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  1. Well thanks for your help coops, in fact she has worked for only a few weeks since being here (over 3 years) but does have an NI number.

    Doubt if it would be of any significance.

    might she have lost some entitlement in her absence? No idea how it works for French nationals.

  2. Thanks norman,I'm sure she will have one. Will ask in morning when I get home from work.

    Counting down, not too many of these shifts left to work.

  3. Aah wundered how ya accent waz see gud like. Hope ti join ya tres bientot
  4. Hello all, in a few months time I will be taking early retirement (58) and hope soon afterwards to become resident in France.                                                                      I understand the situation re E106 and E121 apart from the exact duration of th E106.

    However as my wife is French, I am wondering how this might affect my rights in this respect. Would i have any entitlement to health cover as "ayant droit"

    because of my french wife. You might think she should know, but alas not the case. Does anyone have any knowledge in this respect.

    Perhaps there is someone out there in similar circumstances who might be able to offer some enlightenment.

    Thanks Ando

  5. Thanks for your comments, will try to take a look at the area during our trip commencing next weekend.

    Cheers Ando

  6. Thanks for your help, will include the area in our forthcoming trip.


  7. Hello, anyone out there with an opinion of South burgundy? We are intending to move to france next year

    and will be visiting Soane et loire in July to look for a nice place to live. (Not specifically looking at houses yet)

    Trying to find the right area first. Chose Saone et Loire as not too distant from Rhone dept where my wife's family live.

    Generally speaking housing in S&L less expensive than near Lyon.

    So any suggestions? Love countryside but don't wish to be too remote.

    Thanks Ando


  8. Thanks Dr Orloff, yes I'm also giving some thought as to when to put the house

    up for sale as I don't want the hassle of trying to be a distant landlord. So I have plenty to

    think about and am just trying to do as much spadework as I can before the time comes.

    Cheers Ando

  9. Thanks for your help Parsnips. Patience will be needed it seems.

    Now where can I find some.

    Cheers Ando[:)]

  10. Thanks for your help. Pretty much as i thought and it seems there will always be a period

    of double taxation until the British Tax authorities get into gear.

    Cheers Ando

  11. In a year or so my french wife and I intend to move to France where I will become tax resident.

    Our income will be a moderate (liveable) company pension and we have funds to buy a house.

    With regard to taxation I estimate that we will be better off under the french system.

    As my pension will be taxed in England untill such time as I have submitted my 1st french tax return

    and thus proved residence, and bearing in mind the french tax system works in arrears .

    Question: Is there any time of year at which it would be most beneficial to become resident.

    EG is Nov 2009 better than Jan 2010 because presumably this could make a years difference to the time

    at which I would submit my 1st tax return and therefore stop paying tax in England.

    Can anyone shed any light?

    Thanks Ando

  12. Thanks to all who responded. Now have a few options to look at.

    Cheers Ando

  13. Ok Ame, Thanks for your help, Ando
  14. Hi, can anyone give me any idea how much french banks are likely to charge for receiving

    Euros transfered through a foreign exchange company into my french account.

    I hope to be able to move to france next year and would wish to transfer shall we say

    5000 euros every 3 months. I imagine using a foreign exchange company is the most cost effective way

    of exchanging my pounds to euros. Any suggestions? Thanks Ando[:D]

  15. OK Cooperola, Thanks for your help anyway.
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