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  1. I have just looked at both of those sites and I think that my problem has been solved. Thank you both very much for your swift and very useful replies.
  2. I do lots of knitting and recently bought a pattern I liked from my local Presse. Then I discovered that I didn't understand the abbreviations for the stitches!!! My French is reasonably good but I have been unable to can't get any help locally. Does anybody know of anyone in my area who knits and who could tell me what the abbreviations stand for? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks NormanH that is brilliant. It gives exactly the result that I have been quoted. I am sure many people will find it extremely useful and it will help to avoid a lot of visits to the tax office. Also if anybody is waiting for their Avis they should use your spreadsheet to prepare themselves for a shock or not. What a clever thing to have done. Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you both for your comments. I now understand much more than I did. Last year I paid 71 and this year it is estimated to be 540 Euros. Having written it down I realise it is more like 8 times last years payment than 9 but still a considerable increase, wouldn't you say?
  5. I first of all have to admit that I am not skilled at anything other than worrying a bone to death and I am thoroughly confused by this tax change. I submitted my tax return at the Jonzac office and my Avis duly arrived and was horrendous. On examining the form however i discovered that I had transposed two critical figures. I went to the office and was advised to do a "Rectificative" with a covering letter. Feeling this was beyond me I asked an organisation to do it for me. It was quickly completed and a copy sent to me. On reading through this I noticed that in Box VI of the 2047 my total Military pension was entered. In the next column was a figure I did not recognise but when I asked the question I was told this was the total amount of tax I had paid on my income in the UK. A tax estimate for France was given which was roughly 9 times what I paid the previous year on exactly the same amount of pension and tax paid. I was assured this was correct. When I went back and said that the incorrect tax figure had been applied and that in fact the actual amount paid was over four hundred euros more than had been entered into the form, I was told that even applying that figure produced the same amount of tax liability so there was no point in resubmitting. I hope somebody has been able to follow this. I have two questions which I hope some kind person can help with. First of all does 9 times last years tax bill sound right? Secondly and probably more importantly, does the total tax paid in the UK impact on the tax calculation made by the French. Is it true that revising upwards by around 450 Euros the figure of tax paid on the form 2047 will have no impact on the tax required by the French authority? I would be very grateful for any help and offer my thanks in advance.
  6. Friends have a Sime boiler which is giving them problems. Does anybody know of a good heating engineer or a Sime Boiler repair agency in the Charente Maritime region. They live in Mirambeau. They are a bit desperate at the moment with being unable to take a shower.
  7. Thank you very much for your contributions to this thread. "Terrain de loisirs" has been especially productive so thanks for that and thank you for taking the trouble to comment. [:D]
  8. Friends of mine are looking for a small plot to site their  mobile home for holidays in the Charente Maritime region. Does anybody know where I could get information about such plots, I think they used to be called "Garden plots" !! I have looked in several estate agents  but haven't seen anything to this point.  Grateful for any help. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the information. I really should have done my homework before I ordered. I should have known better. Buy in haste and all that stuff......... Fortunately, it looks like Amazon will take it back and then I will order the right  one. Thanks for you help, so swiftly delivered.
  10. Hi Tim thanks for your response. I have been trying all afternoon to install the machine with no success. When I scroll to the "system " it shows no signal being received. I am using a sky freeview box and trying to install the PVR through that. Bought it from Amazon and when I went back and looked at the customer reviews two reviewers said they had been unable to install through Sky freeview box.
  11. I have just bought a Humax PVR-9300T to install on my existing satellite system  here in Mirambeau on which I currently watch Sky freeview. I was struck by the capabilities of the machine but I am struggling to install it. Doing my homework, sadly after the event,  I picked up the information that I will not be able to install it here. Is this really the case? Reading some of the posts here it seems a number of you have some experience of this particular equipment. Have I made a foolish purchase? Is the situation redeemable? Most grateful for any help that can be offered.
  12. Thank you Clair, your post crossed with my thanks to sweet 17. How very generous you have both been with your time. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you again, you have been a great help.
  14. Thank you very much for your help. As is nearly always the case, it seems very obvious, now I know where to look. Did you enter the total cost of the facture and leave them to decide how much you would get or were you more scientific than that.
  15. We bought a wood burner last year, one of the best investments we have made. The fire was supplied and installed by an artisan, so no problem there.  What is the procedure for claiming the tax credit? Do you just include the facture with your tax form or is there somewhere on the form that needs to be completed. My French is not great but I really can't see any obvious place to put those details? Very grateful for any advice.
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