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  1. Perfectly good and fair judgement, he knowingly committed fraudulent trades, falsified documents etc etc , will get what he deserves, and Soc Gen were fined 4 m euros for failing to control him. so both parties punished. dont see there is anymore to say.
  2. as I write the rate is 1.1580, if anyone could foresee the direction of movement they would be rich..... market advice is sell today, since changes to eu budget deficit rules could go against it, also it has risen sharply in the past week or so and a correction is often the case, although I would guess the drop will only be a cent or so.
  3. 39 is russian federation country code.....would'nt call it again..
  4. hi if you want french (dont know why you would its pretty poor) but, France 24 is on astra 28.2 along with english channels if you want the other french channels then you need a motorised setup. you can buy the receiver twin LNB and dish for around 75 euros ( axil ) and the motor is around 80 euros ( worth the money as there are many other satellites which broadcast good tv ), you can pick them off the shelf at Brico depot. good luck
  5. its not helpful to copy paragraphs of irrelevance from the internet like you just have,,,,,,,,,,,,any idiot can do that.
  6. [quote user="Théière"]Not as good as it get's Lafarge chaux blanche contains cement and that's not good. St Astier......as good as it gets period. [/quote] its a very small amount of cement, which gives a hard finish and doesnt brush off when you walk past,,,,,,, but more interestingly, why is it not good ?
  7. Lafarge chaux blanche, add to water to a cream consistency, as good as as it gets! and cheap too!
  8. joidevie: there is no law or requirement to employ an electrician! updating of an existing supply does not need to meet the norms required for a new installation. That means you can dispense with the overkill in regard of tv and telephone points. My advice though, would be to download a copy of the "norms" and rewire bearing them in mind. Of course the main thing is that it is wired correctly/ safely,,,,,,,,,,
  9. control panel ,,,,,printers,,,,,,,,,,printing preferences,,,,,advanced,,,,,,,,,deselect mirror image,,, maybe under page layout if not in advanced
  10. yes i see the difference now !!! English cafes provide toilets for their customers,,,,,,,,,
  11. Hi Orange should be able to do it for you..... someone on here should know the english helpline contact number ? and if you want my advice, take Orange Net plus package,,,34.90 pm + 3 for livebox rental...that gives you broadband connection, unlimited free calls to landlines in france an hour to mobile phones and unlimited free calls to most of the westernized world. and you dont need a french bank account to pay it, you can pay online with a debit card, infact why dont you just do it all online ?
  12. I understand your situation re double exchange,,,,,,, But, you dont have to register a card with paypal to actually use it ? We use a registered french card, and an unregistered uk card !
  13. well they would say that would'nt they! but you could be right........depends which real world your living in, hahaha
  14. ah! well thats another story, its just the way things are in France! no motivation to do a good job........
  15. where on earth have you people been living?????????? of course it was customs that opened it....
  16. Hi There are many arguments to be made I guess..... For me its only a question of maintaining a national identity.. You want to leave your own country, and live in someone elses. you should be prepared to integrate completely if required, that should include language, religion etc etc. You dont like it, no one is forcing you to stay!
  17. Hi So go and buy everything , then, call a plumber and ask how much it is to install !!
  18. dont hold your breath, it is well oversold and will be back up before you know it!
  19. has anyone actually been able to install anything without the 5 x 4 filterbed... I spoke to SDE today, in person and they said there are no treatment plants currently passed for installation they are still in testing phase ? am I missing something here ? are we talking about the same thing?.
  20. Hi If you get stuck, I may be able to help. we are just down the road from Brioux sur boutonne Workload is quite high at present but would be happy to take alook and give you a price for the job. regards
  21. The new contribution will be a pain for some. Only french need to justify qualifications, foreigners need only to provide 3 years validated experience. So not much change really, why should some of us pay taxe professionelle and not others? Sounds fair to me.
  22. [quote user="Chancer"]For some reason I am unable to open web pages that are PDF files, I think that is the correct terminology, I can find lots of links to the subject that I wish to print out but when I click on any of the ones that end with PDF I just get a blank page and nothing happens yet one of them I opened without problem this morning although I had problems printing (another story). I dont know if it helps or is connected but if I go back a page from the blank one using the left arrow at the top left of the browser I get a momentary flash of a blue PDF icon in the middle of the screen before the previous page opens. A good couple of hours ago I decided to print off two pages from this document, compuers are not labour saving for me [:(] Can anyone help/advise? [/quote] You need to tell your browser which program to use to open different files...... normally, click tools, options, content/programs or something similar, then browse to find the adobe executable file and select it.
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