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  1. hi derf   you can buy the closers almost anywhere nowadays...they are usually referred to as door buffers...check out screwfix website ....they refer to them as slow closers I am sure you are right, but I can't see them being as easy to fit as the Ikea ones, no need to even remove the drawers just open them and click the buffers on.
  2. [quote user="Clair"]To use the on screen keyboard (OSK) in Vista: Start / Démarrer (click on Vista logo on the tool bar)Configuration panel / Panneau de configurationEase of access centre  / Options d'ergonomieStart on-screen ketboard / Activer le clavier visue[/quote] Or "Run" OSK[:D] if you don't have the  RUN command showing, you can enable it to be on the menu all the time.
  3. EDIT: Do any of you know if you can add the 'smooth closing action' on drawers and cupboards to a range that doesn't have it?  I really like the Varde free-standing range but it doesn't have this and OH would like it... not the end of the world but just wondered if there was something you could buy and instal? The smooth closing action on the drawers is achieved by small shock absorbers clipped to the wall end of the drawer runners 1 pair per drawer, they don't come as standard they are an optional extra. I don't know if they will fit the range that you are interested in. You can also fit a similar shock absorber to the cupboard doors, again an optional extra but should fit any range of kitchen.
  4. I posted this link for car part names english/french or french/english sometime ago, here it is a again. http://the.burgund.chez-alice.fr/trad_cadre.htm
  5. [quote user="Puzzled"]I have just come back from sending my daughter's passport off for renewal. The postal order cost added an extra 5€ to the cost, why can't they just accept French cheques. [:@]  I also completed the recommandée slip but the postal worker was adamant (in a nice way) that I should send a sae with it - just hope it doesn't come bouncing back! [/quote] If you added in the cost of the return postage to the passport fee then you will be fine. For some reason if you live in Luxenburg you can phone and pay with your credit card details.
  6. derf wrote: "You don't need your passport photo's counter signing for an adult passport renewal, only for children under 16." Tresco wrote: "I definitely had to have mine countersigned, just a few weeks ago. I think Cathy and others really need to plough through the forms for themselves, as what you say suggests the rules may have changed recently. BTW there was some conflicting advice given on one pile of bumf and another, about the photo requirements. I phoned the Embassy up and explained it but they didn't seem particularly interested. Something to do with the background colour, if I remember correctly" I also renewed my passport in November without having the photo countersigned, Here is an extract from the web site: "Please note that photos must be countersigned for children’s (under 16) passport applications and for first-time adult passport applications. Someone (including French nationals) of professional standing who is not a family member and who has known the applicant or parents of the applicant for at least two years can act as counter-signatory."
  7. You don't need your passport photo's counter signing for an adult passport renewal, only for children under 16. ErnieY The reason it cost €187 instead of €176 is because you have to pay the cost of the postal order and return postage
  8. If your head doesn't hurt too much, have a look at this site:http://www.camliti-architecte.com/shon-shob/calcul_shon.htm
  9. [quote user="Harvey"]Any suggestions for a cheaper way of calling an English mobile from France....[/quote] Have a look at this site: http://www.telerabais.com/index2.php?type=1
  10. This BBC website may help you to progress.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/mafrance/#
  11. derf

    Mince meat

    [quote user="londoneye"]OK you have almost convinced me.   Managed to find some more recipes on-line which don't look quite so arduous, and require 3 hours of shopping to find ingredients!    However, suet .... can you get suet in France (still not sure what it is, but beginning to think I probably don't want to know anyway).    If so, what is  it called please ?[/quote] If you go to your butcher you can ask for some "Graisse de rognon" it's the fat from around the loins and especially the kidneys, mutton  or beef
  12. Try the USB dongle in the desktop and see if you get a good wireless connection with it. If the Livebox is faulty take it into a FT shop and they will change it for you.
  13. [quote user="ErnieY"]If there were an English translation of the C dl R then I would buy it but as far as I have been able to discover the best there is is from HERE or from WHSmith who I think are offering the same thing, but the price of €20 is a bit hard to swallow, especially as it's not a complete translation.[/quote] It is your responsibility as a car driver in France to know  the Code de la route, my advice would be to buy it and read it, with the help of a dictionary if necessary, it's not that difficult to understand, lots of pics for the Sun readers out there[6][:D]
  14. [quote user="cheryla"]We're in Castillonnes which is about 17k from Eymet, so there's the choice of mixing with British or French people (and our house is for sale!!) [/quote] How much is it?[:D]
  15. You could try a search on this link:  http://tinyurl.com/36ft2e
  16. [quote user="Bones"]Great! Better get it sold rapido then. [;-)] Cheers SD. [/quote] And if you do sell the car[;-)] the insurance company will want to see proof of the sale to cancel the policy.[:)]
  17. Here is another one to add to the collection, maybe we will find two the same one day[8-)] L’Assurance Maladie LOT-ET-GARONNE Date 13 novembre 2007 WSecu: ************************* Objet: Renouvellement de vos droits et la CMU (couverture maladie universelle) Madame, Monsieur, Vous avez déposez une demande de renouvellement de CMU le 10.09.2007 Je vous informe qu'en raison de I'évolution du droit communautaire, les conditions d'accès a la protection sociale des ressortissants communautaires « inactifs » ont été modifies. En effet, en application de la directive communautaire 2004/38 du 29 avril 2004, votre droit au séjour en France est soumis au respect de deux conditions: -être déjà bénéficiaire d'une assurance maladie, -et disposer de ressources suffisantes afin de ne pas devenir une charge déraisonnable pour les finances de l'Etat d'accueil. Cette directive vient d'être transposée en droit français par la loi sur I'immigration et I'intégration et par le décret n02007-371 du 21 mars 2007. En conséquence, vos droits a la CMU ne peuvent être renouvelés. Toutefois, a titre dérogatoire, pour vous permettre de disposer du délai nécessaire a la recherche d'une autre assurance maladie, vos droits a la CMU sont prolonges jusqu'au 31 mars 2008. Pour bénéficier de cette prolongation, je vous invite a mettre a jour votre carte vitale dans une borne (CPAM, pharmacie, antenne, Hôpital, Mairie) dans les meilleurs délais afin que le service compétent procède a I'enregistrement des droits dans votre carte Vitale. Je vous prie d'agréer, Madame, Monsieur, I'expression de mes salutations distinguées.
  18. I think it is "Refroidisseur De Bouteille" they were available in our local wine co-op shop
  19. "But that is what you would say to a family member, friend or a child isn't it Clair? Surely you would not use the tutoyer to a stranger that you wanted to insult would you?  Or is this just a phrase that does not change?" I would think that the use of tutoyer to a stranger, is the biggest part of the insult and I believe it's widely used by angry car drivers in particular.[6]
  20. I am not a builder, but I think that you would normaly build your internal walls directly onto the concrete base/floor if you haven't got a concrete base to build on, i.e. earth floor and tiles , I would suggest that is were you should start.
  21. On most of the central heating/boiler installations I have seen, the pump is a separate item, plumbed into the pipework.
  22. Not unless you say, "You had seen the for sale sign".[:D]
  23. I think unless "Elle dedans" is up the duff,  Oui[:D]
  24. derf

    water bill

    Not the Marie, post it to the address for your local Tresor Public office.
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