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  1. Idun, thanks for your reply, we will keep our bank account open certainly until we hear some definitive news that we are out of the system. Did you receive any demand to fill in a tax demand after you returned to the UK or was it just emails?
  2. I was wondering if anyone can help.

    We left France in July 2015 and have just completed our tax return for the year 2015. How do we now go about finishing with the french tax system?

    Do they automatically not send you any forms next year?

    Need to establish this before closing French bank account.

    Be grateful for anybody's help or experiences of this.
  3. rico


    We sold our house in France in August this year and handed our carte vitales into the CPAM office.

    We had been paying the URSSAF our cotisations(8% of income over the threshold). Have just received a bill from them for the 3rd trimestre. Could anyone tell me if we have to pay this as we are no longer in the system?

  4. We have just sold our house and returning to the UK with our car which we bought in the UK and had it registered here in France 4 years ago.

    On leaving France what happens to the Carte Grise? Are there any forms to fill in to say you have taken the car out of the country?

    Also does anyone know the new correct procedures for

    registering it in the UK. Is it MOT first, then insure?

  5. If you are in receipt of a government pension (armed forces), do you need to fill in the first page of the pink form (2047) and then transfer this over to 2042 section 1AS , or do you just fill in Section VI of the 2047 and transfer this to 8TK of the 2042.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. What forms do I need to fill in if any and do you know where I get them from and return them to, is it the Mairie?
  7. We have just had French plumbers create a new bathroom out of a bedroom and convert the old bathroom into a new shower room. Do we need to fill in any forms for tax purposes?
  8. We are in the process of selling our house in France and returning to the UK. Does anyone know or had experience of the best way to transfer the money from the sale to a bank in the UK?

    Does it need to go initially from the Notaire to a french bank or can it go direct from the Notaire to a currency company?

    Also does anyone know the fees involved. Many thanks for any replies.
  9. rico

    Cotisation Payment

    Thanks everyone for your comments, looks like we shall wait to be billed.
  10. rico

    Cotisation Payment

    We have been paying the social charges for the past 3 years and as you say this has been via the tax route so perhaps we may have to declare this on the tax form somewhere, will have to have a look at the form. Thanks.
  11. rico

    Cotisation Payment

    As early retirees here in France we have been using Private Health Insurance for the last 3 years and now under the 5 year residency rule have just gained access to the CMU with CPAM.

    We have just received a letter from CPAM saying they have studied our case and due to our income are liable for a payment under the 8% ruling which will be recoverable by URSAAF quarterly.

    The first quarter was for 01/07/13 - 30/09/13 but as yet no money has been taken from our account.

    Does anyone know if the money is taken automatically or do we have to contact URSAAF to set up some sort of account with them.

    have contacted CPAM but they are unsure.
  12. I am buying a used car in France which is already registered. To register it in my name could any one please tell me what documents i need to take to the prefectures office.
  13. I live in France and have a car which I brought over from UK and is currently registered and insured in France. My son in UK wants the car and will come over to France to pick it up.

    Can anyone please explain what needs to be done this end? Who do I inform of the sale, what documents do I need and what would he need to do to reregister it back in the UK?

    Thanks for any information.
  14. rico


    Thanks Pickles,

    Its just that i thought all lump sums or any income had to be declared to the French tax authorities, hopefully this is not the case.
  15. rico


    Could anyone please tell me what tax implications there would be on inheriting a lump sum from the sale of a house in UK due to the death of a relative if you live in France.
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