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  1. I also have two tickets for the European cup final, however, I’ve just realised it is the same date as my wedding! Is there anybody out there who would like to get married? Leo
  2. Where? ,and when? Kind regards, Leo
  3. Hi Dave, your postings and your experiences have been a breath of fresh air! You will never make the progress you deserve whilst living in France . I am sure there are many countries where you would succeed and get just rewards however, France is not one of them , Kind regards, Leo
  4. Most of my clients tend to be female and over 18 but I find that they come from all different backgrounds. Hi Tracy, did you miss out the word vulnerable in your description of your clients
  5. I am 65 and my wife is 63 I take Fybogel every day Jennifer takes nowt! ps. we spend every winter in Spain
  6. [quote user="kateob"]Late next year we plan to move to France, selling our house in England and our small, isolated cottage in Brittany and moving further south towards the Loire.  Although we have done quite a bit of research around the Loire and in the Charente and Deux-Sevres areaa, it is quite hard to decide where we should go.  Not too far south of the Loire would be ideal, as I have had one bout of skin cancer and don't want to be where the summers are too hot.  I love culture, architecture, museums, galleries and theatre, so would prefer a modern-ish largish town with (although I will embrace French life as much as possible) a thriving English-speaking community.  The move is really driven by my husband - I am a little nervous but will give France my all if I can find a place I can feel at home in.  Any advice would be very welcome, thank you. [/quote] Hi Kate, after carefully reading your post  I would like you to consider the following; Late next year when you  plan to move to France, rent out your house in England and live full time in your Brittany cottage for up to a year during which you can visit/ research the Loire region often . Your house in England may be the best investment you will ever have! Most Brits are likely to lose money ( in real terms) when they buy then later sell , a house in France ! Kind regards, Leo
  7. Sad news indeed, Coops was a living "angel" God Bless.
  8. nomoss, this is meant to be the "funny and lighthearted "part of the forum!
  9. I wish I had bought it in someone else's name
  10. [quote user="woolybanana"]Whilst I labour to paint the downstairs hall which, I might add, is nice and cool except where it is not, perhaps we might speculate as to who will be given the honour of lighting the flame. I gather that an offer was turned down, from Tony Blair. Personally I would like one of those delicious beach volleyball gels in something see through. Who would you like to see do it? [/quote] Susan Boyle was best in class at volleyball in her schooldays!
  11. The best tune ever on bbc radio ?
  12. [quote user="Christine Animal"]My computer will never let me get Telegraph links and I don't understand why.  I'll have to try to find the article another way, if I haven't committed suicide by then!   [/quote] Perhaps ,your computer has been blessed from above !
  13. [quote user="Loiseau"]My 2x great-grandfather married his first cousin, and they produced 16 children. Might explain my 20 fingers and 20 toes I suppose.... Angela [/quote] One finger ,one thumb ,one arm, one leg , keep moving !
  14. The majority of Brits when deciding to sell their French house ,value it using the “wrong method”. Initial property cost (A) plus renovation costs (B) plus a small profit to cover investment/inflation.(C) A plus B and C = Valuation What one paid for the property plus what has been spent on improvements is irrelevant when marketing ! It only becomes relevant after you have collected and transferred the dosh back in to pounds! A useful barometer is knowing what similar properties have sold for in your own region A useless barometer is looking at what price other similar properties are currently listed
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