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  1. I have been glued to the TV all morning. What an incredible achievement and I pray that they all get safely out of the prison they hve been trapped in for so long.  Such brave men !!
  2. She comes under a different Commune so not sure if the ban applies to her village. Yes, I have suggested to her that she should contact her maire but she lives on her own and her French is not too good.   I am sure someone  may be able to help  with the language barrier
  3. Recently we had a leaflet from our Maire stating that garden bonfires were not allowed...or words to that effect. A friend of  mine, who lives in another village and comes under another Maire, has an English neighbour who is an absolute pest with his bonfires. Summer or winter he lights them and ignores any polite exchange with our friend about consideration. Is there any hard fast rules regarding bonfires or does it vary from village to village. There really is no need to have bonfires as all the Decheteries have sections for garden waste and use it for recyling for compost. This man is an absolute pest and my friend suffers from Asthma and has to keep all windows and doors closed as the smell and smoke is so bad.
  4. Just braised Jumeau and it was so tender and edible..Yea  !!!  Found some beef that we can actually eat.
  5. valB

    Sprout tops

    I just love all the winter veggies but most of all it is the dark greens especially Kale. My OH likes white cabbage but I will definitely be on the look out for Curly Kale this winter. Yes, I may be brave enought oask for some Sprout tops and tell them it is a quaint English custom to eat them..lol.
  6. valB

    Sprout tops

    Just wondered why the French do not eat Sprout Tops as we do in UK. Also, I have never seen dark Greens or Kale over here. Unfortunately my Sprouts did not come to much this year but driving around I see lots of healthy plants with delicious tops but have been told they just get thrown away or fed to animals so don't want to look like a heathen and ask for some.
  7. Thank you for all the replies and they are very helpful. I suppose one answer would be to take a cool box to UK and stock up there but not always practical. I also used to use Skirt in UK so may ask for that at the Boucherie section of my Intermarche or SuperU.  Looking forward to a  nice stew now the weather is cooling down but hate it when the meat is tough.
  8. What is the best cut for making beef stew. I have tried several over the past four years and still find it quite tough unless cooked in my slow cooker for hours.
  9. valB

    Soya Milk

    Thank you all so much. It should be quite easy now for me to stock up on some for little Max.
  10. valB

    Soya Milk

    Thank you for your swift reply.   I will have a look around when I go shopping this week. The baby has an intolerance to ordinary milk and the Specialist has advised Soya which is working well.
  11. valB

    Soya Milk

    I have family visiting soon and the baby can only have Soya Milk.  Can I buy it here and if yes where and what is it called here.
  12. We have stopped the little blighters coming in from front and rear of house but still finding them in our hall and some of our bedrooms. We are wondering if they are being carried in on our shoes and clothing after being in the garden.  We have a very effective powder but hesitant to use in inside the house as we have two dogs.
  13. Yes, its me again and I hope not to upset Norman again talking about Fish and Chips  BUT  we now have an English Cafe in our nearest town, Lezat dept 79. All Day English Breakfast on tap and it is GOOD . So, if you are near Lezay try it now and again. Yes, it is used by French people as well who rave about the breakfast.  They also sell Salads, homemade cakes, cards, wrapping paper.
  14. That is good to know. Also many other UK stores deliver over here as well,   M&S,  Next , Littlwoodseurope, Thorntons.  What I do is google the store I am interested in and then check if they deliver here and it is surprising how many do.
  15. Thank you Jimmy I will show OH when he gets his head out of the drum as he dropped a screw into the drum[:)]  
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