is really good value) part of the same business?

    We were shown that building when we came here looking at houses by an agent, but the price tag of over 100k€ was far too high for what was virtually a ruin, but they have made a nice restoration job of it. As you say the whole lot was funded by the Commune and AFAIK is leased to the current owners.  There is also a little bio shop in Najac, but how well these will do when the Intermarché opens supposedly later this year just outside La Fouillade on the corner of the Najac road, who knows.

  21. Our village shop does a good trade despite the fact that we have a supermarket because it does high quality fruit and veg at competitive prices. It is "open" from very early 7am until very late,  6 days a week and although not officially on Sundays you can get stuff via the bar next door.  However, it does not sell newspapers or cigarettes, and I doubt that you will be allowed to either unless you have two separate shops or a bar.  You should also be aware that tabac licenses are also hard to come by and used to be limited to ex French army veterans and their families.
  22. Ron Avery

    Eye Tests

    They all speak reasonable English in Specsavers[:P]

    French opthalmologists however which is where you have to go to get a prescription in the first place, (opticians in our part of the world only dispense glasses). 

    These specialists usually have a waiting list of up to 3 months and tend to talk French unless you are lucky and find one who speaks English.  If language is a problem you are better off going to the UK and getting your eyes tested and your glasses there, its far easier and quicker, OK you lose any CPAM/or Mutuelle refunds but are likely to get your glasses far cheaper and a lot quicker.

  23. [quote user="Russethouse"]

    puzzled, the fact is that she wasn't invited - how could that be anything other than a snub?

    Prince Charles medals : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6147544.stm


    Because she didn't want to bloody well go, the French knew she didn't want to go so they never asked her!!!  She was already booked for the Derby months ago.  Doing her duty, my arse, remember where she was the day after Diana had died!!

    Funny all those old boys can sit at the Cenotaph for three hours in November but in a French town 30 minutes is too long for them, all done deliberately of course as a snub, if there were no politicians they would have had no ceremony in the first place!!

  24. And Lizzie was at Epsom watching the Derby where she always goes and where she wanted to be all along.  Load of media anti-French crap as usual. 

  25. Sorry Steve, I missed the standby bit, I suspect that hospitals in your part of the world are state of the art in respect of back up systems, or is that a misconception?
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