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  1. I have recently purchased Anne Sloan chalk paint for some cupboards. I have read about the bleeding when working on pine, mines is 20 year old pine but it still showed dark patches after 3 coats. They mention a shellac primer/undercoat but some say that does not work. Can anyone tell me the French equivalent of shellac in France. I have bought a good French brand sous couche interior and exterior microporeuse but fear this is not what I need. The product as sold needing no pre prepping but this is untrue and there is very little AS product guidance on this subject. My first AS project and im not sure about starting another project with this product.
  2. I have completed a beast of the field kit called Two fat Suffolk lambs and now looking for a different one in the series. Does anyone have a pattern they want to swop? I'm particularly interested in the Gloucester old spot pigs
  3. our landline was dead so we popped into our local branch to complain. we had to make 3 visits in total as nothing happened. we were evan told we had to pay for an electrician to sort it out. we were also told a standard 69 euro call out charge would be refunded if it was not our fault. Again nothjng happened so we called the English speaking number and spoke to a very nice lady. nothing had been reported but our visits to the branch noted on the computer. Again she confirmed the call outcharge would be refunded if it was not our fault by completing a form on line and sending to a Bordeau address. i called the english speaking line again for a credit which was agreed as the fault was theirs. This time he confirmed no refund of the call out charge as orange do not own the lines and there was no way of getting a refund. has anyone had the same problem? if so did you download a form? what did you do?
  4. Thank you for the information.  I shall pass this on my hubby who will check it out. I do appreciate your help.
  5. I have not got a clue about computers just switch it on and it goes.  if not I call the hubby to try and sort it out.  The brain is a little tired these days.... We have no internet at home and use telerabais http://www.telerabais.com/rates.php for oversea calls and a pay as you go mobile with orange.  I would like temporary internet connection over christmas and also skype.  The internet in the past has been very slow. Checked out the info on the forum about dongles and need a fairly fast speed and someone suggested Orange perhaps the 25 euros would do.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for me please? Just looked at www.0044.co.uk for UK calls.  Has anyone used this site?  has anyone found a cheaper site? There are a lot of simple old folks like me and I would appreciate any Non Jargon  help please.  
  6. My American friend has several very attractive ceramic, self watering pots for African violets. I am looking for an EU on-line website can any one help me.
  7. Thank you Rob But i am not surprised. However; I would still love to be living in France again.
  8. I did subscribe to thefrench paper which susended publication in August so no longer printed. http://www.thefrenchpaper.com/index.php I never received the June or July issue and never had a reply from an email i sent to Nicki Wade. Has any one else had a reply or refund for unreceived issues as promised in her letter? It was a great paper and we did enjoy reading it.
  9. yes I think so. I only recogise the red poppy design everything else was new to me, As I could not find him i order 2 epies from another 2 potters and both just never made them. I gave up and the roof is now finished. Guess both potters were simply too busy and didn't need the money! But thank you as I do like his pots. If its the same person he has a little lady bird on all his pots!
  10. Sorry but I have been out of the loop here. Is there any more news on these changes. I would love to come back to france but I too have pre existing conditions!
  11. Sounds good to me. I just have to convine the OH to cut it down. I would not replant again it doe attract wasps and if not quick of the mark the figs are eaten by the wild life!
  12. Not sure but I can check. Have you used this before? I assume I cut down all the trunks of which there must be 15 very healthy ones, then pour this on the stumps. What about animals in the area? it must be posionous! My husband quite likes the figs but usually we supply the neighbourhood and it casts shade and spouts new shoots in my polytunnel. Its a shame. Beware anyone that wants to plant these trees!
  13. I have a fig tree living in poor but well drained soil as its in an area of rubble and never watered. Unfortunatley it is next to a building and is totally out of control. Its a heavy cropper but refuses die. My first few attempts of very heavy pruning for 3 years just meant more shoots. Someone had suggested cutting out about a 6inch peice from a root so it will not regrow and to do this on a quater of the roots on one side. Has any one tried this? Did it work? Any one know apporximatley how much it would cost to remove? Its a large pesky critter! They do say do not plant a Fig Tree near a house and I agree.
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