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  1. [quote user="Ian 56"]I am replacing our existing consumer unit (tableau électrique) which dates from 1977 with a larger modern one with a disjoncteur différentiel. Most of the work seems straightforward although the in the old one all the negative wires go to a common terminal block and only the positives pass through the fuse units. Sorting that out is not rocket science.

    However I am puzzled by the wiring for the va-et-vient circuit. The 3 hall and landing lights are controlled by 4 push-button switches. I can identify the wires which lead from these units and also the positive imput to the old switch unit which was a Legrand 49127. The helpful chap in Leroy Merlin sold me a unit to replace this which is an ABB E251T-230 which has 4 terminals. There is a sketchy wiring plan on this which makes no sense to me and I am not convinced it is the right unit anyway.

    Can anyone help with information for the correct replacement unit and of the connections to it?


    I tried doing this in the UK once and got so confused that I had to get an electrician in to sort it out [:$]

  2. [quote user="pachapapa"]

    [quote user="Rich1972"]Well I bought a bag of St Astier chaux aerienne from 3M so I'm going to make my own. Thanks for the feedback.


    May I enquire which type of chaux aérienne you purchased?


    St Astier 'Decorchaux' CL 90


    And I don't care if it's wrong. It's going on the walls.

  3. I find that very hard to believe, but this is France so god knows what the truth is. I've got the waste pipes running inside behind a false wall, only because the house backs onto a farmer's yard. Aesthetically it's better to have them inside the house, IMO.

  4. Well I bought a bag of St Astier chaux aerienne from 3M so I'm going to make my own. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. I've bought a bag of chaux aérienne so I'm going to make my own.

  6. [quote user="Théière"]

    Are you saying France makes hard work of a simple task?


    Yes! [:D]

  7. [quote user="Théière"]

    If you have a good lime rendered wall it doesn't need anything else


    I know...but as I said in the OP, the wall in one of the downstairs rooms was painted years ago and the render didn't need replacing, so I need to repaint it as it was probably last painted in the 1960s. I find it astonishing that you can't just go and buy a pot of the stuff off the shelf.

  8. [quote user="Théière"]

    If the wall needs to breathe then lime wash.[/quote]

    So given that France is full of lime-rendered walls, why doesn't the local brico sell anything other than emulsion? I'm trying to do things 'properly' and it's turning into a gigantic pain in the butt.

  9. So what have people actually used in their own homes!! I'm none the wiser at the moment [:'(]

  10. [quote user="Théière"]

    Calm down, calm down [;-)]

    You have to know exactly what to ask for, my impression is if you don't you will just get a Gallic shrug, some sort of fun the French play on the British

    Chaux Aimos" which comes in buckets and has the consistency of Creme Fraiche. It's very pure, very white and makes a very economical limewash paint when mixed with water. It can also be used as the basis for other inerior decorative finishes and easily coloured with pigments.


    Hmmm...and is this stuff readily available or do I have to order it online from a one-man band located in a small hut deep in the Pyrenees? [kiss]

    Edit: I'm rather disconcerted that Googling 'chaux aimos' has only produced 36 results...

  11. Actually I don't care if it's lime-based, I just want a white, breathable paint to go on a wall of pre-painted lime render! The wall must've been painted years ago and it's not emulsion. It's very powdery with a matt finish so I don't want to throw emulsion onto it. This is France! Land of limestone houses and renovations, and can I find anything suitable at the local brico? No. It's all emulsion this, that and the other.

    WHY don't they sell the stuff??

    Honestly, I could scream sometimes [:'(]

  12. [quote user="Chancer"]

    [quote user="Théière"]What's wrong with the panels, they fill the void. If your insulation is loose enough to fold back on it's self then that's not much insulation so it won't work effectively.[/quote]

    Speaking from my point of view, 100mm laine de verre revetu semi rigide @ €4.71 per square metre versus British Gas subsidised 200mm fibre glass split to 100mm at 15 pence per square metre.

    Even less if you include the profit that I made when I sold on the excess of 24 rolls but that was to cover the ferry costs etc.

    I have a lot of metrage to do with ceilings, cloisons and external walls on all 3 floors.

    I wish I been around during the silly weekend when they were selling for 89 per roll, it made 3 for a fiver seem expensive!


    But this is France, land of the rip-off! [Www]

  13. [quote user="BIG MAC"]It usually stays put if cut correctly if you are having bother then staple some paper tape/ scrim across the studs?[/quote]

    Ah ok, I understand the principle. Nice idea

  14. I've built partition walls for the bathroom and hallway using wooden chevrons (much to the disgust of my French builder acquaintance). I've plasterboarded one side and now the wiring and plumbing is installed I can put up the other side of plasterboard. Before that I need to get some insulation. I'm planning on using the roll type laine de verre insulation rather than the panel type so my question is, how do I attach the insulation to the wall so that it doesn't fold back under its own weight as I'm putting it up?

    What have other people's experiences been?

  15. [quote user="Théière"]Toupret or not Toupret that is the question [;-)][/quote]


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