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  1. It is a shame that they are so rare now. They are ideal cheap transport, and the small effort of registration must surely be well worth it. On the matter of restoration, I bought two from a scrap yard last month and one of them turned out to be a 45 from 1949! I thought a lot of parts would need replacing but I have got the wheels looking good now against the odds. I also bought a 1700 last week on Angloinfo which is rideable. I sneaked out under cover of heavy rain with no number plate and a plastic hood for a helmet. Pedalled home though - she needs a service! My plan is to do my part for these great little machines by buying them 'as is' and restorating them to sell.
  2. All the bikes that are not a lot of money seem to be in other parts of France, at the present time. Of course I can narrow it to this area but people ask a lot of money for things on that site, then they appear again and again because they do not sell. The last Velosolex I bought was through Angloinfo, 60 Euros for a runner. I am prepared to pay a bit more than that though!
  3. There are indeed many, once one learns to search for SOLEX rather than VELOSOLEX. For some reason they all seem to be at the other end of the country!
  4. Velosolex wanted - preferably complete, Charente area. Thank you, Gerard Saunders
  5. Ours goes straight up - you can see the sky through it.
  6. Text removed - Advertising. You can PM or email the OP directly but not post directly on the forum. Them's the rules, sorry.
  7. I think it' rather charming. If a road cannot be fast then it should be quaint. When in Sussex we are close to the dear old A272, a road that winds gently from near Heathfield all the way to Winchester. So civilized, I allow three hours for a 100 mile journey, am never late and never stressed.
  8. Funny how there is this ego thing about speed. Speed produces more emissions and for that reason alone the government will not want to be seen to increase the limits. Most of the time on British motorways speed is limited by the density of traffic anyway so raising the limit will have little effect on journey times. In transport terms Britain is a third world country. There needs to be more emphasis on investment in infrastructure rather than in spurious arguments about speed limits and the like.
  9. There are no proper motorways in the UK. They are all obsolete and jam packed. Increasing the limit will raise pollution as well. As for the journey time argument: If you drive faster while the road is clear you simply reach the next obstruction sooner. Journey times are not significantly reduced.
  10. [quote user="Pommier"]At least the BBC's move will take 1500 jobs from London to Manchester. It's always seemed strange that institutions which could be located anywhere in the UK where there are people to staff them, chose to remain in expensive, high salary London.[/quote] It's a modern misconception to suppose that the BBC could be located anywhere. Most of what happens in the UK originates in London and it is right that the public broadcaster should be right in the thick of it. When an MP makes a sudden resignation, or their is big government news of some sort, a representative can be in a studio within minutes. That will not happen if said studio is stuck up in Salford, Greater Manchester. Furthermore it is no good saying it can be done by video link. What we will then have is a totally fractured organisation with people 'working' together who very likely never meet. There will be no integrity or personal commitment in the delivery of public service radio and TV, just a faceless pumping out of bland and shallow material.
  11. And now they're moving to Salford, Greater Manchester. A new labour decision, something to do with devolution. What a waste of a once fine and respected institution.
  12. Really, all it needs is some common sense. We have a guest kitchen where they can freeze their ice etc. We frequently store the odd item, but no-one seems to take the mickey. Why do so many people get on their high horse on these things and start shooting their mouth off about rules, policies etc. We have no signs in our CDH, except the statutory fee notice. Long may this situation remain.
  13. Well at least if the agent is copying your former partner in he must be getting off his arse. That in itself is remarkable.
  14. We are looking forward to welcoming six newly qualified priests from India in November. Their organiser has even offered to pay 6,000 Euro up front for their interpreter. We cant lose.
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