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  1. Hello, I have the chance to buy a british car that has only just been brought over to france and CT'd and registered here. Of course when it was brought here DVLA were told like most people tell them that the car has been permantly exported to France. Can anyone see me having a problem in buying and taking this car back and re-registering it in the uk again. I have looked at importing a car into the uk but is it the same when dvla have been told its not coming back? Also does anyone know where I can find a website of places where I can take a old car to scrap it so that I'm not paying the insurance on it anymore? Thankyou in advance.
  2. Which means buying a old french car which is still going to cost over the odds just to get back to the uk and have to scrap it! We have a very nice french car we have to sell as its no good having a left hand drive really in the uk so its going which then leaves us with no car. We are going back for a short trip soon and it would have been very handy to have picked something up and brought it back to france then sell the nice car and return to the uk with the uk one. You see my problem. It looks like having to bring over a car and register it and new headlinghts etc only to have to go through it all again after just a few months but if thats what we have to do to save money in the long run then we will.
  3. But if I have no UK address until we actually get back to the uk then how can I do that?
  4. We want to return to the UK and buy a car and bring it back to France so that a short time later we can return to the uk to live. Now how do these people seem to be able to get there english plated car insured in France? I thought it was illegal? My insurance company will not insure a car without a Carte Grise. Does anyone know a way around this without having to register the vehicle here for a couple of months and take it back and do it all again in the uk? Thankyou
  5. Could anyone tell me how long French cheques take to clear in a bank account I'm with Credit Agricole if that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. Hello, Can anyone tell me how they have taken payment for a vehicle they are selling. Have they used a bank to bank transfer in France or have they taken a cheque. I know that people say that not many cheques bounce in France but I wouldn't take the risk. I don't even know how long a cheque would take to clear. So I'm just wondered how others have faired when selling on a vehicle in France. Thankyou.
  7. I hope someone can help me. Very soon I will be selling my French car & motorcycle. I know about having enough CT to sell the car and of course the bike does not have one but I'm more looking at what forms I need to sell the vehicles and where to find them to get filled in to make everything legal. How do i then proove to my insurance company etc that I have sold the vehicles. Many thanks
  8. Thats the problem they want all the mod cons from home as you say,BUT, they don't want to pay for it. We have large but older style tv,Dishwasher, Uk & French Sat,Washing machines, Dvd & Vhs. New Mattresses etc the list goes on. Must still not be good enough perhaps because its not Flat Screen (HD)!!! We have not even put up our prices in 6 years. I Give up completly.
  9. Richard51 you do have a point in your findings. I must say I have mentioned it before that all our Gites are spotless when our guests arrive and we do ask them to leave them as found but we know that in a ideal world that is not going to happen and thats fine. But its when you get the people staying that just don't give a **** and leave things in such a state that it takes 2 people 6 hours to clean one property and have never seen such mess and disgust in our lives. You would not believe that people would leave the contents of there nose smeared on the walls as well as other smears!!! |These were not British or French guests I must say but we do find that if a property is going to be left in a state then I'm afraid to say that its the Brits and I feel ashamed to be one sometimes. The french leave the gites very clean in general even mopping the floors etc. But we have had so many things that have been so annoying more than costly and the things do get broken are never said about and its not until you go to clean that you find these things and sometimes if it is on a sunday you cannot replace these things for the next guests. You can only hold so many spares of things. This is going to be our last year of renting the gites they will just be left empty same as the pool. Everything has just become so expensive now and some years bookings are good like last year (our best) and this year very bad that we cannot live like that never knowing if you can live till the next year or not. You cannot operate a negative income business for long so thats it. Very sad but the next chapter starts now. I wish others with Gites all the best and hope that you can make enough money to keep the dream alive.
  10. Imagine having to go out and buy 10 Plus king size beds and everything that goes along with it!! You must think that all Gite owners are rolling in money or something, some may say they are but I think you will find the majority are not. We have good mattresses on double beds and have no complaints. Ever thought of buying a Gite business? You may have a bit of a shock how far your small payment goes for your summer holiday..
  11. [quote user="idun"]I am still unpacking my stuff from France and this week found several shopping lists. All on the pad I wrote them on, ie never went with me. I am bordelique. I always forget my list. I always forget my bags. I often buy eco bags, and then they are left all over the house and drives everyone mad. I never fold them. A neighbour in France took quite some time in showing me how to fold bags properly and I was too polite to tell her she was wasting her time. French ladies do not wear underwear? Curious statement, I'm sure that many do. Anyway, from my thread the other week I thought that men liked underwear as it appeared, from what was said, that it is considered as some sort of gift wrapping to be removed at leisure! Do british ladies wear underwear? Do german ladies? A new research project for your blog? [/quote] I have always noticed when on the beach etc that German women do not have to wear underwear as they have enough to keep them warm all year round, If you know what I mean.
  12. We have had nothing but nightmares from RSI since we have been in France. We thought we had paid up all that we owed after being here for 5 years then all of a sudden they find that they had not been taking certain payments for pension and Maternity and demanded all the money within 14 days!! I really feel for you as they have been a complete mess for years and its only now that they are catching up on all the mistakes. I think firstly if you can find someone that can write you a letter to them to ask what exactly the payments are that they are asking for. Ask your accountant if you are paying them to explain what has gone on if they can and pray that its all wrong. Ours was not and be perfectly honest if it had not been for a family member with some money we would have been in deep stuff. I wish I could give you good news but I think that it will end up not so good I'm afraid. All I can say is RSI is the Devil reincarnate...
  13. To keep him alive and in prison would have made a Icon of him whilst still alive more than dead I think. The best thing was to kill him as I thought he was tagged as shoot on sight anyway.Also a watery grave does not leave a shrine for everyone to go to and pray. Yes he will probably be replaced by another nutter but its one very nasty one left. Rest in Hell, Nah having stoking fires down there instead of his how many virgins he reacons hes in for!!!
  14. We have two Gites that at the moment have gas heating via radiators but the heating never actually get's used. Am I right or wrong that these buildings if the radiators were taken out would then be classed as uninhabitable? If the answer is yes would we have any saving on our once a year tax on habitable buildings? Just a thought, or could we save on anything else by doing this as the Gites are not needed. Thankyou.
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