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  1. Perhaps the declaration of pension funds on your impots sur les revenues form, if it is for the first time this year, has caused them to think that she is receiving a UK state pension (not taking into account her age of course). Regards, Hester.
  2. Hello, we have a multi-risks house insurance which contains a clause which appears to cover us for civil responsibilty for pets. However a neighbour, relating a story where someone has claimed against them, informed me that we need to let the insurance company know the breed of our dog (even though not on any list) in order to be covered.

    Has anyone else done this? I telephoned this morning, but it got very complicated and I think that it was probably not necessary. Waiting for someone else to ring me in the morning, maybe to sell me pet insurance, not sure!

    Regards, Hester.

  3. Could anyone tell me if it is the same price to change the old carte grise on a second hand car from the seller to the buyer as it is to get one from scratch. We are having to buy a 9yr old second hand car (renault estate) as our old one is a right off. Didn't facture in the cost of carte grise and now think it may be around 500 euros looking at a french website.  So quite a shock as car costs 2,000 euros. Do number plates have to be changed now also (not because of change of dept. because of new system). Thanks.

    Regards Hester.

  4. Blevinsfranks  say that treatment of goverment service pensions and UK rental incomes are not changed under the new treaty and  that the taux effectif should still be applied to such income.   They refer to article 24(3){a}{ii} of the treaty. Couldn't cut and paste but googled "avoiding double taxaton in France under the New Treaty". Hester.

  5. Thanks for replies. I suppose it makes sense that a government pension should now be added to any others  to go towards total income, otherwise a tax credit  wouldn't be needed. Regards Hester.
  6. Hello Minnie, do you mean when you had entered UK govt pension on the pink 2047 "other form". Also as well as in 8TK does the amount get entered on the previous page 1AS/1BS. Thanks, regards, Hester.
  7. Hello, sorry to hear about your problem. You are being very patient with your dog and as you become more attached it would be difficult to have to move him on again. Our resuce dog had other issues which I am just starting to resolve nearly a year since we got him.

    Crate training is very big in other countries and in America most people train their puppies in this way (or so I have researched on the web). For night time it could be useful, the idea being that they will not soil in their crate, providing there are no underlying medical problems. That way you could leave him a bit longer every night to help his bladder control to get stronger.

    Also whilst checking about stress incontinence before having my female puppy sterilised I read that there is medication that they can take for life, but unfortunately I don't know the name.

    Good luck, hang in there. Regards Hester.

    PS some medications do make them pee more, our older dog was on steroids for arthritis and he drank and peed a lot more. Perhaps non-dog owners may scoff, but... we adapted a baby's nappy for him towards the end of his life, gave him another 8months and worked a treat!

    PSS just read your other thread and see that you're already experienced with resuce dogs so you probably know lots of the above stuff.

  8. Yes, most folk around here (the limousin) have had at least one person in their family have take a course of antibiotics due to symptoms coming on after a tick bite.

    I had the "bulls eye" which was my initiation to the world of ticks. Since then I've been on the lookout for the little monsters, especially when Spring is around the corner. Back in 2002, we used to lie in the grass and walk through the fields without attracting any of the little blighters (wasn't even aware of their existence),  but now they seem to be everywhere except in a cold winter when they lie low. Last Summer didn't seem to be too bad, it was so hot it must have killed some of them off (apparently the only thing that can kill them - heat).

    So I suppose it makes sense, more ticks, more possibility of catching Lyme Disease.


  9. Many thanks Gardian and Woolybanana.     But......sorry to have wasted your time, it turns out to be the plug in timer. Should have tried that earlier but it was working on the overide, just the hours that were timed to come on when it didn't work. Lesson learned: plug in timers don't last forever. Thanks again, Hester.
  10. Hello, we had our chauffe eau installed six years ago and usually have it switched on for four hours a day which gives us enough hot water.   This morning the water was barely luke warm, so assumed there is a problem. However, when we switched it to come on again the electricity meter is flashing, indicating power and thus heating up? But still not getting much hotter. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening. Thanks, Hester.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I do have the triple package with Orange so will call into their shop and ask if it will work in my area. Can I also ask, do you know what the 3D TV's are? They offer 3D glasses to go with them. Will this just be for viewing certain films or programmes that are made in 3D, would it work for UK TV via a Sky box? I am going to go into town to ask, but useful to have some information beforehand. Thanks, Hester.
  12. Hello, been browsing the glossy brochures that come each week and trying to work out what these new state of the art TVs can do. Is there any way of receiving french TV without a dish? ie via Orange live box and the optional TV receiver, or through one of the new TVs that seem have lots of "stuff" all ready to go. Please excuse my total lack of tech. speak and know-how. Thanks Hester.
  13. We have had a SEB Actifry machine for a couple of years now; bought it before they came down in price. I love it. Makes two good portions of chips in about 20 - 25 minutes. Not quite as crisp as done in a chip pan, but a very good alternative. It's starting to get a bit greasy now but I think that the parts can go into a dish washer (we don't have one). I usually just wipe it out with kitchen roll and give it a wash every now and then.

    Regards Hester.

  14. Good luck. You are so knowledgeable and always give advice in a thoughtful way. Always had confidence in your postings. Best wishes, Hester.
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