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  1. Our well is 30m deep to the water surface. Seems to me it'll be cheaper to use the tap rather than invest in expensive pump equipment...
  2. Patently they're wearing infra-red goggles. Obvious, innit?
  3. [quote user="powerdesal"]How on earth can a staircase be described as ''sexy''??????[/quote] Like some women - not much upstairs but, boy, what a staircase! [:P]
  4. The box/dish have no idea where they are. And your viewing card will simply dictate what local news you get by default (based on UK address used.) Buy your stuff here - got to be easier.
  5. I've made my own doors and went for black wrought-iron thumb latches. Catalogue prices can be steep, but B & Q were doing them in packs for just a few quid each. Made in India IIRC but quite acceptable. Hope that helps.
  6. The various 419 scambaiting websites and forums do it regularly.
  7. The BBC Click prog was highlighting the longevity - or lack thereof - of the various media used to store information - particularly CDs/DVDs. The answer was to: a. store it in two or more places; b. renew the storage medium periodically, say every two to five years. It's certainly got me thinking about the viability of a DVD in ten year's time.
  8. Sounds a drastic measure unless there's material on the drive you're really worried about. And who would know and/or want to go looking for such stuff? Have you done a Google search on the various methods of wiping a HDD securely? There's also zeroing the drive. All software methods and next-to-no expense incurred. Just a thought.
  9. If you get stuck, take the old belt into an agricultural suppliers. Likely they'll have vast quantities for all sorts of machines and something will fit.
  10. Having been nipped by something in the past and had a red line track down my arm, the consensus from my doctor and an RAF doctor was that the felon was a spider.
  11. [quote user="Chancer"]You should try what people in the know do on a boat, come down the stairs backwards. [;-)] [/quote] Depends on the boat. Mine was a carrier... I can shin up and down no problem, but quite a number of females have difficulty coming down and consequently return to earth backwards. Often awkward. So SWMBO has issued an edict... Get rid.
  12. Thanks for all the responses. Much to consider. I would have liked to have kept the old massive staircase, but the treads are shallow and overlap too much. It's means feet are splayed sideways coming down... [:(]
  13. thunderhorse


    As long as they haven't gone off, I'd get them planted. Nothing spoiling.
  14. What a great site for measuring plots of land - set the dish in one corner, and then the perceived obstacle in another - et voila, distance measured.
  15. Thanks for that. I figured they may be a bit OTT with cost. But if there's unlikely to be any off the shelf, I'll set to with a carpenter friend.
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