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  1. The relevant offence when you have been disqualified from driving is that you are disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence The relevant text is here 103.—(1) If a person disqualified for holding or obtaining a licence—  (a) obtains a licence while he is so disqualified, or  (b) while he is so disqualified drives on a road a motor vehicle or, if the disqualification is limited to the driving of a motor vehicle of a particular class, a motor vehicle of that class, he is guilty of an offence.     (2) A licence obtained by any person who is disqualified is of no effect. Thus even if that person has another driving licence issued by another country the person is still committing a criminal offence in the UK if he drives.  If he obtains another driving licence while disqualified he commits a criminal offence. There is obviously nothing to prevent someone driving while disqualified(except the fear of being caught)  however if stopped by the police it takes a matter of moments to establish if he is disqualified or not.and it is now common practice for police officers to request this check routinely even where the person produces what appears to be a valid licence
  2. Well I recon that Lady Di and Jodi are still alive and living on an  desert island somewhere. Now Chris prove that I am not correct
  3. [quote user="Dick Smith"]He meant the website name is the same as the user name. [/quote]   No it aint  not the website for the name in dispute
  4. The first line of their website reads The birth place and home of one of the most important French writers of his era and then mentions his name If that is not trying to cash in on his name. Also its tends to suggest that it is still his home
  5. Really sad person or what I bet you hang about supermarket car parks and talk to anyone with a british numberplate  car
  6. Perhaps a bit of a coincidence but on another forum renters as described ie 2 adults 3 children are complaining about their rental accomodation and are seeking advice  about not paying any more for their rental.
  7. Presuming your caravan was in your garden or nearby I can understand why the insurance coy will not pay out Did you leave a TV/DVD, three piece suite etc in your caravan you say you were storing items in it It is not a storage shed these items should have been in your house I leave very little in the caravan when not in use but if I was away on holiday that would be a different matter and I would then expect to be paid out if someone broke in and stole say the TV
  8. I would have thought that the Australion tax form were in English but who know And as for ever having seen one no I have never been to Australia
  9. We have travelled back and forth to Spain from France and have never been stopped let alone asked for any documents for the dogs but if you have the new style european pet passport with up to date rabies that is all you need
  10. [quote user="micky.p."] hello , thanks for your reply , we are wanting both  and are based in deux serves. what i am wanting is the old orignal flagstone , which i didnt state correctly. there is a person on anglo file who has 21 m sq  or 25 as she is not sure, she will send you pictures , but is wanting 50 euros per sq m , and you have to collect them .thanks and keep in touch. [/quote]   That is cheap 100 euros a square metre and 100 euros a square metre for laying them is the going rate
  11. We have had an enquiry from some people who wish to rent gite for next summer We take dogs but they have 5 they wish to bring We normally do not charge for dogs but it is usually only 1 perhaps 2 never 5 What do we do Refuse the booking Accept the booking Accept but charge an extra 250 euros per week Accept as above ie 250 euros and also increase security deposit to 1000 euros   I am inclined to not accept the booking if that is my decision are there any gite owners prepared to take 5 dogs and I will pass their details on
  12. If he was on site I dont know why he could not have returned your security deposit when you were leaving. Suspect that there is little you can do about it,except tell your friends . Our neighbours always return deposit when guests are leaving after a quick inspection,and would not dream of withholding money because of bin bags  
  13. The ready made up crepi should not be applied straight onto block walls the lines show thro and if you try and put it on thick to cover the joints it just cracks I know been their done it.you will need a concrete undercoat You can after that put in on with a roller or paint brush  
  14. If she follows the other passengers then she hopefully will arrive in the baggage hall there is no customs as such just the douinas  who want to see your passport then it is out into arrivals hall There is free parking for half an hour otherwise you pay, huge car parks so no problems parking ,just remember to take your ticket with you and pay in the terminal building before you go back to the car Do a search for bordeaux airport which gives all the info on parking
  15. Try the internet http://www.priceminister.com/auto-moto   One site but plenty more for getting a discount  but the main dealer may give you the same
  16. Your tax forms will not arrive you will need to go to your local impots next year to get a form after that they will send them out automatically   You may also have to register your gite business but not sure about that someone else will be more knowledgable about that
  17. Why not hire a car from Angouleme and drop it off at the airport,mind you I do not know how you would get from Confolens to Angouleme to pick the car up.One of the major difficulties of staying in rural france very little if any public transport.
  18. How about this one/ Hello we have been seen your property and are thinking of coming to stay for one or two weeks in September.from 9th Please can you clarify a few things : There would be my husband and myself with our baby daughter. Would we get a low occupancy reduction on our booking?indeed what is your best price as it seems to vary from site to site.what offers are available? How warm is the weather normally in September? We would want our daughter in a separate bedroom but in a cot.is there enough room. Would a baby listener work in the property. We are vegetarian and our baby daughter is allergic to eggs where could you recommend we eat? How long would it take for us to drive from the nearest ferry port? How far are the nearest shops/restaurants/Towns? how many share the pool? Could you provide ,cot high chair etc We hope to hear from you soon   It appears genuine however most of the questions asked are already on the advert
  19. But you just end up with whitish pointing
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