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  1. [quote user="gardengirl "][quote user="Ivor Nidea"][/quote]  We eat far more eggs now than we used to, as cholesterol in the body was at one time believed to be from eggs - now seriously disputed. [/quote]   I hope your right, we eat at least 30 a week,,,,,,,,,that is between the two of us of course.
  2. [quote user="Rabbie"] The fuss is about the fact that the contents declaration was false. They were labelled as 100% beef when they clearly weren't. There was also the risk that the horsemeat coud contain traces of a drug called "Bute" that can cause blood disorders in humans [/quote] yes, abit naughty the labelling, but, there is no evidence the endusers, birdeye, findus etc were complicit. As clearly stated by health minister, there was no risk whatsoever, paracetamol used daily by millions causes irreversible liver damage.. This whole affair comes down to uneducated population being spoon fed some nonsense, there is nothing wrong with horsemeat, and is popular all over europe, the most expensive of meats, and makes the best sausages,,,,    
  3. I really do not understand what all the fuss is about, those already revolting frozen products can only taste worse when they take out the horsemeat.! Just another political media distraction,,,,,,  
  4. http://www.cdiscount.com/electromenager/v-110-0.html biggest supplier biggest choice biggest discounts
  5. you need to pay more attention to the question, than preparing your smart arsed comments,, There was never any question whether it worked,IT DOES, my question was ' had anyone else ever come across this configuration before and if the 2 amp is neccessary why does it work?
  6. and if the wires are either side of the EDF switch, then they certainly shouldn't be in blue as they will both be live! why is that neccessarily so ? colour doesnt determine live or otherwise. you can use any colour you wish,which is what has probaly been done' However, only one is live and connected to the front of the trip switch the other to the neutral bar. installation is less than 15 years old. apparently you dont have to have the 2amp to make it work....infact you can just put the 2 wires together and cheap rate will kick in but of course you cannot use the tableau to control appliances.
  7. Hi Like others, my cheap rate wiring is a 20 amp, 2amp and trip switch arrangement,, does anyone know any other way to wire ths? the reason i ask, is a friends old fusible board only has a 16 amp fuse and the trip switch, and on edf,s board a blue gray box marked telecommande with 2 blue wires out of it, confused!!
  8. http://www.orange.fr/bin/frame.cgi?u=http%3A//mobile.orange.fr/content/ge/high/v2_offre_boutique/offre/offres/m6_mobile_oes.html
  9. there are three blue tarifs, which are you on now?
  10. [quote user="Cathy"][quote user="tj"]register as autoentrepreneur, get yourself a Carte professional ambulante, (market licence) from prefecture and your off and running[/quote] The Prefecture no longer issue market licences. It is the Chambres de Commerce. [/quote] is this something new? here it is a paper one with photo and gets a renewal stamp every two years,
  11. register as autoentrepreneur, get yourself a Carte professional ambulante, (market licence) from prefecture and your off and running
  12. so you will be jumping up and down with those other april fools ! Even a temporary change in gravity would be catastrophic, and is also a scientific impossibility since its mass and density of the earth that creates its gravity. but you can still jump up and down if you are in any doubt,,:)
  13. www.thermor-heating.com/mbs-embedded-programming
  14. [quote user="JK"]Some people think the pound is cheap so they buy it. Some think it expensive so they sell it. At any one time there are traders who believe the pound will rise and those who believe it will fall. The value rises and fall as the balance between these 2 views is adjusted. Taking the opinions of the ''market experts'' has the same accuracy level as tossing a coin. Rising interest rates tend to strengthen a currency whereas rising inflation weakens it. So there is still a balance. It is what it is and we can't do a thing about it![/quote] dont ever go into forex trading ! :)
  15. a nothing budget, negative growth in uk positive growth in eurozone,
  16. [quote user="idun"] We should however be eradicating those poppy fields and making sure that they realise that even if we did leave any sign of poppy cultivation would be destroyed immediately.[/quote] nothing like a little naivity, and by the way I agree with you, tons of opium is flown into russia and china on US flights , Clinton started the period of efforts to destabalise russia particularly,alchohol and drugs are both ideal weapons, flights arrive in russia under US flag on planes purporting to be "aid" and under current agreements is not subject to customs control. so they have no intention of getting rid of it, otherwise it would have gone by now.
  17. [quote user="breizh"]This is the first time the UN has interferred in an internal national dispute. Even an unholy alliance of China, Russia and Germany didn't want to stop the mandate being accepted. Maybe, just maybe, this what the UN should have being doing for the last 70 years. Maybe, just maybe, politicians can act with some honesty at last. [/quote] here here !!
  18. you need to "sign out' open orange webpage, next to your login name, there is the option ' se deconnecter' click it to sign out. this doesnt affect your use of livebox, but you will need to sign in eachtime you visit the website,
  19. why not ? security and containment! secure the interests of the wider european community, and contain the civil war within Libyan borders.
  20. This is not the same as Iraq, as a previous poster trying to draw similarities maybe thinks.. You have a country who's population wants change.at this point the international community is just preventing a dictator killing thousands of civilians who want rid of him... In my opinion, once the threat has been removed, which has pretty much happened now, there should be a kind of level playing field for them to fight it out between themselves. I'm fairly confident there will be no ground invasion which would then lead to the same mess as we have in iraq and afghanistan. The US has made it quite clear they are not up for it, and as they are the ones who usually storm into places uninvited and then drag the rest of an unwilling nato into some unwinnable situation, I think UK and France + rest will be able to deal with this in the way it was intended, to ensure protection of civilian population from a lunatic with a bigger box of matches....
  21. for two people , electric water heating, cooker fridge, dishwasher all used daily. i think you should be looking around 750 per year, cheap i think.
  22. why do you need to up the clients quote ? a guy has introduced you to a large contract, and you get an attack of morality,,,,,,,,,,misplaced, but still. no sign of an attack of gratefulness I see..... give the man his " drink" or if its too greater moral sacrifice tell him to give it to someone else, infact probably everyone reading this would be grateful;;; dont know what planet people are on some times..
  23. unfortunately for some.the opening up of the work place within the eu will undoubtedly lead to a better choice for the employer.........french are not exactly renown for their work ethic,,,maybe a wakeup call..and not before time..
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