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  1. Ah thank you!. I assumed they were eating them! We do have leeks in Canada but we rarely use them. We prefer to use onions. I thought they were cooking them at the pencil size. Ooops! I had better plant them in the garden. I love leeks. I am looking forward to them.
  2. I bought some "poireaux" today. I see everyone at the market buying it. What are they doing with it exactly?
  3. Thank you everyone for hijacking my question. I live in Canada. I speak french. What is the big deal. I had a serous question and I needed an answer to plan my trip this summer. If no one had a good answer just don't post. I will find a more informative place to go as it appears everyone is more into arguing about who speaks french rather then helping a guy out. Thanks. Oh wait. I am from Canada. Thanks , Merci.
  4. My father was charged for drinking and driving here in Canada and now his his licence back but has to use a breathalyzer to start the car. Will he be allowed to drive a rental car in France? I am traveling over to do the driving anyways but It would be nice to know if he can drive too. Thanks.
  5. It is a house on a very typical french street with all the houses close together. The wire comes of a pole to a box on the side of our house. The box then feeds about 6 other houses on our street. The contractor that came out to activate our phone said we had to get permission from the Marie. Maybe he just did not want to help out english people? We had a storm and lightning hit the phone lines. The next day a repair man came out and fixed everyone's line except ours. We do have someone we trust to get this done for us. I think its time to give him a call.
  6. I signed up to Orange for telephone in May of this year. I traveled over to our home in France and spent the summer there. When the man came to activate our telephone he told us the cable was damaged and would need to be replaced. They never came back to fix it. We eventually got a hold of them and they told us we need to fill out a form and give it to the Marie. We are back in Canada now and we don't have the form. I called Orange again today to see if I could get a form and the customer service agent told me there was no form and I should just get my neighbour to fix my line. Oh France! Is there a form? Can I download it?
  7. I just set up telephone and internet over the phone with Orange.  They said I can pick up my modem at Carrefour and its a livebox.  I am pretty good at hooking up internet here in Canada but I don't know anything about the live box system.  Is it pretty simple?  Our modem over here was pretty much plug and play.  I plug it in and it automaically connects.  The password is on the back of the modem.   Is that the case with this system?  My french is terrible so I may not be able to read the instructions very well.
  8. My mother has had a mild stroke earlier this year and according to her doctor she no longer qualifies for travel insurance.  She owns a house in France.  Is there any french health insurance companies I can possibly try?
  9. OMG so inspiring!  I am still under a blanket of snow here in Canada.  Wishing I was there.  Thanks for the photos!
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    Due to my business being so busy this year I will not be able to get to our house in France until August but I am dying to be over there right now.  I have never seen France in Springtime and I would love to see if there are any spring flowers in the gardens at our house.  Does anyone have any spring garden eye candy the would like to share with me?  Happy Gardening everyone!
  11. Yes I noticed that too.  Thank you for the link.  If I am going to build a business in France I think I might want to find a more reliable source for products though.
  12. avocado butter cocoa butter shea butter palm butter almond butter beeswax emulsifying wax grapefruit seed oil liquid germall soy and parifin wax various oils. Fragrance Oils Wicks Bottles Hope This helps.
  13. I make my own soaps and cosmetic products here in Canada and I was thinking maybe I could start doing that while I was in France but I am having a hard time finding suppliers for the raw materials.  Does anyone know any sites that are in France that sell these products? Thanks a bunch guys! Matt
  14. Are you planting them from seed right in the ground? I have had some luck with them here in Canada. The never grow big enough to harvest artichokes but the do come back every year.
  15. Thanks for all your help everyone! I am in deux-serves Poitou Charents.
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